Math Olympiad Preparation

Winter 2023*
*This section is also called “Champions – Contest Math” in some promotional materials.

Grades 5-7: Saturdays, Jan. 7 – Apr. 15, 9:45-11:45 am (Virtual)
Grades 8-10: Saturdays, Jan. 7 – Apr. 15, 2:30-4:30 pm (Virtual)

Summer 2023

Grades 5-7 & 8-10** – 2x per week (Virtual)
July and/or August – See our Summer Schedule!
**Grades indicate those to be entered in Sept. 2023.

Math Olympiad (Contest Math) is a challenging contest-level math program designed by renowned Math Olympiad trainer and dual PhD holder, Dr. Susanna Spektor.

This program prepares students for AMC, CEMC, Caribou, and Kangaroo among other global contents.

Advanced contest mathematics strategies will help students stand out in contests and develop a competitive advantage in STEM fields, including data science, AI, and more!

Dr. Sana Spektor received her two PhDs from the Department of Mathematics at the Dnipro State University and the University of Alberta. Throughout her teaching career, she has had opportunities to interact with students at all stages of life, from grade school to college, at the university level and post-degree, in classroom, online, and one-on-one settings. The insights she has gained into how students learn have helped her to make the teacher that she is. In Sana’s experience, the three biggest obstacles to learning are a student’s belief that math is boring, math is impossibly difficult, or math is irrelevant to real life. In response, she has developed a threefold teaching philosophy. Make math interesting: Sana brings excitement and a storyline to her classes, using energy and enthusiasm to teach ideas, guiding students along a path where each new concept is a natural consequence of the previous and a natural precursor to the next. Make math possible: Sana makes sure her students understand that while a problem may be long or difficult, they have all the tools needed to solve it. Make math relevant: Sana stresses that mathematics has a profound impact on our daily lives, and she provides real-life examples where mathematics is used.

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