Student & Alumni Success

Being a student at Brain Power means having like-minded peers: classmates and friends who are intelligent and inspirational. Our students make each other (and us!) proud. Brain Power graduates have incredible academic histories, amazing career trajectories, and inspiring success stories. We are proud to have played a part in their impressive accomplishments. Check out their varied talents, awards, interests, and success stories here!


Alumni - Delaram Dara

Education: Life Sciences at U. of T., B.Sc.; medical school hopeful

Awards and Scholarships: The Roy Alvin Hope Scholarship, The James Morrow Scholarship, Dean’s List Scholar Certificate, The Joel Verwege Award, 3rd place in STEM Fellowship Journal’s Big Data Challenge

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was one of the few places where the teachers truly cared about my success and supported me even when regular class hours were over. One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Brain Power was that major changes in meaning arise from minor changes in words.

Alumni - Meli Lifshits

Education: Graduate of Queen’s University – Commerce

Currently:  Consultant for Queen’s Business Consulting on a Millennial Housing Startup project; Sales strategist for MARS (consumer goods company)

Awards:  Sutton Award at Queen’s University’s School of Business (4 years in a row)

Thoughts on Brain Power: English Language Arts classes at Brain Power were unlike any I had ever taken. Not only did they improve my writing and presenting abilities, but we discussed and debated so many interesting topics over the years. The courses helped me learn how to analyze topics from new perspectives and how to think critically.

Alumni - Spencer Ki

Currently: Studying astrophysics at University of Toronto

Accomplishments: Staff Writer for The Varsity newspaper’s Science section; Outreach Director for U of T’s Astronomy and Space Exploration Society; Senior Staff Writer for Toike Oike

Thoughts on Brain Power:

I strongly believe that I would not be anywhere near where I am today without the greatly enriching influence of Brain Power. Brain Power really fed both parts of my brain: the logical and analytical half studying astrophysics, as well as the creative and verbose side that loves writing for newspapers. Thank you very much to everyone at the Brain Power team!

Alumni - Christina Yan

Currently: Biomedical Computing at Queen’s U.

Accomplishments: Poster Award (Top 5%) at SPIE Medical Imaging 2017; First author of research on ultrasound-based scoliosis measurement and computer-aided surgery; IEEE Student Project Competition for analysis on a lumpectomy navigation system; Software Development internship at IBM in Cloud Computing

Thoughts on Brain Power: Taking classes at Brain Power always challenged me to think outside of the box, and tremendously improved my English and Public Speaking skills. Every class was unique with many insightful takeaways thanks to their inspiring instructors who have such a strong passion for teaching.

Alumni - Ariel Oren

Currently: Biomedical Sciences – University of Guelph; future dentist and oral surgeon.

Achievements: 9th in Ontario in the personal finance category of DECA and third degree black belt in TaeKwon Do.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Beyond the mathematic and reading and writing skill-sets I sharpened over my years at Brain Power, I am grateful for the transferable skills I was able to develop through my interactions and assignments. From developing unique perspectives to solving problems, to introducing different layers of depth to my analytical capabilities, I feel beyond privileged to have been able to spend so may wonderful years at Brain Power, and I know the rewards and results will stick with me forever.

Alumni - Matthew Dai

Career Aspirations:
A prestigious future in corporate management

University Acceptance:
Schulich School of Business & Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management Co-op

Completed Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Piano; ARCT

Favourite Memories of Brain Power:
Vocab quizzes and brain candy (delicious hard work)!

Alumni - Michael Kapps

Currently: Founder & CEO – TNH Digital Health (Ta.Na.Hora-SaudeDigital) Graduate of Harvard Medical School

Success: Michael is the Founder & CEO of TNH Digital Health (TaNaHora-SaudeDigital) in Sao Paulo, Brazil where his goal is for Brazilians to have access to basic health support in the face of enormous social inequality. Michael Kapps was named Millennial Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by GSG in Chicago (at the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG) – Impact Summit 2017). GSG’s vision is to use their global Impact Investing movement to address the planet’s social and environmental challenges and to drive Impact Investing to its Tipping Point by 2020.

Student - Diviya Leonard

Student: Diviya Leonard

Selected Achievements:
Diviya created an award-winning social justice blog viewed in over 90 countries, and she has been a keynote speaker for Plan Canada.

University Plans: A career in Human Rights Law (of course!)

Diviya’s thoughts on Brain Power:
“I have really enjoyed taking part in Karine’s Public Speaking course as it has helped me to gain leadership skills, learn new speaking techniques, and participate in engaging activities. It has enabled me to improve my confidence, and that, in turn, has helped me when giving speeches and presentations at school, in my community, nationally, and internationally.”

Alumni - Michal Sheinis

Currently: Medical Student at UofT Awarded: The 2017 Golden Stethoscope Award recognizes top medical students who exemplify a combination of academic achievement as well as attributes of a humane and compassionate clinician. The winner demonstrates exemplary clinical knowledge, skills and judgment during clinical rotations in comparison to peers and has impact in service, dedication, professionalism, and empathy.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me to think outside the box, develop my critical thinking skills and improve my self confidence. Brain Power was instrumental in propelling me towards attaining the career I had always dreamed of.

Alumni - Jane Illarionova


UofT Engineering Student and winner of UofT Book Award, Queen’s Engineering $40,000 scholarship, UofT Dean’s Merit Award Scholarship for $10,000, U of Ottawa Engineering & Biomedical Physics $16,000 scholarship.

Thoughts on Brain Power:

“BP helped me become beyond excellent in math, English, and public speaking!”

Talents: Puns, spontaneous wit

Student - Tian Shi Yuan

Success: Winner of SHAD Valley 2017 Competition! SHAD students are chosen from around the world through a rigorous, competitive process; selected students are top performers who are also well-rounded emerging leaders demonstrating initiative, creativity and flair. SHAD empowers exceptional high school students – at a pivotal point in their education – to recognize their own capabilities and envision their extraordinary potential as tomorrow’s leaders and change makers (in science, technology, engineering, arts & math).

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s help was so important to me making it! Thank you.

Alumni - Ilia Sucholutsky

Currently: Working on his Ph.D. in Statistics at Waterloo University

Graduated from Mathematical Finance and Statistics at the University of Waterloo; Future data scientist; Already landed work in Silicon Valley!

Thoughts on Brain Power: I love Brain Power and have never been to or seen a school quite as effective at actually teaching bright students!

Talents: Politics, finance, and mathematics

Alumni - Lynn Sue-A-Quan
Currently: Accepted to Juilliard in New York and New England Conservatory in Boston (scholarships from both schools).
Lynn plans to join an orchestra, teach, and perform throughout the world.
Thoughts on Brain Power: Every week, I would look forward to Brain Power, wondering what sort of new thing I would be blown away by. I loved how I was in an environment where learning was a priority. It made me feel welcome, and for once, made me want to learn more! Brain Power really shaped me into who I am today and I’m really grateful for all the mind-blowing awesome lessons!
Talents: viola
Alumni - Steven Tulman

Currently: Workshop Leader @ Harvard Business School, Schulich School of Business, Richard Ivey School of Business, to name a few; CEO of Social Pulse Marketing Inc and VP of Strategic Partnerships at Providr Inc.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power expanded my ability to think both strategically and logically and, most definitely, improved my odds of success.

Talents: Public speaking and business

Alumni - Antonina Maltsev

Currently: McGill University student in Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behaviour; Offered a job in investment banking at Clarus Securities upon graduation!

Thoughts on Brain Power: An amazing experience that encourages a love of learning!  BP played an immense role in the way I have developed as a curious and analytical thinker and shaped the way I think and look at the world around me. I have always viewed Karine as my biggest role model and more of a life mentor rather than just a teacher.

Talents: Public speaking (thanks to Brain Power!) and music and singing.

Alumni - Elliott Birman

Currently: Student at Harvard University; Graduate of UCC

Thoughts on Brain Power: Thumbs up for math and language arts at Brain Power

Talents: Research, academics, sports, and assisting young ivy-league hopefuls!

Alumni - Gabriel Birman

Currently: Student at Princeton University; Graduate of UCC

Thoughts on Brain Power: Thumbs up for math and language arts at Brain Power

Talents: Research, academics, sports, and assisting young ivy-league hopefuls!

Alumni - Sasha Ioffine

Currently: Schulich School of Business graduate; Ph.D.-bound (English).

Thoughts on Brain Power: Fun, rigorous, inspirational, and motivating; I started BP at the age of 8 and feel lucky for it

Success: Publishing my own creative writing. Winner of the prestigious June McMaster-Harrison Memorial Prize for best essay @ York University

Alumni - Dr. Taras Klitovchenko

Currently: Dentist; Graduate of McGill U for Doctor of Dentistry

Thoughts on Brain Power: The fundamental thinking skills and work ethic I gained from Brain Power continue to be valuable assets

Talents: Working with his hands

Alumni - Katya Katsnelson

Success: During her time at Brain Power, Katya was Invited to the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit (NYC)  (conference attendee alongside Angela Merkel, Megan J Smith, the U.S Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President, and the Pope); Video production for Big Data University

Currently: Studying at Ryerson University

Thoughts on Brain Power: It’s given me a true understanding of the meaning of education and the value of my own learning. I’m immersed [at Brain Power] in a wide variety of material that I never would have been exposed to otherwise: Brain Power is the best decision I have made.

Alumni - Michal Moshkovich

Success: Winner of Sage (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) Nationals and Ryerson Youth Startup Competition: innovator of SpitStrips – featured on CTV & CKNW News for her scientific innovation, now works with Ryerson University DMZ (business incubator).

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power allows me to think deeply and motivates me to take on challenges I would have never considered before! I love Brain Power’s thoughtful and caring atmosphere.

Student - Cora Usurelu

Success: Winner of World Literacy National Writing Competition (Write for a Better World); Awarded honours by the Governor General of Ontario for winning Cambridge University – Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition; Winner of Math Competitions: Mathematica (Euler)

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Awesome! BP introduces unique topics in its programs and also has interesting trips, book club, and workshops. My favourite BP classes are those that involve class discussions (i.e debates, philosophical conversations, “add your own story”). Love!

Student - Veronika Urbanovitch

Success: Chosen for competitive Aerospace Manufacturing co-op; future engineer

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power helps demonstrate my smarts to others (and face my fear of talking to people). In my academics, BP has helped me raise my grades and make classes really easy.

Alumni - Denesh Kumar

Currently: Accepted to TOPS, IB, and MaCS programs; graduating from MaCS; First place winner in Canadian Public Speaking Competition (CYSA); Scored perfect (5) on AP Computer Science Exams.

Thoughts on Brain Power:   Brain Power is a unique and empowering place to learn and it’s been a great opportunity for self-growth for me.

Talents: Computer science and mathematics

Alumni - Jamie Lee

Currently: University of Toronto (Rotman School of Business – Commerce); $4000 Scholarship recipient; Founder of Dreams of Tomorrow (Not-for-profit)

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Thumbs up!

Talents: Languages, empathy, and education

Alumni - Erik Fridman

Currently: Entrepreneur: Founder of Get Crazy Entertainment and C&S Windows; Professional musician. Business-degree-future.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Life-changing. Simply awesome.

Talents: Rhetoric, business, writing music, playing guitar, singing

Student - Alan Topash

Success: Working along side David Gurevich they are successful young teen entrepreneurs with a tech news startup: FACET News.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has not only taught us to be more confident in our writing but also to make deeper more meaningful connections.

Alumni - Nicole Rayskin

Currently: Business Administration @ Lazaridis School of Business, Wilfrid Laurier University; DECA top provincial winner (all thanks to my rhetoric and public speaking abilities I gained from Brain Power!)

Thoughts on Brain Power:  The most reliable place to get educated way beyond the school system. I love the relationships I formed with my (brilliant) BP peers and teachers — and I still stay in touch.

Talents: Business and knitting (yes, knitting)

Student - David Gurevich

Success: Working along side Alan Topash they are successful young teen entrepreneurs with a tech news startup: FACET News.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has not only taught us to be more confident in our writing but also to make deeper more meaningful connections.

Alumni - Vivian Shi

Currently: Queen’s University English Masters Degree student; graduate of Queen’s University Concurrent Education; winner of National Logistics Leadership Award; founder of Yarning for Good

Thoughts on Brain Power:  BP helped me build skills necessary to achieve my goals in university;  I have been inspired to be a more creative and passionate scholar.

Talents: Renaissance literature from the 16th century

Alumni - Stacy Gaikovaia

Currently: Nanotechnology Engineering student at University of Waterloo

Thoughts on Brain Power:  BP was very rewarding since it exposed me to really cool ideas about the world that would have otherwise been inaccessible to me (like diving into existentialism, for instance).

Talents: Growing tomatoes, physics, and ambitious pursuits (including rock climbing and archery!)

Alumni - Yossef Bisk

Currently: Masters degree in Applied Mathematics; Researcher and Academic Director of Actuarial Science Student Association at York University; Graduate of Schulich School of Business

Thoughts on Brain Power: A very personalized and meaningful experience:  I always felt I was the most important student in the classroom, and I think every other student felt that way, too.

Talents: Business, financial security systems, math, and using the power of the mind.

Charles Wang - Uni Prep Alumni
Currently: Accepted scholarship to Computer Science at Waterloo
Received entrance scholarships to all of the universities he applied to:

– Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo
– Engineering Science and Computer Science at UofT
– Engineering at Queens University
– Computer Science and Engineering at McMaster University
Thoughts on Brain Power:  Thanks for improving my essay writing skills!
Alumni - Michael Bakshy

Currently: University of Toronto Student in Mental Health Sciences; Dr. of Psychology hopeful.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I was at Brain Power for a number of years and it truly helped me succeed. These days my little sister attends Brain Power and I am thrilled to say she is thriving there.

Talents: People, networking, and spirituality

Alumni - Carissa Wong

Currently: Studying at McMaster in Life Sciences

Thoughts on Brain Power: I really enjoyed my time at BP and the diverse classes I took! It helped me enhance my skills in writing and communicating with other people, which built my confidence.

Talents: Foreign Languages!

Alumni - Louie Ryu

Currently: University of Waterloo Architecture

Thoughts on Brain Power: The best way I was able to both challenge myself and find my real academic abilities was to go to Brain Power! 🙂

Talents: Game theory and musicianship

Alumni - Gabriel Gefter

Currently: Architecture @ McGill University (most competitive program (only 12 students accepted/year!); Received Sheila Baillie Scholarship, Architecture ($20,000)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped me to effortlessly complete high school with high marks and achieve my academic goals.

Talents: Ultimate Frisbee and all things creative

Alumni - Maria Guna

Currently: Claude Watson program at Earl Haig for Visual Arts and aspiring fashion designer; Winner of Visual Arts Major Award and gallery artist at Twist Gallery, Toronto.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power is an amazing program that helped me immerse into the beautiful art of writing; it prepared me for high school oral speeches and essays, while helping me express my thoughts and opinions through writing.

Alumni - Danny Samara
Currently: University Studies- Computer Science
Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s staff is the absolute best at not only effectively teaching its students, but also at keeping them engaged and interested every lesson. I went for two years and in that time, I learned more about literature and general writing (essay-writing, proper use of grammar, word-choices etc) than I have throughout the entire 12 years of “English” class I’ve attended in the public school system.  Thank you, Brain Power!
Student - Oleg Tulea

Success: Winner of Fiddletree Essay Competition – Cape Breton

Thoughts on Brain Power:  What I love: the atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm at BP. The students are always interested, and the smart teachers are fun to be around.

Alumni - Ron Galaev

Currently: 3rd seat cellist for Kindred Spirits Orchestra, 4th substitute cellist for Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me many things, however, most importantly it taught me that the arts, be it lingual, visual or musical, have an important role to play in the world and society. This inspired me to pursue music more professionally, as without this influence I would likely have never found myself in music.

Talents: Music and psychology.

Alumni - Michal Krasovitski

Currently: University of Toronto Student of Psycholinguistics; First place winner (International) Alice Munro Short Story Contest; Gold, Silver medalist in Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competitions

Thoughts on Brain Power: My years at Brain Power were definitely the best in my life yet!

Talents: Debate and creative writing

Alumni - Dennis Gorya


Currently: Owner, Lead Designer of Vanity Boys Inc. / On Fleek; marketing strategist; student at Schulich School of Business

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helps students develop critical-thinking skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives. The Brain Power team recognizes that there is no “cookie cutter” solution to inspiring and educating gifted students of differing backgrounds and interests, and they tailor their curriculum to reach those different students and resonate with them for years to come.

Talents: Design, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Alumni - Allan Yan

Currently: Working at Evercore, focusing on mergers and acquisitions

Thoughts on Brain Power: BP definitely gave me an advantage over my peers in school and enabled me to pursue whatever I wanted and always achieve a high level of success.  

Talents: Business and computers

Alumni - Ariel Rodov

Currently: studying for a Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Ryerson University specializing in Software Engineering and Management. MBA or MD hopeful!  

Thoughts on Brain Power: Whether a student has dreams to be a scholar, a business person, an engineer or just about anybody, Brain Power will help realize one’s own potential and play a key factor in the development of useful life and academic skills. Karine, Reuven and their fantastic team at Brain Power do a remarkable job of strengthening the parts of your brain that public education just doesn’t quite reach!

Recent Accomplishment:Part of Ryerson’s first ever Hackathon committee as the Executive of Marketing!

Alumni - Naomi Brandt

Currently: Speech language pathologist; Founder and Clinical Director of Speech & Company; Graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Masters of Science.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I still remember all the amazing puzzles and learning I had at Brain Power with a big smile!

Talents: Leadership, management, and being a mom (all at the same time!)

Alumni - Bhavy Dhawan

Currently: <3’ing his career in investment banking (Houlihan Lokey) in the USA; Graduate Ivey Business School at Western U

Thoughts on Brain Power: – scored in the top 10% of my class at Ivey; why? because of Brain Power

Talents: Writing, business

Alumni - Justin Lu

Currently: IB Student, Engineering hopeful!

Thoughts on Brain Power: Karine’s Language Arts class introduced me to the vast world of literature. Through studying interesting short stories and novels from a variety of authors, I gained an interest in literature. Brain Power also strengthened my writing and critical thinking skills, both of which I find to be extremely crucial.

Student - Steven Mai

Success: UTS acceptance; winner (finalist) of international essay competition (Rand Institute)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Helped with my academic successes (and love of chocolate cake)

Student - Saesha Kukreja

Success: Winner of national poetry writing competition.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Love the writing support and inspiration.

Student - Rahul Pandya

Success: Accepted to Queen’s Park Page Program (page in the legislature); finalist in provincial public speaking competition.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Worth the drive from Port Elgin! Brain Power has helped me succeed.

Alumni - Harry Wang

Currently:  Medical school hopeful!  Harry holds a volunteer position at Sick Kids Hospital here at home, and abroad, in a hospital in China. Additionally, he is dedicated to his work in a local senior home, and is his school’s HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter’s president.

Thoughts on Brain Power: My Brain Power experience is a great benefit to me – I appreciate all I gained from my in-class and experiential learning.

Alumni - Alex Zhou

Currently: Medical Sciences Student at Western University

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was one of the core experiences of my childhood that shaped who I am today

Talents: A passion for microbiology and immunology

Alumni - Danielle Tsirulnikov

Currently: Studying Health Sciences at McMaster University; Entrance scholarship: $1000

Thoughts on Brain Power: 6+ years at Brain Power – super.

Talents: Science and poetry

Student - Andrew Zhou

Success: Winner of Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition: Bronze medal.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Excellent support with the writing process.

Alumni - Illya Pilipenko

Currently: Engineering student @ McMaster

Thoughts on Brain Power: The courses at Brain Power helped me immensely, being the reason why I went from being terrified of presentations to favouring presentations as my strongest delivery method. The very friendly atmosphere at Brain Power was great, too, and it helped me make some new friends.

Alumni: Kevin Liu

Currently: studying at Western University, med-school hopeful.

Achievements: completed high school with a 95+ average and placed 10th in Ontario in the 2016 Canadian Chemistry Contest.

Thoughts on Brain Power: My experience with Brain Power was awesome: I got my mind blown every class.

Student - Alex Bancea

Success: Accepted to Queen’s Park Page Program (page in the legislature); finalist in national public speaking competition (Canadian Young Speakers Contest – Agr.)

Thoughts on Brain Power: I’ve been enrolled at Brain Power math and language arts courses from the age of 8 and since then, Brain Power has shaped and molded my successful academic life.

Student - Shawn Liu

Currently: Brain Power’s Senior 2 student, Shawn Liu, was selected to attend University of California for summer science research at the Davis Center on Mind and Brain! What an accomplishment!

The Mind and Brain Pre-College Program is an experiential, research-based program that exposes successful applicants to the latest discoveries and questions in human cognition, perception, consciousness, and more.

One day Shawn hopes to lead a team of researchers that will develop non-invasive biotechnologies that can manipulate a person’s five senses in order to transfer his/her consciousness into an artificially created world.

Alumni - Boris Kyrychenko

Currently:  At University of Toronto Studying Political Science/International Relations.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me a plethora of different subjects and ideas, including incredible grammar skills, but, perhaps most importantly, the most influential thing I took away is to question everything – no idea, concept, or authority should stay safe from criticism. Being at Brain Power has certainly shaped my view of the world, and has made me who I am today.

Alumni - Stephanie Rico

Currently: IB student at Bayview Secondary School; Pre-med university-bound.

Holds the following prestigious positions: Student Trustee of York Region District School Board; DECA and HOSA competitor, and director of Bayview’s WE Charity.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I am super proud that I was able to learn so much and meet so many amazing people during my time at Brain Power. I would not be the person I am today without the guidance I received from my Brain Power teachers. I miss being a part of my Brain Power family now that I am a graduate!

Alumni - Lev Raizman

Education: Lev aspires to attend Waterloo Computer Science

Thoughts on Brain Power: The highlight of every week during elementary and high-school was always my time at Brain Power. It was a place where I could interact with like-minded people, while also learning about many topics that were never covered in school. Additionally, Brain Power allowed to me go beyond the curricular level of my school, which has allowed me to achieve high grades. However, and most importantly, Brain Power has developed my critical thinking skills, which are applicable in all facets of my life. I am very thankful to Brain Power for all of this.

Alumni - Michael Dinatolo

Currently: Western University Ivey & Medicine hopeful

Achievements: YCDSB – Silver Medalist: CEMC Waterloo U. Math Competition; U. of Toronto – Bronze Medalist: The Operation Research Challenge; HOSA – Silver Medalist in Nationals; Chess Championships: 1st place in YCDSB; Member of top ranking jazz band in YCDSB

Michael’s thoughts on Brain Power: The amazing teachers I had and the programs I took at Brain Power allowed me to achieve my full potential. I am so glad I was exposed to incredible literature and fantastic teachers like Karine, and that I was taught how to think critically. Brain Power shaped me as a person, and I absolutely loved my time at there!

Alumni - Johnny Libenzon

Currently: studying at Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University; Johnny is also the Director of Finance at Ryerson University’s Stargazers and Head Business Coordinator at Ryerson University’s Hacks.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I loved Brain Power for one very simple thing: the opportunity to learn how to think critically about issues without my imagination curtailed by restrictions often imposed by the more regulated environment of the public school classroom. I loved the in-depth ways I was taught to analyze text for deeper meaning, the quality discussions that were held regarding themes in novels and contemporary literature, and the super teaching I experienced.

Alumni - Shelly Olshansky

Currently: Studying at Schulich School of Business -York University

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me all of the necessary literary and mathematical tools that have helped me succeed academically, professionally and personally. Brain Power also has given me confidence in my writing and presentation abilities, two skills that have helped me grow significantly as a business student.

Alumni - Anna Merkoulovitch

Currently: Software Engineer at Helix in San Francisco. University of Waterloo Honours graduate in Comp. Sci & Bioinformatics

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power made doing math as an extracurricular activity surprisingly fun! The teachers are honestly brilliant, and I loved some of the extras they involved in classes – meditation practice, gamification, and study tips. They also set me up to succeed in my high school math and English courses, as well as prepare for the MaCS entrance exam.

Alumni - Simon Li

Currently: Software Engineer for LinkedIn, San Francisco
Graduated from Cornell University: B.Sc. Comp Sci; and Bayview S.S. IB program.

Alumni - Paul Mitassov

Currently: Owner of Paul Mitassov Law Firm, Toronto

Graduated from U of T: Doctor of Law; Bsc. Mechanical Engineering
and UTS (University of Toronto Schools)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s programs were critical to my success in my subsequent endeavours. After intensive training by Karine, I was accepted into UTS, after which I went on to study mechanical engineering, then law, at the University of Toronto. Throughout my academic experience, the problem solving and information organization approaches that I learned from Karine help me excel in my learning. If you are looking to invest in your child’s future, you cannot find a better place to do so.

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