UTS Stage 2

Top row (left to right): Guest speaker Ilya Kreynin with some of our successful UTS Stage 2 students: Vanessa Poiana, Jessie Chen, Yvonne Wu, Andrew Zhou, Andrew Ko; Bottom row (left to right): Stella Zheng, William Zhou
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Available Winter 2024 & 2025!
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This workshop is designed for students who have been offered interviews with UTS or for students who wish to prepare for potential future MMI-style interviews.  The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) stands out from traditional interviews with its unique format.

MMI consists of multiple short stations, each presenting a different scenario. This format assesses candidates on diverse skills such as communication, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making.  MMI interviews are known for their objectivity, minimized bias, and high predictive validity, making them a preferred method for selecting candidates in fields like medicine. The structured and standardized nature of MMIs provides a fair and comprehensive assessment, setting them apart from conventional interview approaches. With over 30 years of expertise in honing students’ skills for MMI-style interviews, Brain Power ensures a unique approach that fosters authenticity and success, eschewing scripted responses to empower students to be confident, prepared, and genuinely excited for the process.

Our Motivating Program includes:

  • Intensive interview training in ‘game-day conditions’
    • Simulations include 1:1 timed interview rotations, various interviewer styles, and multiple question types (ethical dilemmas, open-ended questions)
    • Students participate in group interview theory sessions on what to expect in an MMI format as well as 5 hours of individual 1:1 interview simulations  
  • Development of critical thinking and ethical reasoning skills required to master MMI style questions
    • Students master advanced reasoning frameworks, including Kohlberg’s moral development stages theory, one of the best-known theories that focus on a stepwise process of development of moral reasoning in children
  • Stress and performance management strategies for MMI interviews
    • Students learn about ‘synergistic mindsets’ and how to achieve high performance results under high pressure situations, like MMI interviews
  • Speaking and communication training
    • Experts from across our PhD and expert level faculty join us to share insights on speaking and presentations, drawing from classical and modern sources and over 30 years of MMI interview preparation experience!
  • Most of all, our program is a fun and rewarding experience!  Families tell us that our UTS Stage 2 preparation course was an energetic, motivating and wonderful life-skill building experience!  Students leave our program feeling confident, excited and ready!


UTS STAGE 2 – Schedule*

*Times and dates are tentative and may change based on UTS schedules.

Winter 2024
4 lessons

Sun., Jan. 14: 6:45-9:15
Fri.., Jan. 19: 6:00-8:30
Sat., Jan. 20: 4:45-7:15
Sun., Jan. 21: 6:45-9:15

Winter 2025
4 lessons

Sat., Jan. 11: 4:45-7:15
Sun., Jan. 12: 6:45-9:15
Sat., Jan. 18: 4:45-7:15
Sun., Jan. 19: 6:45-9:15

Email info@brainpower.ca with your child’s/children’s age(s) and area(s) or interests, and we will help get you registered!

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