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Brain Power Students at DECA GRIT!


This summer Brain Power students Christopher Lam, Carolyn Zhu, and Miyuki Mori (pictured) attended the DECA GRIT conference at the University of Waterloo! Miyuki says, “Overall, it was a really informative conference, and I acquired a lot of new tips and tricks to be successful in my DECA competitions.” Congratulations to all!

Ernst Ma Speaks at Conference!


Brain Power Public Speaking alumni Ernst Ma had an amazing opportunity to wow three major CEOs, and the public speaking skills he learned at Brain Power came in handy! Ernst was in Hong Kong this summer, interning for a biodegradable plastic company called Global Acceleration. The product he is pitching in the video below is a biodegradable, compostable, super-strong plastic that is high and low temperature resistant. To see the video on Facebook, click here!  Ernst wrote a note to Brain Power’s founder and director, Dr....

Evelyn Beilin Honoured at Model UN!

MAY 19TH, 2019

Brain Power student Evelyn Beilin recently participated in Model UN and won an Honourable Mention Award! That’s so great, Evelyn! For the Model UN, Evelyn was on the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC). In that committee, she was the French delegate, representing France on the topic of girls’ education. She worked with other delegates from other countries in the UN to determine how they could find resolutions to this problem. CONGRATULATIONS, EVELYN!

Andrey Gubarev Selected for Johns Hopkins CTY!

MAY 19TH, 2019

Brain Power Public Speaking andSenior 1 student Andrey Gubarev has been accepted into the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth! He made it after gruelling preparation and tests. He will be studying Advanced Biology with Johns Hopkins University this summer and neuroscience next year! Are you also interested in attending Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth? Join our Ivy League Prep – Training for Talent program (private or semi-private lessons)! For more information, see our summer programs: CONGRATULATIONS, ANDREY!

Dorian Kang Wins First in OCC!

MAY 19TH, 2019

Intermediate 1 student Dorian Kang is the 2019 Ontario Chess Challenge (OCC) Final Grade 7 Champion! He will represent Ontario Grade 7 at the 2019 Canadian Chess Challenge (CCC) in Vancouver during the May long weekend! Wow! We love that our students are involved in so many extra-curricular activities. CONGRATULATIONS, DORIAN!