Our History

Brain Power’s rich legacy spans over 30 years. Founded with a vision to revolutionize education, we’ve been at the forefront of fostering intellectual growth and shaping futures. Our history is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to excellence.  We have consistently evolved to meet the changing needs of bright learners, emphasizing not only academic success but also holistic development — cultivating critical thinking, creativity, and resilience.  Join us in celebrating the milestones, innovations, and transformative moments that define Brain Power’s legacy. Explore how we’ve become a beacon of educational excellence over the past 30 years.


Dr. Reuven Rashkovsky contributes to the field of mathematics through his research in the theory of stability of regular differential equations at several prestigious universities in Israel and France. He also coaches successful teams of high-school and undergraduate students in national and international math olympics.



Reuven moves to Canada with his young family and settles in Toronto. His children enjoy math puzzles and toys before they even enter daycare, and bedtime stories include characters named Leibniz, Archimedes, Pascal, and Pythagoras.



Reuven begins providing after-school enrichment classes in the basement of his family home to neighbourhood students with a passion for mathematics and problem solving. As a mathematician with a penchant for puzzles, logic games, and making learning fun, Reuven is disheartened by the low-level approach and absence of curriculum in the Ontario math curriculum.  He shares his critical thinking strategies and inspirational teaching talents with students who go on to spread the word of their math mentor.

Reuven becomes a sought-after math, logic, and problem solving expert in the GTA.  He offers his classes at private elementary and junior-high schools in the Forest Hill neighbourhood, in addition to continuing his classes in his home. 



Demand grows for Reuven’s math, logic, and problem solving classes. He teaches every evening and on weekends, while juggling full-time work as a Risk Manager at a leading Canadian financial institution.  Reuven’s attention to detail leads him to accumulate years of research in the field of gifted education, problem-solving competitions, and puzzles. He authors workbooks named “Brain Power Enrichment” because the focus is on critical-thinking skills above all else. 



Reuven enlists Karine Rashkovsky and a team of PhD and gifted education experts to join him in teaching groups of students. The team open a modest two-classroom location on the cusp of North York and Thornhill.



The team is motivated by their own frustrations in a school system that did not provide sufficient enrichment opportunities and a lack of after-school opportunities to nurture students with talents in English, the humanities, and the sciences.



Word of Reuven’s excellent math program continues to spread, and gains the attention of the local media



Brain Power develops curriculum and a model for high-quality gifted classes in English Language Arts for elementary and junior high students and continues to shape the pedagogy in Reuven’s Math/Problem Solving program.  The approach focuses on inspirational teaching methods: the faculty vow to ensure each and every one of their students’ class experiences leave them breathless with excitement and a love of learning.



Brain Power publishes their first math and problem solving workbook: Brain Power Enrichment Level One, Book One (Student and Teacher Versions). Brain Power Enrichment workbooks are available worldwide from many online retailers: Authorhouse, Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes and Noble, etc.



Brain Power publishes Brain Power Enrichment Level One, Book Two (Student and Teacher Versions).



Brain Power moves to a larger location and integrates complimentary courses in new areas: public speaking, gifted test and entrance examination preparation.  Brain Power students enjoy monthly field trips to build their cultural capital and mental flexibility  (theatre, opera, debates, and academic lectures).

Brain Power publishes Brain Power Enrichment Level Two, Book One (Student and Teacher Versions).



Brain Power receives a nomination for the Royal Bank of Canada’s Women Entrepreneur Awards (presented by Women of Influence). RBC’s Women Entrepreneur Awards is the premier national awards program celebrating the achievements of the most successful female entrepreneurs across the country. The high-caliber awards programs encourages Canadians to be inspired by extraordinary women entrepreneurs driving our national economy.

Brain Power publishes Brain Power Enrichment Level Two, Book Two (Student and Teacher Versions).



Brain Power receives a second nomination for the Royal Bank of Canada’s Women Entrepreneur Awards (presented by Women of Influence) in the Micro-Business category. This award honours entrepreneurs who own and operate small businesses and demonstrate both a substantial impact on their community and a successful growth rate on the micro level.

Brain Power’s Free Book Club begins. Students have monthly discussions on classic and modern literature with guest speakers joining in to deepen the dialogue on important social issues.



Brain Power faculty members begin winning prestigious awards.  Dr. Karine Rashkovsky wins two Stevie Awards bronze medals for women in business (national and international small business). The highly acclaimed international awards took place in Times Square, Manhattan and were broadcast on (US) national radio and television.



Brain Power makes the news in Eastern Canada. Brain Power students participate in an essay-writing competition for a chance to win a subsidized, week-long experiential learning retreat to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Through this trip, students develop an understanding of differing Canadian cultures and lifestyles, as well as honing their writing and communication skills each day.



Brain Power moves to the new and gorgeous Lebovic Campus and undertakes a serious challenge: becoming a change-maker in education-space construction..

Brain Power also receives a third nomination for the Royal Bank of Canada’s Women Entrepreneur Awards (presented by Women of Influence) in the Micro-Business category, placing in the top 10 nominees from across Canada.



Karine is nominated for Notable’s Social Entrepreneur of Ontario award and wins the most public votes. Notable picks the most successful, well-rounded, driven Canadian millennials in various industries, including education. The awards highlight young leaders who are currently shaping our country through their work, personalities, and community involvement.

Reuven publishes Brain Power Enrichment Level Three (Student and Teacher Versions).



Brain Power’s Public Speaking class makes the news. CBC’s Terry O’Reilly comes to Brain Power to engage students and their families with insights into the arts of rhetoric and public speaking.



Brain Power is recognized as an exemplary business in the City of Vaughan. The panel was moderated by the Business Development Bank of Canada and opening remarks were given by the Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of Vaughan, and Brian Shifman, President and CEO Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.



Brain Power is featured in Dolce magazine, a “lifestyle publication featuring stories of success, philanthropy, fashion and culture.” Read about it here: “Knowledge is Brain Power.”



Brain Power wins the ClimateWise Passion Into Practice Award for a business that has demonstrated a holistic, integrated approach to embedding sustainability principles throughout their own operations, as well as the products or services they provide to customers and/or partners. Read about it here.



Brain Power was deemed a top business in Vaughan for 2019 at the Chamber of Commerce Awards. Read about it here.



Brain Power opened it’s virtual school, welcoming students from around the world!



Dr. Karine Rashkovsky continues her academic research with a winning SSHRC grant, gives master classes at OISE, and provides keynote addresses at McMaster Health Sciences, Future Lawyers, and other events.



In February, Vanessa Iarocci assumes the role of Chief Executive Officer of Brain Power, working closely with Reuven and Karine to expand Brain Power’s impact and reach beyond the GTA to students across North America. “I can’t think of a more important challenge to devote myself to than supporting students in achieving their full potential in life,” says Iarocci. “In Brain Power, I see a true disruptor of enrichment education for high-achieving students and an opportunity to make a lasting impact.” 



In April, Vanessa Iarocci was honoured to present an award at the Vaughan Business Achievement Awards. As a former nominee, Brain Power was acknowledged as an employer of choice and leader of the community.



In June, Brain Power renews its commitment to community. Brain Power expands its support of youth arts and culture, performance sports, competitive academics, and wellness initiatives, recognizing the interconnected dimensions necessary for comprehensive growth.



In September,  Brain Power’s North Toronto campus through an exclusive partnership with the Prossesrman JCC. Within the first four weeks of registration, enrolment exceeds expectations. At the same time, Brain Power’s virtual school becomes a permanent campus with double digital year-over-year growth and students joining from all over Canada and North America.


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