Canvas Learning Management System

Using Open-Source Technology to Enhance the Learning Experience


By using a Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas by Instructure, we are following the example of leading universities around the world, thereby helping to prepare our students for the experience of post-secondary education. Canvas by Instructure is the new, open-source learning-management system that is revolutionizing the way we educate! The software is easy to use, making it easier for students (and parents) to access Brain Power course material. Students have 24-hour access to our material, and parents enjoy the transparency that comes with instant and secure access to their child’s performance in our classes. While the software supplements our courses by making learning easier outside of class, our in-class work remains dynamic, meaningful, hands-on, personable, and very much human.


What does this mean for students?
  • Amazing new learning opportunities!
  • Access to weekly course material online!
  • Viewing web links and videos from class at home!
  • Viewing and submitting homework online!
  • Receiving corrected assignments and teacher feedback online!


What does this mean for parents?
  • Observing your child’s progress!
  • Perusing course material!
  • Tracking the completion of homework!
  • Monitoring vocabulary test scores!
  • Viewing essay-writing assignments and teacher’s commentary and corrections!



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