Our Vision and Mission

At Brain Power, our vision is to create the ideal learning environment in which bright students can thrive.

  • We inspire students to think big, question everything, and critically analyze information.
  • We equip students with the tools to become lifelong learners and impactful contributors to society.
  • We ignite a passion for learning, to cultivate intellectual curiosity and inspire a generation of creative problem solvers and forward thinkers.
What is an enriched learning experience?

Imagine the magic that happens when over thirty years of expertise in nurturing gifted students comes together with unmatched access to educational research and hands-on classroom experience. At Brain Power, we effortlessly blend insights from thorough academic studies into our approach to educational enrichment. Guided by five foundational principles, our mission is to empower brilliant young minds with the vital skills they need to shine uniquely and create a lasting imprint on the world’s stage!

The Five Principles of Our Pedagogy

  • Acceleration
    • Did you know that high-potential students are easily bored and thrive when they are learning at a faster pace and with like-minded peers?
    • Brain Power programs are at least 2-3 grades above Ministry Standards and delivered in age-appropriate peer groups.
  • Complexity
    • Did you know that 60% of high-potential students underachieve based on their potential and grow at a slower rate than their peers?
    • Brain Power classes do not rely on rote worksheets, drills or memorization of facts, which are too easy for high potential students. Our curriculum is calibrated to the highest cognitive domains (creating, evaluating, analyzing). Deep intellectual discourse is a core part of every Brain Power experience!
  • Engagement
    • Did you know that when students are actively engaged in their learning, they learn more effectively?
    • Brain Power’s small class sizes, cross-curriculars & social events allow for personalized student engagement and a strong sense of community.
  • Academic Mentorship
    • Did you know that mentorship provides talented students with the rigour, personalization, and challenge required to grow?
    • Brain Power’s faculty have University-level teaching experience, hold advanced degrees and are experts in their field of study. They are uniquely equipped to model and advise talented students directly.
  • Feedback
    • Did you know that individuals who hold the belief that their talents can be developed achieve more than those who believe their talents are innate gifts?
    • Brain Power students are trained to adopt a ‘growth mindset’. Each lesson, students & parents receive specific feedback and must implement feedback in a continuous growth loop.

Brain Power regularly receives nominations and awards for its from-the-heart impact on the field of enrichment education:

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