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March 2024

Hi Vanessa,

I have lived in Canada for 25 years and all of that time I have been a working adult. In all this time I have not come across a business better run than yours.

Brain Power’s attention to detail, speed of response, customer satisfaction, empathy and the feeling of being a partner in the child’s success are eminent in every single interaction and there have been more than 50.

I have never, not once came across a business so dedicated, responsive, quick, thorough, well run, well organized and well overseen than yours. And this is just the preliminary phase, money has not even changed hands yet.

Kudos to your management, guidance and customer service team to make me feel like royalty.

As a business owner myself, I am absolutely amazed.


March 2024

Hi Vanessa,

All three of our kids got training from Brain Power and all got in to UTS! Would not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you!


February 2024

Dear Joel,

Thank you so much for your email and the positive feedback regarding Marco’s progress. We’re thrilled to hear about the improvements he’s making and appreciate your guidance and support in this journey.
It’s encouraging to see his hard work paying off, and we’ll continue to encourage him at home to keep up the good work.

Thank you again for your dedication to Marco’s learning.


January 2024

Hello Aradhana,

I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for your efforts in making the classes enjoyable and educational for both Neil and Arjun.  Your regular check-ins and the class tests have been incredibly beneficial for Arjun, helping him identify areas for improvement and encouraging his development. It’s clear that your dedication to your students’ progress makes a significant difference in their learning journey.

Thank you once again for your commitment and support.


February 2024

Dear Vanessa,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your invaluable assistance in helping me get into both UTS and BSS, along with a scholarship. Your guidance and support have been instrumental in this significant milestone of my academic journey, and I cannot thank you enough.

Your unwavering belief in my potential and tireless efforts to guide the application process has been remarkable. Your insightful advice, encouragement, and assistance with navigating the complexities of the application procedures played a pivotal role in my success. I am profoundly grateful for your dedication and generosity in sharing your expertise and resources with me.

Receiving admission to UTS and the BSS, along with the scholarship, is an incredible opportunity that will undoubtedly shape my future in profound ways. I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter of my academic and personal growth, knowing that your support has laid a solid foundation for my success. Your belief in me has inspired me to strive for excellence and to make the most of this opportunity.

Thank you once again for everything, Vanessa. Your kindness and support mean the world to me.


February 2024

Dr. Chapman,

Aliyah loves being in your class and has really enjoyed this term.  She loves the Brain Power program and we are glad that she is going continue at a more advanced level.

Thank you for your time and for helping Aliyah so much this term.


January 2024

Hello Sarah,

I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your exceptional public speaking class. Mario thoroughly enjoys your lessons and has benefited greatly from the techniques and skills you teach. He has even applied them in school presentations, which has significantly boosted his confidence. Thank you for your dedication and for creating such a positive learning environment.


October 2023

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your detailed recaps. Avery loved the Balderdash game.  She was very intrigued by Julius Caesar and also told me about the Bic apology for the “think like a man” slogan. Just wanted to let you know that she is absolutely loving your class. Thanks so much for everything.


September 2023

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for the passionate note and the detailed information about the class. Although Maggie signed up for this class with some reluctance, she is happy with the first class and impressed with you and your assistant. I truly hope she will find her “own voice” with your guidance and the engaging exercises you designed for them.


August 2023

Hi Dr Cassandra,

It was nice meeting you for the first time yesterday. I would like to provide you a quick feedback that you might be happy to know: After the class, Brandon said he didn’t feel it was 2 hours lesson, he felt it was only 30 mins. He said:  “I never felt I would enjoy studying so much..” He was sharing his wonderful experience with his school friends today on his way to school.

You inspired him! We are very thankful and will definitely share with other parents as well.

Thank you again!


September 2023


We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for our Virtual Math Level A teacher, Ms.Ella.

Our daughter, Serena, had her first class yesterday and we have never met such a kind, warm hearted, and caring math instructor! Serena, who usually takes time to warm up was put right at ease!

Ms. Ella was clear in her instruction and captivating the attention of the students so well, it felt like a live classroom.

Thank you again so much Ms.Ella and the Brain Power team.


July 2023

Hi Joel,

I am so glad that Chelsea likes the language art lesson today. She even said you are better than her teachers in her school 🙂 She showed me the new words (which I don’t know) that she learned today.

What a wonderful experience!

I will sign up another month (August) for her.

Thank you! Good to see you today.


February 2023

Hi Dr. Chenkin,

I would just like to commend you on the work that you’ve done with Aidan.  You’ve helped him a great deal.  He had a language assignment due today and I read it over last night.  He was able to express himself in a very articulate manner and his writing has vastly improved since September.  At the beginning of the year, his writing wasn’t very good.  But after reading his assignment, I was impressed about the grammar and the structure of his paragraphs.

Thank you for all of your hard work.  I think you’re getting through to him. […]

I’m so happy that he’s progressed so far under your guidance.

December 2022

Dear Brain Power,

Thank you for your help with PSAT. I have received my results for PSAT/NMSQT. I scored 1320 which was 98th percentile with 99th percentile in Maths and 90th percentile in the language section. This was not possible without the help of lessons that I took at Brain Power.

November 2022

Dear Jenn,

My son was in your class last year and he said you knew how to keep kids focused and interested. It takes a lot to get him to not complain about tutoring, for him to say that, you must be a fantastic teacher! it’s amazing to see the magic you can do on the kids!

Have a great weekend!

November 2022

Dear Brain Power,

First, I’d like to thank you for all that I learned in Brain Power English. Our school’s English department is notorious for marking it extremely harshly and it is almost impossible to get an A in English. Nevertheless, I have an A and one of the highest grades in my class! 

November 2022

Dear Brain Power:

I wanted to thank you for choosing so amazing teachers. Lana and Ethan are on Tuesdays nights with Ella and they just adore her!! She is an incredible teacher, they say!!!

November 2022

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for touching base back and forth with us in thick phase. Abhiraj got accepted in IB program in St. Robert High School. All credit goes to You and Brain power team for all moral support and resources. Special thanks to you for your tremendous patience and personal time you gave to us .

October 2022

Dear Brain Power Team:

Thank you for helping Jackie reach her potential, and for the work and passion that you pour every day into Brain Power. It’s visible, and it means a lot to us.

December 2021

Dear Brain Power,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for Brain Power. Jason’s language arts class helped me improve my critical thinking/writing skills and expanded my vocabulary in an intuitive way. I was really inspired by the philosophical aspects of this class, too. It has encouraged me to think more critically about literature and showed me how classics can be imaginative and fun! I still find myself coming back to some of the concepts we discussed in my current English classes.

Also, the university prep course was of great help in demystifying the whole process and in guiding me through the transition to university. Feeling lucky to have been a Brain Power student!


September 2021 

Hello Brain Power,

This is Ryan Deng. Thank you so much for offering the SuitUp public speaking opportunity and signing me and others up. SuitUp was an amazing experience in business-style competitions, and I even decided to sign up and do two after the first one.

The most valuable part was the overall experience. I was able to learn quite a bit from the judges as their informative feedback on everyone’s pitches was so useful. With this feedback, I can apply my newly polished skills in many different situations, whether it be at another competition or school. At the end of the competition I received a shoutout award, and that is a huge thanks to you. A big reason for it was for the hand gestures, public-speaking skills, and structuring of the pitch, much of which I learned from Brain Power!

Thank you so much!
– Ryan

June 2021

Hi Mr. Joel,

Thank you! Emma has learned so much in your class and now looks forward to Intermediate 2 in September.  She is also very happy that you will be her teacher again.


June 2021

Dear Ms Ruether,

Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. You have such enthusiasm and patience with the kids. Aiden learned a lot from you.


June 2021

Hi Oscar,

I’d like to take this chance to say “Thank you” for your continued support to Minghao. We noticed that he achieved great progress in English. What’s more, he became much more confident in his English learning abilities.

Great job, Oscar! Please keep in touch, and Minghao is looking forward to seeing you soon.

Qian, Hong, Minghao

June 2021

Dear Ms. Vivi,

Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher. Ayaan had a terrific experience in your class. You have such enthusiasm and patience with the kids. I don’t know how you’re able to keep it up! Thanks again!


June 2021

Dear Ms. Hannah,

It was a pleasure having you as Azaan’s teacher. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work, patience and dedication. Azaan greatly enjoyed your classes and learned so much. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher.

Syeda & Shahzeb

June 2021

Dear Kaitlin,

We wanted to thank you for teaching our boys this year. It went great and the boys have enjoyed the program!

Best regards,


June 2021

Joining Brain Power’s Foundations 2 for Language Arts, and joining Public Speaking has been a great discovery for our family. Aaryan has learned so much in the last few months. He has gained key language arts skills in vocabulary, grammar, writing and speaking. The best part I like about the entire program is how you (Instructor Kaitlin) and others at Brain Power love teaching in such a manner that

Thank you for your/and Brain Power’s dedication in truly creating a difference in how students learn.

– Sanjay (from Manitoba)

March 2021

The Uni Prep course at Brain Power was extremely useful as it gave insight into strategies for supplemental essays, tips for interviews, scholarship attainment, as well as advice for success in first year in university. I think many students go into university applications with a confused mindset and oftentimes they fall into the trap of clichéd writing. The program at Brain Power, however, makes sure to keep students on the right track; it has a very practical structure and there are many examples and many chances to practice with interview questions. The teachers were also super available to answer any questions outside of class hours all year long! I truly believe the program changed my perspective on applications! I highly recommend it! And… I got into my programs of choice – even the Bioengineering program at the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA! I am beyond ecstatic!

Amy Li, Class of 2021

March 2021

Hi Brain Power,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me in improving my English grades. In middle school, my grades were really average, but after my Brain Power language arts courses, I managed to get a 94% in my Pre-AP English course.
Thank you,

February 2020

Dear Brain Power,

I wanted to share with my good news that I have been accepted to both Havergal College (with a scholarship) and the MaCS program. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I really think that you have allowed me to both be outstanding and show these schools who I am. My gratitude to you is so great I can’t describe it with the right words – but your time and energy are so appreciated. I believe that going to one of these schools will allow me to reach my academic dreams. It was an amazing experience learning from you, and I will never forget the good you did to help me succeed.

Thank you very much once again!

Errita Xu

July 2019

My name is Dennis Gavriline, and I am very excited to share my Brain Power experience. When I was eight years old my mother decided that I was not busy enough and signed me up for an enriched math program at Brain Power.

The first teacher I met at Brain Power was Dr. Reuven Rashkovsky. Reuven’s excitement about math was contagious, and each week my friends and I could not wait for Reuven’s next class. Reuven finds a way to keep students engaged, happy and successful. Many children don’t enjoy math. This is not the case for Brain Power math students. Reuven also has a great sense of humour and his presentation of math is fabulous. Today, 10 years later, math is one of my favourite subjects.

Once I started the math program at Brain Power, I learned that the school also offers English courses. Since I was enrolled in a French-immersion program at school, I decided that I wanted to also maintain and expand my knowledge of the English language. Throughout my progression at Brain Power I had several English Language Arts teachers, all of whom were excellent.

My first English teacher at Brain Power was Jen. She taught me how to read and analyze English literature and her class was an incomparable experience. She sparked in me a love of poetry.

Brain Power is cut out for working with teens. Along with the interesting in-class lessons, the faculty organizes out-of-class activities such as trips to theatres, presentations and workshops. The plays they select are incredible, and my parents and I attended almost all of them. Not only did I enjoy each play, I also learned a lot from the in-class discussions which ensued after each trip. Brain Power language arts classes also provided a historical context for the literature that we were studying. Analyzing literature through the prism of history allows the reader to feel the sentiment that the author felt whilst they were writing.

During my last couple of years at Brain Power, my English teacher was Jason. Having taught at Queen’s university, Jason’s courses prepare students for the university experience. Jason’s grammar program (Mechanics of Writing), which he designed himself, was an order of magnitude better than that which is provided in the public-school system. I am very grateful to Jason for helping me well after I had completed my studies at Brain Power- especially with my university applications.

Brain Power also offers applied science courses. In the seventh grade, I took a robotics course at Brain Power. This course was a hands-on program. We learned the basics of robotics and programming by assembling and programming robots. This course sparked my interest in technology and determined my choice of profession. The following year, equipped with my robotics and programming knowledge, I joined a design team in the FLL Robotics Competition. Our design team won the regional Championship that year.

This year I graduated from high-school and got accepted to Queen’s University Engineering, which was my first choice.

Thank you, Brain Power, for creating such a fun and educational environment!

Dennis Gavriline

Dennis Gavriline

April 2019

Dear Brain Power,

I would like to thank you for all your help, time, and the support you gave me in applying to competitions, writing my speeches, and submitting my speeches to the committees. I really appreciate it. Also, just recently I went to a Model UN conference. Due to the public speaking course at Brain Power, I had the confidence and courage to speak confidently. I won an Honourable Mention Award because of you and Brain Power. I am looking forward to having more opportunities at Brain Power.

Thank you so much,

Evelyn Beilin

Evelyn Beilin

February 2019

Brain Power is a very accepting and non judgemental place and teachers make everything as clear as possible. Brain Power provides a really good experience and it helped me so much with all aspects of the SSAT process and preparing for my acceptance to UTS.

Patrick Nova

Patrick Nova

January 2019

Dear Brain Power,

The summer at Harvard’s Pre-College Program will be very unique and invaluable to my learning. I am so glad I found out about this program through Brain Power, and I am very grateful for being provided with this opportunity. I have high hopes for these two weeks, and I am looking forward to taking part in this program.


Ernest Tang

Ernest Tang

December 2018

Hello Brain Power,

It’s Rebecca! Today I got the results back for the IB applications and exam and I made it! I’m very proud of myself, and I’d like to thank you for your amazing teaching. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! I also got into AP, and it’s nice that I have multiple opportunities! Thank you for your help!

– Rebecca Beagley

December 2018

Hello Brain Power,

Out of all extracurricular activities over the past few years, Daniel has said that the language skills he has learned at Brain Power have helped him the most. I can only express my gratitude and appreciation for the continuous improvements in Daniel’s writing. I greatly appreciate your feedback on Daniel’s work. I like his essays, too! I believe he enjoys the course and Language Arts very much — it allows for his freedom of expression. That is where his inquisitive mind can let the ideas out. Thank you so much for encouraging his creative thinking.

Thank you again!

Anna (Daniel’s mom)

Daniel Bondarev

November 2018

Dear Brain Power Team,

I can’t believe I was invited by the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) to speak at their exclusive State of the Union dinner thanks to my big win (with your support) at Speakers Idol earlier this year! I edited the speech that you helped me with slightly before going tonight. (I did this to be more relevant to recent events and to have a more mature tone). I am happy to announce that my speech was met with a standing ovation. I wanted to thank you once again for having me in your incredible Public Speaking course, encouraging me to participate in Speakers Idol, and helping me refine my speech for every occasion. Without you none of this would have happened and I just wanted to express my gratitude. My public speaking skills are at a whole new level now thanks to you and Brain Power!


Cora Usurelu

Cora and Stephen Harper at the FSWC State of the Union

November 2018

Hi Team,

I am currently studying commerce at Queen’s University, Smith School of Business. In terms of achievements, my biggest one coming out of high school was that I received offers from all the business programs I applied to, thanks to all the help that Brain Power and Jason provided to me! At Queen’s, I have received honours on the Dean’s List with Distinction, awarded to students whose academics are at the top 10% of their year in commerce.

Brain Power made up an essential part of my high school years. Without taking the classes here, I would not have been challenged and exposed to such a wide variety of subjects in literature, psychology, art, and more.


Ashley Chen

Ashley Chen

November 2018

Dear Brain Power,

Thank you and all of Brain Power for helping me achieve academic success on these entrance examinations, in school, and in my future endeavours. I appreciate it a lot, and I can’t wait to register for other Brain Power classes, for the next semester. I don’t know how I would have done any of this, without Brain Power and the Entrance Exam Prep course!  I am so grateful to you for helping me feel more confident about my abilities to write these tests. I am actually very excited about the whole experience. The classes you gave made me VERY prepared to ace these exams!

By the way, when I first walked in to both the MaCS and IB exams I saw a lot of other students from Brain Power. I knew everyone sitting around me (like Adam, Jerry, Ray, Margaret etc.) and this made me feel less worried – everyone was very encouraging!  Also, I felt that the vocabulary part of the exams was honestly the easiest part because Brain Power prepared us so well!

Thank you so much! The Entrance Exam Prep course was AMAZING!

– Samara Mathew

June 2018

Hello Joel,

Just wanted to say thank you for teaching Daniel this year. He enjoyed your class very much and he is looking forward to starting Intermediate 1 in September.

Daniel has graduated grade 6 and will be doing Extended Intermediate French Immersion at a different school for the next two years. He is the proud recipient of the ‘Personal Growth’ award among the graduating grade 6 students at his school. I wanted to share this with you, as I believe you have contributed to Daniel’s achievement through what you have taught him this past year.

Thank you again and I wish you a great summer.

Tamina Basarab

Daniel - June 26 2018
Daniel Basarab

June 2018

Dear Brain Power:

Amber loved her classes and gained tremendous confidence in English literature since starting her course this year. She was in French immersion for three years and was a little behind in English when we switched her to a gifted program in a full English school. Brain Power aroused her interest in reading and helped her make huge progress in comprehension and writing. She was eager to go to her classes every time and not to miss any. As parents, we see the positive changes coming along and can’t thank you enough. We deeply appreciate your efforts in making Amber a better student in English and a better person. Thank you so much!

Brain Power can make a good kid great!

Best regards,
Ming and Yifu (Amber’s parents)

Amber Huo photo
Amber Huo

March 2018

Hi Brain Power,

I am so excited to update you with my current university offers! I got in!

THANK YOU for your help with my university applications – it really had an impact on my success and the final quality of my submissions. These are the offers with supplementary applications: Schulich School of Business at York & Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management Co-op.

Thanks again!

Matthew Dai


Matthew Dai
Matthew Dai

March 2018

Dear Brain Power,

At school last week I did a presentation for my business leadership class and after class my teacher asked me to stay and said that I was one of the best he’s ever seen. He said my tone of voice, the way I engage the audience and my overall presentation was awesome. Now that he likes my presentation skills he’s going to help me get more involved in business things in order to prepare for university, which is really exciting because he has a lot of connections and many valuable things he could teach me. So, I wanted to thank you for teaching me all the theory, skills, and techniques I needed to know to be able to give that impressive presentation.

Viviana Santa
Viviana Santa

February 2018

Hi Brain Power!

Really good news: I got in to SHAD valley!
Thank you so much for your support, I don’t think I could’ve done it without you!
I’m really excited about the program and meeting new people!

Thank you again,

Julie Sue-A-Quan

Julie Sue-A-Quan
Julie Sue-A-Quan

February 2018

Hi Brain Power,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your English help over the years.  I am currently passing Grade 9 English with a 95%, which is 6% higher than anyone else in my class. This doesn’t include my culminating activity (worth 15% of my mark) that I got a 93% on.  My exam is the final 15%, and it isn’t even an essay.

Your help has led to my success in Grade 9 English. Thank you.

Daniel Mugerman

Daniel Mugerman
Daniel Mugerman

Date: January 2018

Dear Brain Power,

I’d like to let you know how Jamin feels about your class. After picking him up yesterday, he commented that “the class is so fun!” I’m so glad that he shows interest in learning. And thank you for your creative way of teaching! We sent him to a SSAT class at another school during the summer. He didn’t like it at all. I don’t believe he learned much at the time.  Now, I also appreciate your quizzes each class that encourage him to memorize the words, which is an important part of learning.


Jamin Xu - Elementary 2 Student
Jamin Xu – Elementary 2 Student

Date: January 2018

Dear Brain Power,

We feel so lucky to have gotten such a great Brain Power teacher for Intermediate 2.  Erin loved your Exam preparation class from the start.  You helped her get motivated and interested in learning more, which is no small feat.

The whole family thanks you!

Best regards,
Adrian Voitcu

Brain Power Students Erin Voitcu and Tanya Gojani
Erin Voitcu (right) with Tanya Gojani, both immersed in a challenging grammar exercise in our popular Intermediate 2 program.


Date: December 2017


It’s Jaya from your entrance exam prep class this year. I just wanted to thank you so much for all the support that you gave me, and to let you know that it all paid off! I was accepted into St. Robert’s IB, which is fantastic, but I declined because I found myself with an even more appealing offer! Next year I will be attending The York School (near Yonge and St. Clair) on a $15,000 scholarship! I couldn’t have done it without you, and I hope to get the chance to be in your Senior 1 class this February! Thank you so so so much!

Thanks again,


Jaya Sinha - Brain Power Student
Jaya Sinha – Brain Power Student

Date: December 2017

The Markham Mayor’s Youth Council ThinkTank interview last night went great!! So happy with the results!! They said that I set the bar very high and they said the speech was great!! Thank you so much Karine for all your help in preparing me for this – I really hope you understand how much of an impact you have on your students.

Sam Gorman

Sam Gorman - Brain Power Student
Sam Gorman – Brain Power Student

Date: December 2017

Good day Brain Power,

Thank you for the empowering lecture on interview skills. I learned a lot today in the university preparation class. I am especially thankful for the opportunity to practice the skills you taught us in class and get feedback on our progress. I find that a lot of guest speakers and presenters tend to just take the available time to teach new skills, but do not give opportunities for students to practice. In-class practice helps students to step out of their comfort zone and gain momentum that will ensure successful public speaking skills. Personally, I find it difficult to start practicing something new on my own.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

Maria Gaevaya

Maria Gaevaya - Brain Power Student
Maria Gaevaya – Brain Power Student

Date: November 2017

Hey Brain Power!

I’m fine and I’m doing the IB program these days. I got the English and art awards last year.

I’m writing to tell you something. This sounds really cheesy, but I really enjoyed your lessons last year and I wish I was able to partake in them again (we moved far away). The content that you taught was much more interesting and engaging than anything we learn at school and I just wanted to thank you for that.

Olga Vishnyakova - Brain Power Student
Olga Vishnyakova – Brain Power Student

Date: November 2017

Dear Jason,

I’ve spent the most incredible three years in your class. You managed to make everything we learned interesting. Your jokes are hilarious! I looked forward to every class.

I am grateful for everything you have taught me, but most importantly I’m grateful that you taught me to enjoy English class. (English has always been my least favourite subject.)

Thank you and have a great holiday season!

Sara Sugin

Sara Sugin - Brain Power Student
Sara Sugin – Brain Power Student

Date: September 2017

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to let you know how much Jack enjoyed taking the grammar – mechanics of writing course with you, Jason, in the summer. He found it ‘illuminating’ (yep – his word to describe your course) and knows how helpful the knowledge gained will be going forward. Jack has learned and grown so much through his attendance in all of Brain Power’s programs over the years. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to do this for him.

Randi Elkind

Randi Elkind - Mother of Jack Elkind (grade 8), Brain Power student
Randi Elkind – Mother of Jack Elkind (grade 8), Brain Power student

Date: September 2017

Dear Brain Power:

My family and I want to thank you for all your hard work this past year and for Brain Power’s existence. I personally wanted to thank you and the great teachers at Brain Power who work with you. Also, you are an awesome teacher. You’re such an inspiration and a role model for both my sister and me. We love your classes!

Thank you.
Patrick Cui and family

Patrick Cui - Brain Power Student
Patrick Cui – Brain Power Student

Date: February 2017

Hi Brain Power,

I was accepted to TOPS at Marc Garneau.

I wanted to thank you for your help with my applications and entrance exam tests. I appreciate your helpful tips and constant encouragement; I don’t think I would’ve been accepted without it. Though it’s important that I was accepted, I’ve learned a lot about writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary and interviews from you regardless. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained from Brain Power will help me in the future. I truly appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into helping your students.

Thank you!! 🙂

Brianna – Brain Power student accepted to TOPS at Marc Garneau

Date: August 2017

I have had great people in my life to help me to develop my confidence and identify future goals, but the one individual who has most hugely impacted and inspired me is Dr. Karine Rashkovsky. Her sense of humour and teaching passion are admirable. I enjoy taking part in Karine’s weekly literacy classes at Brain Power because her aura and knowledge are very contagious. Brain Power also helped me get into my competitive high school IB program. I love Brain Power!

Saesha Kukreja
Saesha Kukreja – Brain Power student, accepted to IB program

Date: April 2016

Hi Team,

I want to congratulate the entire Brain Power team for another very enriching year for your Brain Power students.

Both my daughters are happy to be at Brain Power and they thank me and my wife for putting them into Brain Power all the time. We are happy to be part of Brain Power’s journey to enhance kids’ intellectual potential. I am sure all of your students will attribute their success in future endeavours to your programs. I am certainly glad that we have your program.

Shekar Basani
Raj Shekar Basani — Parent of Brain Power students

Date: January 2016

To the parents and promising students that read this:

As a Brain Power alumni, I can tell you that Brain Power is no ordinary enrichment program. Brain Power helps students develop critical-thinking skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives. The Brain Power team recognizes that there is no “cookie cutter” solution to inspiring and educating gifted students of differing backgrounds and interests, and they tailor their curriculum to reach those different students and resonate with them for years to come. My congratulations on being accepted to this fantastic program, and best wishes that you’ll find success in all your future endeavors!

Alex Gorya Owner, Lead Designer Vanity Boys Inc. / On Fleek
Alex Gorya — Owner, Lead Designer
 Vanity Boys Inc. / On Fleek

Date: June 2016

Dear Brain Power,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything I have learned this year in public speaking. You truly are an amazing teacher: you’re charismatic, passionate about what you teach, and it emanates to everyone you meet.

Denise Stancescu – Public Speaking Student 2015

 Date: June 2016

I am a Brain Power alumni and my years at the enrichment program have been educational and inspirational. Most of Brain Power’s staff members have a Ph.D. and are very experienced, motivational teachers who genuinely care about their students. I have learned and progressed as a student and as a person because of this organization, and their dedication to making education accessible, personal, and fun.

Brain Power immediately helped me excel at math and English when I was struggling to grasp those subjects; with the help of Brain Power, I am currently studying business and am a published poet.

I have truly learned more over the span of a year in any Brain Power program than in a decade of public schooling.

Thank you, Brain Power!

Sasha Ioffine — Brain Power Alumni, was at Brain Power for over 8 years

Date: May 2016

My name is Daniel Kapustin, and I was a third year student undertaking the Neuroscience program at McGill University when I began working with Brain Power. From a young age, I have dreamed of becoming a Physician and ultimately applied to a number of Canadian medical colleges as I began the second-to-last year of my undergraduate degree. To prepare for the crucial interview stages of the application process, I worked closely with Karine Rashkovsky to hone my body language, speech, and creative thinking skills. The Brain Power team helped to vastly improve aspects of my speechcraft including my speaking confidence, succinctness, and intonation, allowing me to secure a position in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine’s graduating class of 2020.

Daniel Kapustin — Brain Power Alumni

Date: May 2016

Dear Brain Power,

Thank you for all your hard work and time you spent to teach me! I am very excited to attend UTS next year and I would not have been able to without your continuous support. Thank you so much!

Shelby — Brain Power student, accepted to UTS

Date: March 2016

This is the school you’ve always wanted but the school you never had. It is THE best enrichment program I have ever been to. The teachers are amazing because they care about the subject and they care about me. They are always there to help me with school work and any questions I have. I truly couldn’t ask for a better environment than this.

Caroline Cui — Brain Power Public Speaking student

Date: July 2016

This year was my first year at Brain Power, and it certainly will not be the last. The teachers are  remarkable. I would like to give a special thanks to Karine who has helped and taught me so much throughout the year. I felt very comfortable seeking help and just as grateful receiving it. Brain Power has not only taught me so much and has helped me in many ways, it has also introduced and exposed me to new and amazing experiences. I am very happy with my first year at Brain Power; it has undoubtedly helped me to improve myself and my academics.

Rotem — Brain Power student

Date: June 2016

Dear Brain Power,

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions. The opportunity to get to know more about your life and your career was truly eye opening!

I never truly realized how much effort it takes to start a business from the ground up, much less keep it going. I think it is amazing that you have already done so much for others, but continue to build on that and try new things.

You have definitely inspired me with your story of success, and it helped me realize that I can succeed in anything I put my mind to, including academics. I love being a part of your class, and I’m looking forward to having my mind blown for the rest of the year!

Claudia Marin — Brain Power student, accepted to UTS

Date: March 2016

As a student who attended Brain Power for six years, I can confidently attest to the phenomenal learning experience fostered there. Brain Power unites an amazing body of staff & students with an unprecedented curriculum in both language and mathematics, creating an environment in which students develop the skills to thrive academically.

Jane Illarionova

Date: March 2016

Brain Power’s classes were an invaluable part of my development and education. I began attending Brain Power at 12 years old, and continued attending classes there every year until I was 17.

Brain Power’s atmosphere fuels creativity, innovation, and divergent thinking. Students and instructors alike consistently work to challenge one another through valuable discussion and debate.

Instructors are experienced educators — some of the most intelligent people I have ever met and learned from. Brain Power has been instrumental in helping me become the motivated, and thoughtful person/professional that I am now.

I highly recommend Brain Power’s programs to any students hoping to better themselves, learn heaps about the world, and challenge themselves. I loved my experience here.

Allison Kapps — Brain Power Alumni

Date: May 2016

At public schools I wasn’t challenged all that much, which is why Brain Power is exactly what I needed. Their math and English courses are extremely interesting and provide you with skills and tools that you will never obtain from a public school education. Thanks to Brain Power I got into the school of my choice (UTS), and am succeeding in all of my academic endeavors. I would highly recommend Brain Power to anybody looking to take their math or English skills to the next level.

Tomy Kreynin — Brain Power student

Date: May 2016

Brain Power Enrichment Programs have been in my life for 5+ years and have continuously shown me what a fantastic program they are. Brain Power has made me a better student, a better learner, and a better person. Brain Power will change your life.

Alon Mezhibovsky — Brain Power student

Date: May 2016

I have been a student at Brain Power for almost 8 years now. I have studied math, language arts, and the art of rhetoric with a wonderful array of teachers – and I have loved all of them! All the teachers at Brain Power make it their goal to create a connection with their students. The class size is comfortable, but also provides an opportunity for diverse opinions and voices to be heard. Everyone is always engaged in their learning, and have fun while doing so! I have learned many important lessons at Brain Power — ones that are not only applicable in school, but also in real life. Brain Power is like a second family to me — many of the friends I have made at Brain Power are some of my closest. Brain Power is the place to be if you or your child are looking for a program that will encourage critical thinking, foster incredible relationships with one’s peers, and provide real learning.

Thank you to everyone at Brain Power for always inspiring me and continuing to teach me invaluable lessons!

Katherine Yampolsky — Brain Power student

Date: March 2016

Brain Power is an incredible enrichment program that inspires me to become a better educator myself. Their approach is unique, diversified, and tailored to the individual needs of their students, and their programs encourage critical thinking, sustainability, and real education. I can’t wait to sign up my own kids for Brain Power in the future!

Maria Gorelik — YRDSB Teacher and super volunteer at Brain Power

Date: July 2016

Brain Power has been by far the best academic experience I have ever had. Their amazing teachers always offered all their wisdom, support, and passion. I was also glad that I was able to share my experience with like-minded students and enthusiastic peers. Overall, the environment at Brain Power is filled with enthusiasm and positivity, and it is a place that is perfectly conducive to learning on a higher level. I highly recommend this program to any student. I assure you nothing but an amazing experience!

Natalie Nova — Brain Power student

Date: September 2016

When someone asks me about Brain Power, I often find it hard to fully explain – it is not analogous to any other extracurricular academic program I’m aware of.  I took both math and English courses at Brain Power throughout elementary and high school, but it gave me so much more than just math or English skills. As a student at Brain Power, you learn how to think critically and how to see the world in an innovative way. We don’t, however, learn these skills in elementary or high school, despite how vital they are for academic and intellectual success! That is why Brain Power is so useful and, in my opinion, necessary for anyone invested in their education.

Moreover, Reuven and Karine are exceptional teachers, along with the rest of the staff. The teaching approach they use is highly innovative and effective. Students end up as engaged partners in their own learning, rather than as uninterested participants who blindly regurgitate information. In fact, the further I go into academia, the more I can see how absolutely invaluable Brain Power’s services are. Students get the tools to succeed not just in report cards, but also in actual learning. More than that, Brain Power’s style and philosophy of teaching is perfectly in line with current pedagogical research.

It just doesn’t get much better than Brain Power. As an alumna and a second-year university student, I highly recommend their classes! I am happy to further elaborate on my experiences if anybody would like to know more.

Rachel Guitman — Brain Power Alumni

Date: July 2015

RegIstering Gabriel year after year in math and English classes was the best educational choice I have ever made for him. [My son] has been effortlessly passing all math tests and exams at high school with consistently high marks. I could only regret about not taking more English at Brain Power, as he ended up graduating with “only” a 94 in English.

Ina Gefter, M.Sc., B.Eng., mother of Brain Power alumni Gabriel Gefter

Gabiel Gefter – Brain Power Alumni

Date: December 16, 2015 

Hello Karine,

I recently did my school essay – IT WENT AMAZING! Your tips were EXTREMELY helpful. Here is my essay mark 4+ (see attached).
Thank you so much for your guidance in writing an essay. I’m very happy! It feels like only yesterday I was struggling to get an 80 in English. Now it’s one of my highest marks!

Danny Samara


Date: January 2013

My mother and I met with Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, one of the many spectacular professors who teach at Brain Power Enrichment. Throughout the years at Brain Power, I honed my skills in improving my English studies with the help of the wonderful professors who taught there. They made me feel as if I was their friend rather than a student. Weekly emails were encouraged by the professors to keep contact with students as well. Brain Power has taught me that being educated can actually be fun and I never had an issue attending seminars.  My educational career made a 180 degree turn as soon as I enrolled in the programs offered at Brain Power. I am thankful for everything the wonderful staff has taught me and I know that without them I would not be the same person I am today as I head to university.

Erik Brener — Brain Power Alumni

Date: January, 2016

Dear Reuven,
Thank again for all the opportunities you, Karine, and Jason have taught me. I know I will use the things I learned at BrainPower for the rest of my life.

Anna Z.
Math and Language Arts student (Grade 8)

Date: April 2016

The staff at Brain Power are truly one of a kind. The help they offer is unparalleled and their passion for education is truly amazing. They have helped me grow as a person and as a student and always help me strive for excellence. The learning environment there is one that is always encouraging and the people there are so lovely to work with.

Rachelle Ngo — Brain Power Alumni

Date: May 2016

I have been a student at Brain Power for over eight years and have attended the Problem Solving/Math as well as the Language Arts programs. The learning environment at Brain Power is inspiring and one-of-a-kind – the instructors are passionate, engaging, and work to create an unparallelled experience and classroom atmosphere for students. The curriculum at Brain Power truly pushes students well beyond the boundaries of a public education — what I learned at Brain Power was instrumental in my high-school success, as I was exposed to advanced concepts and teachings that I may otherwise not have studied. In my time at Brain Power, not only did I develop critical thinking skills, but I also learned to approach problems more intelligently and creatively. I highly recommend Brain Power to anyone looking to develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive academically. As a bonus, you get to learn in a unique setting that fuels divergent thinking. Thank you, Brain Power!

Ben Levy — Brain Power Almuni

Date: April 2016

I attended Brain Power Enrichment Programs for 4 years, and it was an amazing growth and learning experience. Karine’s English program prepared me for high school and post-secondary school by enriching my vocabulary and teaching me how to express my thoughts in a sophisticated and intelligent manner. Her program is extremely engaging due to the readings, discussions, and written reports that we complete in and outside of the classroom. She is always helping her students better these skills. Reuven’s math program prepared me well beyond my school curriculum. His curriculum allowed me to develop logical skills and taught me to approach math problems from many different angles. I always felt warmth and appreciation in both classes, and I am extremely grateful to both Karine and Reuven for everything they have taught me. I highly recommend choosing Brain Power to all those who would like to become well-rounded in various subjects and extend their knowledge beyond school material. Thank you, Brain Power!!!

Elina Kompaniyets — Brain Power Alumni

Date: June 2016

I learned from some of the smartest people I’ve ever met – and it brought the motivation back that was gradually depleting from years of public schooling. I’d highly recommend Brain Power for anyone looking to re-inspire themselves in the world of education!

Austin Jiang — Brain Power Alumni

Date: May 2016

Awesome learning environment and curriculum. As a previous student, learning in the small classroom environment was a blast. The teachers are also enthusiastic and extremely willing to answer all questions both inside the classroom and outside. I would definitely recommend Brain Power to anyone!

Oliver Tang — Brain Power Alumni

Date: January 2016

I am sincerely happy to have my son attending Brain Power. His academic success improved drastically, and I believe it is due to this program. Thank you.

Samuel Davidovich — Parent of Brain Power student

Date: January 2016

As a student at Brain Power I can truly say that it is an amazing place that allows students to think in depth and motivates them to take part in academic learning they love! The staff at Brain Power are friendly, as well as, inspirational, and they really add to the overall atmosphere of the school.

Michal Moshkovich — Brain Power student

Date: February 2015

Hello Reuven and Karine,

A huge thanks to you, Reuven and Karine, for giving [my son] such an opportunity! It would not be possible without your team.

Thank you,
E. Romanov — Mother of Brain Power SSAT-UTS trainee

Date: January 2015

Dear Karine,

The training sessions at Brain Power were a really good experience for her and also for me, the parent. Thank you so much for all your effort and time that you spent with her. I wish you and your school — Brain Power — all the best!

Jenny O. — Mother of Brain Power student, Lauren O.

Date: January 2015

I had a great time at Brain Power and I highly value the years I spent there. The things I learned are invaluable, and I’m doing very well in school because of that.

I still go back to most of the short stories we read for inspiration, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me so much over the past three years! I really appreciate both you and Reuven for being so formative!

I have gotten my acceptance letter from William Lyon Mackenzie CI (MaCS – Math & Science Program) today! I would like to thank you again for everything you have done to help me achieve all of my goals. The reason I am in the place I am today is due to all of your tutelage and kind support! Thank you so much!

Michal Krasovitski — Brain Power Alumni 2014

Date: December 2015 


Annabel got accepted by St Robert Pre-IB program
I highly appreciate the effort you and your colleagues put in at Brain Power. Not only did you prepare your students for a particular test, but also you taught them the right attitude and method towards learning which will make them go a long way.

Amy Yu – Mother of Language Arts student (Grade 8)

Date: December 2015 

I GOT IN!!! I was accepted into Cardinal Carter H.S! I want to thank you for teaching me and helping me get into the IB program. Thank you!
Marissa Adamou. – Language Arts Student (Grade 8)

Date: November 2015 

I was in my English class today and we’re currently reading Shakespeare. My teacher called on me to answer a question, and because of all the vocabulary homework I’ve been doing for your class, I was able to give a deep and thoughtful answer which I felt proud of.

Donna Sepehr – Senior 1 Language Arts student

Date: July 2015

I’d like to thank you for the valuable skills that I learned in your classes, such as analytical thinking and essay writing. And all of that was in addition to the wonderful grammar and vocab exercises that we completed.

It was a pleasure to learn with you! Thank you.

Daniel Pun – Brain Power Alumni – Language Arts

Date: December 24, 2015 

Hi Karine,
I’m e-mailing you to tell you some important (and very exciting) news!!! You can probably tell from the subject line, but I GOT IN!!! I was accepted into Cardinal Carter H.S! I want to thank you for teaching me and helping me get into the IB programme.

Marissa A. – Language Arts Student (grade 8)

P.S This was the best early birthday/christmas present ever!!

Date: December 24, 2015 

Hey Karine,
I want to tell you that I made it to IB!!!
I am so excited now. I can’t wait to start high school knowing that I made it to IB. Thank you so much for all you help and support.

Niki K – Language Arts Student (grade 8)

Date: November 21, 2015

Whew! The IB test today was….fun, actually. Thank. You. So. Much. For. The. Reading. Comp. Drills. They helped me prepare so much and the vocabulary helped make me sound like an intelligent individual on the student questionnaire. I didn’t get much of a chance to explain much about my extra curricular since it was only a list in point form, but I made sure to include the activities I favour most (Cadets, Swimming, Brain Power, and Biathlon). I guess now it’s just a matter of time before I know my results. I’d really like to extend my thanks to you, for helping me prepare for these six months – it meant so much. All the way from early July, we were doing drills and expanding our dictionary; doing it the Karine Way. Because of that I walked into the exam feeling confident and intrepid. So if I get in, I owe you one Karine ? Thank you

Annie Li – IB Preparation Student, Language Arts & Math

Date: Aug. 29th, 2015

Hi Karine,

My name is Michelle Li, we met earlier this week at the Dot to Dot event. I attended this event in the hopes of learning how to improving my networking and general communication skills. After all the activities and the inspirational talks, I must say that I’ve definitely learned the most from your speech. I have great admiration for your knowledge and your journey from being a little girl hiding behind her father’s legs to the person you are now!
I believe that reading is one of the best learning tools as it allows you to learn from the experiences of successful people. It would be great if you could recommend to me books that has been a part of your path to success. I would love to learn more about the social skills you’ve talked about at Dot to Dot at Brain Power.
Thank you for your time and your mentorship. I look forward to staying in touch with you.

Best Regards,

Michelle Li

Date: Jul 9th, 2015 

Hi Karine!!

Thank you so much! I won first place in the Alice Munro Short Story Festival Writing Contest! My short story was posted on their website here: http://alicemunrofestival.ca/?p=1848 .

My younger brother is now really excited about going to your English classes, and I can see why! I still go back to most of the short stories we read for inspiration, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me so much over the past three years! I really appreciate both you and Reuven for being so formative! So thank you so much for that ?

M. K. – Brain Power alumni 2014

Date: July 8th, 2015

Dear Karine and Reuven,
I would like to thank you for your years of efforts in planting seeds of knowledge in Gabriel. As a result he gained the Brain Power and momentum…

I am very happy to inform you that Gabriel was accepted to every university he applied to (Waterloo Engineering, Ryerson Architecture, McGill Civil Engineering), including the program of his choice – McGill Architecture which was the most competitive of all the above due to a very limited space (about 12 as I was told). He was offered scholarships at every school he applied to. He is very excited now about going to Montreal and studying architecture at McGill.

Registering Gabriel year after year in Math and English classes at Brain power was the best educational choice I have ever made for him. He has been effortlessly passing all math tests and exams at high school with consistently high marks. I could only regret about not taking more English at Brain Power, as he ended up graduating with “only” 94 in English.

Thank you for very much for making our kids smarter and better!

Best regards,
Ina Gefter, M.Sc., B.Eng.

Date: May 17, 2015

Dear Karine,
Happy Birthday! I want to wish you happiness, the best of luck, success in all your endeavours, and to thank you for being such an amazing teacher. You have always stood up in front of the class and delivered very powerful and interesting lessons, which I enjoy every time.


Date: February 23rd, 2015

Hi Karine,

I got accepted! I’m so happy! =)

Thank you and Reuven for all your help and support!

Navya (Accepted to UTS 2015 after intensive training at Brain Power)

Date: Jan. 26th 2015

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the past few months at Brain Power. I gained so much knowledge, especially in things that I never knew I was so interested in, such as philosophy. I had recently gotten my mark back for my English essay and I got an 88 which really improved my mark and I am thankful for your feedback on it. I will be coming next year as I really enjoy coming.
Once again, thank you for everything,


Date: Jan. 7th 2015

My son Nick wrote the IB exams and got accepted into the IB program at Bayview Secondary :)))  Thanks a lot to Brain Power’s programs and for all the help and support they offer!!!

N. Teller

Date: September 2014

I want to say thank you very much for letting Jimmy have an opportunity to go on the Cape Breton trip, it was such a wonderful experience; I think Jimmy will remember it forever.

Zoe — Mother of Brain Power student, Jimmy

Date: September 2014

It was very nice to see what a great job you are doing and how much thought and effort you are investing in making our kids better and smarter. I hope they will take an example from the way you inspire and genuinely care for their education.

Schneider family.

Date: July 2014

Our children have been with Brainpower for 3 years. It is the best education decision we made to enroll our boys in your program… Brainpower is our sons’ educational lifeline. Thank you Brainpower for your excellent work!

Michelle Ki – Mother of Brain Power students

Date: March 2014

Hi Karine,

Today, Jonathan got published in the Barrie Examiner ! Easter Seals, too!  He will also soon be published in The Globe and Mail, as well as HORIZON Magazine.

Thank you for supporting Jonathan over the years.

Hope — Mother of University Prep student Jonathan Lu

Date: January 2014

Rony is on cloud nine and we’re elated Rony can attend the high school gifted program of her choice.Thank you again for your professional guidance and dedication – we wouldn’t have arrived there without you.

Olga Galperin — Mother of Senior 1 student, Rony

Date: Aug 18th 2014

Karine, I am so happy I got in touch with you!!!!
I need to brag! Especially since you truly deserve some credit too:
Daniel was participating in UofT’s Summer Med program this summer – 2014- and as part of the program they had a presentations competition. There were 40 something teams of 3 and his team won the competition with him truly being the one in the centre! I was a very proud mama ? I’d say your Public Speaking course truly paid off! So, thank you!

L. Prilik

Date: July 2014

Hi Karine,

I hope you are doing well! I was your student years ago in 2009 – 2011. Learning from you was a pleasure. I owe a lot of my motivation for improving my writing to Brain Power, and so I thank you for that.

I am currently studying at Western University at the Richard Ivey School of Business. As you probably know, Ivey is a 2+2 program, with the HBA Ivey program starting in third year.

Thank you for your help over the years!

Best Regards,
Bhavy Dhawan

Date: February 26th, 2014

From: University Prep Student Tali V.

Hi Jordan,

I just got my Offer of Admission to Queen’s and wanted to say thanks again for helping me with my PSE! I really appreciate it! ? and….I just got accepted to the English program at UofT and to Victoria College! Thank you so much for helping me with all the supplementary essays! I really appreciate it! ?


Date: January 9th, 2014

From: Sam (University Prep student)

Dear Karine and Jordan,
I JUST GOT INTO university of Ottawa , Glendon and York !!!!!
Thank you so much for your guidance and support !
Couldn’t have done it without you guys !


Date: January 2nd, 2014

From: Nina C., mother of Intermediate 2 student (Sylvia)

Hi Karine,
Thank you for your kindness.
Sylvia got an email to get an interview from UTS!
Tell the truth, Brain Power teachers and classes are really great and helpful to my kids. I appreciate to your parents, Paul, Jen and you.
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Date: April 2013

My only regret is not having known about Brain Power sooner. Brain Power creates a comfortable environment for students to thrive and reach their fullest potential. I had a wonderful teacher–he can even make grammar interesting. I never wanted to miss a class.

Chloe — Brain Power Alumni

Date: February 2013

Brain Power’s senior language arts classes have helped me build skills necessary to achieve my goals in university. Under my teacher’s professional guidance and expertise in my university prep class, I have honed a variety of essential skills necessary to excel in University…

Most importantly, Brain Power has been the catalyst to fueling my interest in psychological studies as my teacher constantly found creative ways to incorporate current events, socio-political issues, psychology, sociology and philosophy into all lessons.

Brain Power classes were always engaging and stimulated my mind intellectually. They have not only helped me cultivate effective writing skills, but also helped broaden my perspective about several important socio-political issues. I have been inspired me in so many ways to be a more creative and passionate scholar. Brain Power has prepared me well for life at university both academically and socially, making my transition much easier.

Vivi Shi — Brain Power Alumni

Date: December 2013

Dear Karine,

You put your heart in your programs.  Throughout the years, Brain Power has helped numerous kids excel in their academic work. I will continue supporting your school and let more people know about it so a greater number of children will reap the benefit of your programs.

Jewele Lee — Mother of Brain Power student, Alex

Date: September 2013

Dear Karine,

I can’t believe I won silver in the Cambridge University Essay Writing Competition! Winning was an accomplishment that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without your help!
Elaine Sui — Brain Power Intermediate 1 student

Date: June 2013

Dear Karine,

You deserve infinite recognition for your exceptional work as a teacher!

I cannot express in words how you have guided me academically and spiritually throughout this year; I have grown to love writing and reading because of you. Your intellectually stimulating class discussions always made me look forward to Friday!

M — Intermediate 2 Language Arts student

Date: Novemeber 30th, 2013

 From: Thomas W., IB Preparation student
Hello Karine!

The IB test and it was surprisingly simple compared to the things that you guys were teaching at Brain Power.   There was a lot of reading comprehension (which I personally hate). Although I would normally suck at interpreting implications, your classes really helped me.  Overall the test was easier than I had expected, especially with all of the practice that you guys have given me. The practice that you guys have offered me really helped!

Thank you very much!

Thomas W.

 Date: June 21st, 2013

From: Sean W. (Parent of Brain Power Language Arts student, Harry – Senior 1))

Hi, Karine,

Harry had his grade 8 graduation ceremony yesterday. He got the boy Academy Award, this is the highest reward and only one student in each class. Harry did great job in his school. My wife and I would like thank you not only working in your class, but also spending extra time for his school’s speaking, essay, high school selection… Also we got lots of advice and suggestions from you on how to deal with teenagers. We appreciate your great work and need your help to continue teaching and supporting him.   Thank you.

Thanks again & have a wonderful summer holiday,

Sean  W.

 Date: April 21st, 2013

From: Tracy L. (Parent of Brain Power Language Arts student, Ryan)

Hi Jennifer,

I am so glad to learn of your comment of Ryan’s progress (Elementary 1 – Language Arts), thank you so much for all the help and patience for Ryan.
Ryan enjoys your class and your class is always fun to Ryan. I also want to thank you for helping Ryan edit many drafts for his school work, as I can see his confidence has improved and marks are always 4 or 4+ in his school class;  his writing has especially dramatically improved this year.
Thank you !

 Date: April 18th, 2013

From: Andrey Goussev (Brain Power Alumni)

Hey Reuven!

It’s Andrey Goussev  from previous classes. While I was working on my resume I thought of putting the time I spent at BrainPower on and I came across your website. I’m just finishing my second year of Engineering Physics at McMaster. If you’ve never heard of it, the program includes more theory on sciences and math with the general engineering applications. Thanks to you I managed to survive year 1 with ease.  Anyway, I have to get back to studying for my exams. I just wanted to catch up and tell you how I’m doing. Also what’s new at BrainPower? How is Karine doing? Do you have any wise stories to share (like always)? Hopefully when I come back home, Simon and I will visit you again.

Andrey Goussev

"Brain Power allows me to think deeply and motivates me to take on challenges I would have never considered before! I love Brain Power’s thoughtful and caring atmosphere."

"Brain Power is a unique and empowering place to learn and it’s been a great opportunity for self-growth for me."

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