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Being a student at Brain Power means having like-minded peers: classmates and friends who are intelligent and inspirational. Our students make each other (and us!) proud. Brain Power graduates have incredible academic histories, amazing career trajectories, and inspiring success stories. We are proud to have played a part in their impressive accomplishments. Check out their varied talents, awards, interests, and success stories here!


Alumni - Jessica Peter

Education: Currently studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo

Employment: Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon

Awards: René Descartes National Scholarship for $20,000

Thoughts on Brain Power: I am so thankful to all the amazing instructors at Brain Power who helped me discover my passion for mathematics and computer science. They taught me how to think outside the box, and shaped me into the curious and critical thinker that I am today.

Alumni - Dr. Taras Klitovchenko

Currently: Dentist; Graduate of McGill U for Doctor of Dentistry

Thoughts on Brain Power: The fundamental thinking skills and work ethic I gained from Brain Power continue to be valuable assets

Talents: Working with his hands

Alumni - Dr. Ilia Ostrovski

Education: Queen’s U. School of Medicine

Achievements – Banting and Best Scholarship for Diabetes Research; NSERC; Multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals

Career: Internal Medicine residency at McMaster U.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I’m extremely grateful to Karine and Reuven for helping me discover my interest in writing, which has largely defined and balanced my otherwise science-focused career. I wholeheartedly endorse Brain Power to anyone looking to develop their critical-thinking skills in the company of ambitious and intellectually curious peers.

Alumni - Dr. Ilia Sucholutsky

Education: Waterloo University (Ph.D. Statistics)

Achievements: Post-doctoral Fellowship at Princeton University

Thoughts on Brain Power: I love Brain Power and have never been to or seen a school quite as effective at actually teaching bright students!

Talents: Politics, finance, and mathematics

Alumni - Jane Illarionova

Currently: U of T Engineering Student and winner of U of T Book Award; Queen’s Engineering $40,000 scholarship; U of T Dean’s Merit Award Scholarship for $10,000; U of Ottawa Engineering & Biomedical Physics $16,000 scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: As a student who attended Brain Power for six years, I can confidently attest to the phenomenal learning experience fostered there. Brain Power unites an amazing body of staff & students with an unprecedented curriculum in both language and mathematics, creating an environment in which students develop the skills to thrive academically. BP helped me become beyond excellent in math, English, and public speaking!

Alumni - Dr. Michal Sheinis

Education: York U. (Biology), U. of Toronto (M.D.)

Career: Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (residency at U. of Toronto)

Awarded: 2018 Schulich Award for Academic Excellence; 2017 Dr. F. J. Colling OBE, Memorial Scholarship; 2017 – Golden Stethoscope Award

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is a place to expand your horizons and push yourself to the limits of your capabilities. It is a place of creativity and self-exploration that teaches you to question, teaches you HOW to learn, and promotes a thorough understanding of content that sets you up for the world of higher education.

Alumni - Dr. Victoria Postnikova

Education: Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary), MD

Career Aspirations: Anesthesiology residency at the University of Ottawa

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is a truly unique place with compassionate, professional teachers who create a fun, engaging, and sincere learning atmosphere. Brain Power taught me how to think in a structured, logical manner. This skill has proven valuable in many areas of my life, whether it’s writing essays for my residency application, applying reasoning skills in medical world, or just dealing with everyday problems.

Alumni - Michael Kapps

Currently: Founder & CEO – TNH Digital Health (Ta.Na.Hora-SaudeDigital) Graduate of Harvard Medical School

Success: Michael is the Founder & CEO of TNH Digital Health (TaNaHora-SaudeDigital) in Sao Paulo, Brazil where his goal is for Brazilians to have access to basic health support in the face of enormous social inequality. Michael Kapps was named Millennial Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by GSG in Chicago (at the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG) – Impact Summit 2017). GSG’s vision is to use their global Impact Investing movement to address the planet’s social and environmental challenges and to drive Impact Investing to its Tipping Point by 2020.

Alumni - Kevin Huang

Currently: Data Scientist for Instagram/Facebook (lives in San Francisco)

Education: University of Waterloo – B.Math, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics

Thoughts on Brain Power: I love the fact that Brain Power offers collaborative environments that enable faster, broader, and more effective learning than anything I ever had in traditional public school classrooms.

Alumni - Cora Usurelu

Success: Winner of World Literacy National Writing Competition (Write for a Better World); Honoured by the Governor General of Ontario for winning Cambridge University – Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition; 3rd Place in World Mathematica (Euler); Speaker at Think Tank 2017; 2nd Place in Ontario’s Speakers Idol 2018 Competition; DECA Provincial Finalist; 1st Place in school for the Fryer, Newton, & Pascal math contests.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Awesome! BP introduces unique topics in its programs and also has interesting trips, book club, and workshops. My favourite BP classes are those that involve class discussions (i.e. debates, philosophical conversations, and “add your own story”). Love!

Alumni - Denesh Kumar

Education: Attending McMaster U, Bachelor of Health Sciences

Achievements: Principal Award for Student Leadership (William Lyon Mackenzie C.I ); Former President of Operation Med School Toronto; Co-Founder of Auris Hearing Solutions; McMaster President’s Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power opened my eyes and taught me a lot that helped me both with school and going beyond the curriculum. It also helped me build many of the soft skills such as public speaking that I’ve used to find success to this day.

Alumni - Ilana Moshkovich

Education: Joining Queen’s Commerce in September 2024

Achievements: Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: I can confidently say that my 7 years at Brain Power was a transformative journey.  Brain Power’s Language Arts and Math courses have provided me the invaluable opportunity to foster important skills such as innovative thinking, effective communication skills, and time management. The instructors at Brain Power go above and beyond, supporting their students throughout their educational journey, in and out of the classroom.

Alumni - Yossef Bisk

Education: York U., Bachelors in Mathematics for commerce (actuarial stream) and Masters in applied Mathematics; Schulich School of Business, graduate diploma in Financial Engineering

Awards/Accomplishments: Dean’s undergraduate research award, “Most Viable Startup Award” at Yale U., York U. Renewable Energy Scholarship

Currently: Data Engineer at Virtual Graffiti

Thoughts on Brain Power: A very personalized and meaningful experience: I always felt I was the most important student in the classroom, and I think every other student felt that way too.

Alumni - Alexandra Rebarbar

Education: Joining Schulich School of Business (BBA) in September 2024

Thoughts on Brain Power: During my time as a student at Brain Power, I’ve experienced support and connection beyond the classroom. The positive atmosphere fosters a network of like-minded individuals, continuously encouraging students to seek assistance even after completing their classes. The instructors’ efforts at fostering growth in students’ academics are evident in all of their support and guidance. Through Brain Power, I’ve learned to enjoy learning and understanding new concepts, thanks to its engaging approach to education.

Alumni - Anna Merkoulovitch

Currently: Software Engineer at Helix in San Francisco. University of Waterloo Honours graduate in Comp. Sci & Bioinformatics

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power made doing math as an extracurricular activity surprisingly fun! The teachers are honestly brilliant, and I loved some of the extras they involved in classes – meditation practice, gamification, and study tips. They also set me up to succeed in my high school math and English courses, as well as prepare for the MaCS entrance exam.

Alumni - Ruven Raizman

Education: Currently in Biomedical Engineering at Waterloo University

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is a wonderful program that really developed my critical thinking skills and love of learning by encouraging me to think outside the box. It also helped develop the ability to think of interesting questions, which enable me to learn more from what I am being taught.

Alumni - Paul Mitassov

Currently: Owner of Paul Mitassov Law Firm, Toronto

Education: U of T, Doctor of Law; Bsc. Mechanical Engineering

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s programs were critical to my success. After intensive training by Karine, I was accepted into UTS, after which I went on to study mechanical engineering, then law, at the University of Toronto. Throughout my academic experience, the problem solving and information organization approaches that I learned from Karine helped me excel in my learning. If you are looking to invest in your child’s future, you cannot find a better place to do so.

Alumni - Bryan Mailloux

Currently: U. of Waterloo, Mechatronics Engineering

Awards: U. of Waterloo President’s Scholarship of Distinction, Dean’s Honours List, Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award

Thoughts about Brain Power: It’s easy to think that to succeed in engineering, you only need to be good at math and science. But the humanities play an important role as well. Being able to empathize with the general public offers an engineer the insight required to design products that don’t just work, but that people love to use.  I’ll be a far better engineer thanks to the skills and training in both math and the humanities that I received from Brain Power.

Alumni - Ashley Chen

Currently: Studying Commerce at Queen’s U., Smith School of Business

Achievements: Dean’s List with Distinction (Top 10% Commerce at Queen’s), Principal’s Scholarship (Queen’s)

Thoughts About Brain Power: Brain Power made up an essential part of my high-school years. Without taking the classes there, I would not have been challenged and exposed to such a wide variety of subjects in literature, psychology, art, and more.

Alumni - Daniel Weintraub

Currently: Attending University of Waterloo  & Wilfrid Laurier University, Business Administration and Computer Science (double degree BBA/BCS

Thoughts on Brain Power: I remember Brain Power as an amazing experience that has helped shape who I am today. With Reuven’s guidance, Brain Power helped me get accepted into UTS, improved my academic experience, and provided me with a world of opportunities.

Alumni - Erik Brenner

Education: Wilfrid Laurier (Honours Economics and Business Management)

Thoughts on Brain Power: I left Brain Power over half a decade ago, yet the lessons I learned from Brain Power’s exceptional staff are still fresh in my mind. Brain Power’s Public Speaking course was fundamental in improving my interpersonal skills, especially my ability to present myself to diverse groups of people. I owe Dr. Karine Rashkovsky and her wonderful staff so much!  Their passion and love for what they teach inspire us students in more ways than words will ever express. I only have the fondest of memories of Brain Power.

Alumni - David Firer

Education: Attending McGill University, B.Sc. Biological, Biomedical, & Life Sciences.

Awards: Governor General’s Academic Medal for 2017-2018, McGill Major Entrance Scholarship.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is amazing! I was constantly challenged to think outside of the box, helping develop my reasoning skills and preparing me for my academic life. I wouldn’t be who I am now without the excellent teachers at Brain Power.

Alumni - Sherry Schneider

Education: Attending York U. (Honours B.Sc. in Global Health)

Scholarships: York U. Entrance Scholarship, valued at $3500; first ever recipient of the Global Health Entrance Scholarship ,valued at $5000.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  I can honestly say it not only improved my scores at school, but it exposed me to knowledge I would not have accessed any other way. Brain Power also allowed me to sharpen many of my academic skills and provided me with a great network of intelligent peers. Moreover, Brain Power helped me gain confidence in my talents and abilities, and it has given me lasting memories and friends.

Alumni - Diana Pik

Education : York U. (B.Sc. Biology)

Awards/Achievements: Conducting an Honours thesis in Biology; York U. Entrance Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power provided me with critical writing, presentation, and public speaking skills that have guided me throughout my academic and work careers. Recently, I drew on the public speaking and presenting skills I learned at Brain Power to present some of my research at a symposium at York University.

Alumni - Andrew Zhao

Currently: Attending U. of Toronto (Computer Engineering)

Awards/Achievements: U. of Toronto Operations Research Challenge (second place); Betz Entrance Scholarship for Electrical and Computer Engineering ($447); Edward S Rogers Sr Admissions Scholarship ($1172)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was a place where the mind was allowed to transcend the confines of daily life and explore the vastness of what is possible. Unlike most places of learning, Brain Power sought to teach us ways to think off the beaten path. Brain Power wasn’t just a help in English, but in every subject I’ve taken, even now in my engineering studies.

Alumni - Ron Hyman

Education: U. of Waterloo (Systems Design Engineering)

Achievements: Invited to present a TED talk at the YRDSB Quest Conference about the importance of asking questions; founded a Robotics Club

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s unique programs and awesome professors helped me gain significant knowledge and skills. Whether it is crafting the perfect essay, making a public speech, or giving me relevant insight and stories from around the world, I always learned something new, met new people, and challenged myself.

Alumni - Ajethar Kumar

University: McMaster U. (Social Sciences)

Achievements: Awards for academic average, perseverance, and leadership.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has been one of my best experiences. It has given me the the opportunity to think outside of the box. My writing and public speaking skills have improved immensely, and I have had the chance to see fellow students perform in speech competitions, record my own speech, and go on field trips that I would never have had the chance to do otherwise. I am very grateful for my time and Brain Power and for all the hardworking teachers who make the experience wonderful!

Alumni - Max Verzunov

University: Attending Ivey Business School at Western U., Honours Business Administration, Finance

Achievements: Dean’s Honour List, DECA ICDC, UWO Admission Scholarship, Yeandle Family Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power gave me an excellent foundation to perform well in school. This program helped me improve my understanding of English, which had a profound effect on every course I took. I also got more comfortable with presenting in front of others, which has proven to be a valuable skill to this day. I truly believe Brain Power was a crucial step in my personal and professional development.

Alumni - Ariel Rodov

Education: Ryerson University, Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Awards: Deans List 2017-2018; 4th Year Capstone Design Project, Best Poster Award and nominated for Best Computer Engineering Design, Entrance Scholarship

Current employment: Data Engineer for Loblaw’s and Shopper’s PC Optimum Program

Thoughts about Brain Power: I started Brain Power at age 10 and stayed throughout high school. I am very thankful for it. It’s fun, challenging, and provides a warm open environment for you to challenge yourself!

Alumni - Rony Besprozvanny

Education: Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Applied Science), Queen’s U.

Achievements: First class honours, developed a scheduling and informational app for Queen’s students, admission scholarship

Current Employment: Software Engineer at Capital One

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power rocks! I love remembering all the times in class with everyone. Those were the good old days!

Alumni - Henry Lin

Education: Attending Carnegie Mellon U., Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thoughts on Brain Power: Thumbs up!

Alumni - Karen Lee

Education: Attending Ryerson University, Creative Industries

Achievements: Entrance scholarships

Career Aspirations: Media Business

Thoughts on Brain Power: The curriculum was always carefully curated, packed with such unique content. Karine was always so engaging and truly invested in her students. It was also a place where I made valuable friendships.

Alumni - Ariel Tabak

Education: York U., Lassonde School of Engineering, Space Engineering

Achievements: Mechanical Team Lead for the Lassonde Satellite Design Team

Career Aspirations: Looking to do engineering work related to satellites

Memories of Brain Power: Good times! Brain Power gave me knowledge that is still useful today; it helped me to improve confidence and was a worthwhile experience.

Alumni - Sylvia Chong

Education: Attending Western U., Medical Sciences + AEO

Achievements: 2nd place (Ontario) for Medical Reading HOSA, Cofounder/ President of SCITalk at MGCI, Western Scholarship of Distinction

Career Aspirations: Dentistry

Memories of Brain Power: Brain Power helped set a concrete academic foundation which helped me decide what I wanted to pursue in the future, and it also gave me the confidence to do well in school.

Alumni - Darya Khlebnikova

Education: Attending York U., Biomedical Sciences

Achievements: Graduated high school with academic honours and bilingual diploma (french immersion); York Entrance Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was the best educational experience I’ve ever had outside of school. It has improved my math skills, logical thinking, my writing, and my knowledge in literature. It opened up my mind and inspired me to expand my knowledge and interests. I loved the trips we would take with the whole class, where we would see different plays and performances.

Alumni - Michael Maevskiy

Education: U. of Toronto, Bachelor of Music

Scholarships: Andrew Alexander Kinghorn Scholarships in Music, Dr. Madeline M. Field Music Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Moments during my time at Brain Power still come up everyday, whether they are memories of philosophical discussions we had, or plot twists from great short stories that we read. I loved every moment of going to Brain Power because I walked away having learned something new after every class. I do not think there was ever a time when I did not want to go to our weekly classes! I also accredit most of my vocabulary knowledge to Brain Power!

Alumni - Lisa Smirnova

Education: Ryerson University, Public Health (with Occupational Health certificate)

Current Employment and Aspirations: Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator Assistant with the goal of becoming a public health inspector

Thoughts on Brain Power: I made many valuable friendships and connections from my classes there!

Alumni - Elizabeth Slutsky

University: U. of Western Ontario, Actuarial Science and Computer Science

Career Trajectory: Actuary

Awards/Achievements: 1st place in HOSA Nationals Competition 2018, Western Scholarship of Excellence, Deans List 2018-19

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was where I learned to think critically and work hard. The logic and math course is academically challenging but also very rewarding. The teachers show that they want their students to succeed in their courses as well as in life outside Brain Power. I am very grateful to have been a student at Brain Power.

Alumni - Alex Kolodkin

Currently: Founder & CEO of Set Scouter

University: Ryerson U., M.A., Media Production; UCLA, Film Producing in International Co-Production

Achievements: His company, which he started from scratch, is now the largest film locations marketplace in North America!

Thoughts on Brain Power: Two thumbs up!

Alumni - Christopher Juy

Currently: Studying Aviation Operations and Safety

Career Aspirations: Airline pilot

Awards: Lord Strathcona Medal, Glider Wings with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has been a helping hand in my journey to getting to where I am today. The classes were always fun to be in and taught me not just academics but the soft skills needed for the future.

Alumni - Maryam Mahjoob

Education: McGill U. (Anatomy and Cell Biology -Honours); U. of Toronto (Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering)

Career Aspirations: Medicine (pediatrics) and children’s mental health research.

Achievements: Research on anti-cancer drugs, patient care, rare diseases, and orthopedics; published twice.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power gave me a great foundation to excel in school! The teachers were truly interested in each of us, and they also taught me many skills of use outside of school, such as leadership skills that furthered my career success!

Alumni - Katherine Yampolsky

Education: U. of Toronto (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations and Italian)

Achievements: 2017 GE Star Award Winner, Fraser-Crawford Scholar, Jackman Scholar Award

Thoughts on Brain Power: Every single day, whether it is in my professional or personal life, I employ the skills I learned during my time at Brain Power, be they relating to mathematics, English, or public speaking. There is no doubt in my mind that without the friends I made during my years at Brain Power, and without the guidance and tutelage of the incredibly awesome teachers there, I would not be where I am today!

Alumni - Eden Bertusky

Currently: U. of Waterloo (Biochemistry)

Achievements: Honour roll, entrance bursary

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped shape the person I am today, and I am so thankful for all the instructors who have contributed to my life-changing and unforgettable learning experiences at Brain Power. My favourite memory from Brain Power was when my public speaking class took a trip to a professional recording studio, where we got to record our own speeches! It was wonderful to be surrounded by supportive people with similar interests, who push you to do better. That’s how I would describe the Brain Power experience.

Alumni - Katherine Gotovsky

Currently: U. of Waterloo (Computer Science and Business)

Achievements: President’s Scholarship of Distinction, Loran Scholarship, Top 10 finalist at DECA ICDC, Winner of E3 challenge / STEM fellowship big data challenges

Thoughts on Brain Power: I loved watching kids and adults alike struggle with Brain Power’s fantastically frustrating logical-thinking metal puzzles (and seeing their jaws drop when Brain Power staff solved them in two moves)! Karine and the rest of the BP staff genuinely cared about my well-being and my growth, both personally and professionally.

Alumni - Glen Katsnelson

Education: York U. (BSc. Kinesiology,  MSc. Cellular, Molecular and Integrative Physiology)

Currently: U of Toronto Med School.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped me develop my analytical and critical-thinking skills, which were invaluable during my high-school and university studies. I thoroughly enjoyed the English and math lessons that I took at Brain Power. I was privileged to be taught by teachers who genuinely cared about my personal development.

Alumni - Kelsey Gao

Currently: McMaster University (Bachelor of Health Sciences)

Achievements: McMaster Entrance Scholarship, National Biology Scholar, Organized fundraisers to support medical research at SickKids; Piano Level 10 Performance Diploma

Career Aspirations: Medicine or Public health

Thoughts on Brain Power: The discussions in Brain Power’s language arts class challenged the way I thought about art, literature, and society. I still use the vocabulary that I learned in that class. Jason is a wonderfully engaging instructor.

Alumni - Yaroslava Samokhina

Education: York U. (Health Management Program)

Achievements: $1,500 scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: I met amazing, interesting people who think outside of the box, and I had experiences and went to events that I would never otherwise have seen. I met and was taught by professionals who are truly passionate about their jobs and know how to spark interest in any student. I am forever grateful for the experience I got at Brain Power.

Alumni - Mike Shulman

Currently: Ryerson U (BEng. in Biomedical Engineering)

Achievements: Dean’s List, Research Internship Program Award, Entrance Scholarship, Career Development Grant

Thoughts on Brain Power: Studying in Reuven’s non-traditional math classes, taught me to think critically and problem solve, and he was the first one to spark my interest in engineering. Moving on to English and public speaking with Karine, I had the opportunity to develop the soft skills which I carry with me to this day. My time at Brain Power was truly a wonderful experience that I appreciate more and more each time I think about it.

Alumni - Julie Sue-A-Quan

Currently: U. of Western Ontario (Medical Sciences)

Achievements: Western Scholarship of Excellence (final admission average between 90.0% and 94.9%)

Thoughts on Brain Power: I have learned a lot of valuable things throughout my time at Brain Power. The teachers there are amazing, and they never fail to engage students in the lessons and are always willing to help. It has been a great experience, thank you!

Alumni - Lilly Yukhtman

Currently: U. of Waterloo (Systems Design Engineering)

Achievements: U. of Waterloo Merit Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: A big thank you to Jason for teaching the University Prep class. Not only did it help me make my way into my dream program, the course also helped me feel much more prepared for the first year of university.

Alumni - Allen Vorobeichik

Education: York U. (Psychology)

Currently: U of Calgary School of Medicine

Thoughts on Brain Power: I still frequently think about how Brain Power has helped me in my academic career. I owe Brain Power a big thank you!

Alumni - Janet Cheng

Currently: Western U. (Medical Sciences)

Thoughts on Brain Power: The help Brain Power gave to me is so valuable!

Alumni - Danik Yunes

Education: Wilfrid Laurier U., B.B.A.

Awards: President’s Gold Scholarship

Career: Oracle Netsuite – Associate Consultant

Thoughts on Brain Power: My education from Brain Power allowed me to improve my writing abilities and helped me grow as a person. It encouraged me to gain confidence in my abilities and helped me to excel.

Alumni - Dennis Gavriline

Currently Attending: Queen’s U. Engineering

Thoughts on Brain Power: Many children don’t enjoy math. This is not the case for Brain Power math students. Today, 10 years later, math is one of my favourite subjects. Brain Power language arts classes also provided a historical context for the literature that we were studying. Analyzing literature through the prism of history allows the reader to feel the sentiment that the author felt whilst they were writing. Thank you, Brain Power, for creating such a fun and educational environment!

Alumni - Manav Nayeni

Currently Attending: Western U., Medical Sciences

Achievements: Dean’s List, Ophthalmology-based Journal Publication, HOSA Leadership Conference (2nd), Western Continuing Admissions Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has honestly been the most influential experience of my life! Many of the skills and abilities I learned there have been and continue to be applicable in my academic and personal life. I attribute many of my accomplishments to the discipline and knowledge I accumulated at Brain Power, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Alumni - Annie Li

Education: Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University; International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Achievements:Michael Smith Science Challenge (Top 1% of all national contestants), Honour roll

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was a genuinely enjoyable experience. The language and communication skills I learned at Brain Power are the backbone of my academic success. I loved how each lesson was taught; it really fit my learning style and kept me engaged! On top of that, Karine’s cheerful and energetic personality never failed to brighten my day. There was never a dull moment at Brain Power!

Alumni - Tom Kreynin

Currently Attending: U of Toronto, Engineering

Awards: High School athlete of the year, high-chool basketball team MVP, U of T Presidency Entrance Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power gave me confidence in math and writing. It introduced me to meditation, which is now central to my life. I have fond memories of Reuven telling hilarious jokes and looking up to him. I would not have gotten into UTS without Brain Power, and I’m extremely thankful that I did get in.

Alumni - Adar Kahiri

Currently: Attending high school

Accomplishments: Worked on machine learning projects; consulted for large companies like Walmart and Wealthsimple; spoke at Elevate, Canada’s largest tech conference

Thoughts About Brain Power: Brain Power is designed for high achievers and outliers. It takes people with a ton of potential, and it helps them actually realize that potential. Besides the enriched curriculum, Brain Power helped me develop new and more sophisticated ways of thinking. I think that’s the real value in Brain Power because it’s what sticks with students the longest.

Alumni - Claire Lee

Education: Western U., Medical Sciences; McMaster U., MD (current)

Thoughts on Brain Power: I think it’s really easy to get interested in one subject/field/career and dedicate all your energy and life to that one thing. I’ve had a relatively science-oriented education since Brain Power. That said, the lessons and concepts I learned at Brain Power have allowed me to see things in a big-picture way – and I can thus have conversations with artists, journalists, and engineers. What I learned at Brain Power is useful even when thinking about things like culture and ethics in medicine! Brain Power definitely made me more creative and better able to analyze things.

Alumni - Sam Gorman

Education: Studying at Schulich School of Business, York University

Success: Selected a speaker at Think Tank 2017; 1st Place in Ontario’s Speakers Idol 2018 Competition; Founder & CEO of AIM (an organization that advocates for young people by empowering them through voice and providing them opportunities that give them marketable skills and experience).

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is the literal reason I am where I am. Without Brain Power, none of what I achieved would be a reality. Brain Power holds a very special place in this community and nothing can emulate its impact on students.

Alumni - Yoni Zak

University: Richard Ivey School of Business

Awards: High School Community Service Award Dean’s Honours List

Employment: The CCS Group (Political Consulting Firm Downtown Toronto), MDA

Career Trajectory: Finance, Investment Banking

Alumni - Viviana Santa

Program Acceptance: Ivey Business School at Western University on an Admission Scholarship.

Success: 2016 Athlete of the Year in her Swimming Club; 2017 Top 6 in the Province for her swim solo and Top 10 in the Province for her swim team routine.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Through Brain Power, I became more confident in myself and in my work. The open environment and positive attitudes gave me the courage to try new things and challenge myself. Brain Power enhanced my confidence and taught me how to think outside the box and come up with new ideas that help me stand out. I learned many valuable lessons that not only helped me in school but also in life.

Alumni - Shivam Sharma

University: University of Waterloo

Scholarships/Awards: President’s Scholarship of Distinction, International Experience Award

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power was really helpful in building my math and problem-solving skills. The course content is comprehensive and the classes are fun. I remember always looking forward to my Brain Power classes. The instructors really do care about their students and it shows!

Alumni - Jimmy Huang

Program Acceptance: Mechatronics Engineering at Waterloo University.

Scholarship Received: President’s Scholarship of Distinction

Success: Jimmy received his Glider Pilot license, and he is in the process of receiving his Power Pilot license through the Canadian Air Cadets. Jimmy was also a Brain Power Fiddletree Essay Contest winner.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was a lot of fun to attend. I looked forward to discussions about topics that were difficult to talk about elsewhere, and even just listening to others was a great learning experience.

Alumni - Mendy Bisk

Education: U. of Toronto, Spanish; New York U., Biology and Music; York Y., BFA

Career: Mendy teaches piano, guitar, and music theory, in addition to being an events performer. He is also a Yiddish teacher at Bialik Hebrew Day School.

Thoughts on Brain Power: During my years at Brain Power my English drastically improved, and I was introduced to a wide range of concepts from etymology to epistemology. Brain Power instilled in me a thirst for knowledge and taught me to think critically and work efficiently.  Looking back I can say for certain that choosing Brain Power was one of the best decisions of my life.

Alumni - Ted Berlovich

University: Schulich BBA

Career: Banking

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is an incubator for success. The standard public school system can feel confining, but Brain Power and its amazing teachers give their students the opportunity to dig deeper on concepts that may be otherwise overlooked in school. Brain Power provided me with an outlet to explore my interests, while engaging me beyond the standard 30-person public school classroom, and it fuelled my curiosity to learn more. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people who are just as driven and ambitious as you.

Alumni - Rodney Chan

High School: Upper Canada College

University Ambitions: Cornell University Urban and Regional Studies, Waterloo Urban Planning

Achievements: Excellence Across All Subjects, Principal’s List (top 10% of all students), Geography Prize

Thoughts on Brain Power: 

It was an amazing program! I studied with multiple teachers there, and they were all eager to help. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and was able to analyze writing at a much higher level. My writing skills improved, and I learned how to properly structure essays with smooth transitions and strong thesis statements

Alumni - Judy Guo

University: University of Chicago (Economics)

Achievements: Published research at BEAR (Behavioural Economics at Rotman) for the Government of Canada and the FCAC (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada)

Thoughts on Brain Power: I’m so grateful to have been able to have Karine as a teacher because her classes inspired me so much. Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate the depths of philosophy and psychology in literature, and I fell in love with writing.

Alumni - David Tsenter

Education: U. of Waterloo, Software Engineering

Accomplishments: President’s Scholarship; winner of several hackathons (ex. Hack the North, Tech Retreat)

Internships: Software Engineer at Apple; (in California); Quantitative Research at Citadel (in New York)

Thoughts on Brain Power: My time at Brain Power was truly unforgettable. The wide array of courses and instructors make it possible to become knowledgable in a breadth of different subjects, while also specializing in ones you are passionate about. The courses at Brain Power taught me to think critically, a skill I still value greatly and use to this day.

Alumni - Natalie Nova

Education: Studying Cognitive Science at the School of Computing at Queens University.

Accomplishments: On the honour roll for all of high school; received a $6000 scholarship to Queens; captain of the volleyball team; athlete of the year

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power helped me grow, not only as a student but as a person as well. It showed me how to love school and find interests in subjects I would have never been exposed to without it. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the professors, the staff, and the friends I made!

Alumni - Miyuki Mori

University Aspirations: UBC, Sauder School of Business

Awards: DECA Provincials Top 20 in Ontario, Kiwanis Performing Arts Festival Monologue – Gold Award

Thoughts on Brain Power: Joining Brain Power’s Public Speaking class really opened my eyes to the importance of learning how to market yourself in the workforce.  Public speaking is such an integral transferable skill, and Karine’s many lessons ranging from “mastering persuasive rhetoric” to “how to ace a video interview ” have impacted both my school life and my social life in a positive way.  Brain Power truly is the secret weapon to channeling the inner genius in every student!

Alumni - Tyler Zheng

Currently: London School of Economics and Political Science (in England)

Education: Political Sciences and East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto

Recent Internships: Bavarian Parliament in Germany; Alibaba Group Inc. in China

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has really helped me develop my public speaking skills. These skills have helped me both academically and professionally. Being able to stand in front of people, no matter the size of the crowd, and confidently present is a crucial skill needed in almost all schools and jobs. Brain Power helped me increase my potential and polished my skills. I am very grateful.

Alumni - Christopher Lam

University Aspirations: Science or Engineering

Achievements: Two-time DECA international competition (ICDC) qualifier

Thoughts on Brain Power: Over my six years at Brain Power, helpful instructors have provided me with essential essay-writing and public-speaking skills. I most enjoyed learning about the stories, poems, and articles we discussed in class each week. I would like to give a special “thank you” to Karine, who is always excited and ready to help me with my English language skills. I don’t know where I would be without Brain Power.

Alumni - Max Tang

Education: Computer Science at the University of Waterloo

Achievements: President of Creative Writing Club; $4000 Entrance Scholarship

Career Trajectory: Computer Programmer

Thoughts on Brain Power: I had class with Jason for the better part of four years, and it was nothing but pleasurable. As someone who was not born in an English speaking country, Jason made me interested in English and helped me learn about how to approach literature and writing as a whole, which helped in every aspect of my life. Without Jason, I would not have had the same success I have now.

Alumni - Amy Bagrin

Education: U. of Toronto (Civil Engineering)

Achievements: U of T National Book Award; U of T Dean’s Merit Award for $5,000; U of T Civil Engineering Top Applicant

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has undoubtedly made a huge difference in my education and provided me with many unique opportunities. Taking many math and language arts courses at Brain Power in past years not only taught me content that went far beyond the school curriculum but critical thinking and a love for learning. Thank you, Brain Power!

Alumni - Leeor Freiman

Education:  McMaster, Life Sciences

Achievements: Provincials DECA award, self produced and wrote two full-length albums

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power is one of the most important and enhancing experiences a young mind can have. It’s not about being the smartest in the class or having the highest IQ. It’s about being curious and passionate about how the world around us works. Brain Power taught me how to think and approach school, people, and life in general. It’s important that young curiosity has a safe haven to explore deep and important questions in a community of like-minded thinkers.

Alumni - Caroline Cui

Currently: Attending Western University, Medical and Integrated Sciences

Achievements: Distinction for all of high school (90% average or higher); ARCT Piano Diploma; 2nd place Speaker’s Idol 2018; Scholarship: $10,000 value.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I LOVED Brain Power! Jason taught me English, and it was amazing! We went through so many interesting topics that covered philosophy, history, and many other ideas. I developed my public speaking skills and my love for it at Brain Power. I used to hate because I was very nervous, but Karine taught to be a great speaker who is more confident in what I think and who I am.

Alumni - Michael Mityushkin

Education: Laurier & Waterloo U. (Business & Computer Science)

Achievements: President’s Gold Scholarship from Laurier ($5000), President’s Award Scholarship from Waterloo ($2000)

Thoughts on Brain Power: The course material went so far beyond anything we would learn in school and gave us practical knowledge that will aid me in many different aspects of my life. Overall, Brain Power helped me develop a more analytical mindset.  I also appreciate what amazing teachers Dr. Karine Rashkovsky and the rest of the Brain Power staff are, and how they are always able to make lessons so interesting and engaging.

Alumni - Ernst Ma

Education: student at UCLA (Business Economics); Upper Canada College (UCC)

Aspirations: A career in business management

Achievements: Principal’s list (Top 10% Overall Average in Grade); DECA Top Overall Score; Secondary School United Nations Symposium (SSUNS); Pierre Trudeau Award for Diplomatic Finesse; Duke of Edinburgh Award – Silver Level

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was one of the most important parts of my middle and high school career. It is a place that inspires students to think differently and leads them to success. Without the help of Karine and Brain Power, I would not have the confidence, skills, or aspirations and opportunities I have today.

Alumni - Sairamya Kurapati

Education: Accounting & Financial Management at University of Waterloo

Achievements: Vice President of Robotics Club; Vice President of Public Speaking Club; Member of DECA, FBLA, Math Club, Physics Club, and Engineering Club; Varsity Soccer Player

Career Trajectory: Computer Science and Entrepreneurship

Thoughts on Brain Power: I am forever grateful for everything Brain Power has taught me, and I would recommend it to all students interested in enhancing their learning experience!

Alumni - Danielle Tsirulnikov

Currently: University of Toronto Master of Science in Physical Therapy 

Education: Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University

Thoughts on Brain Power: I loved my time at Brain Power. I took all of the possible courses I could take there, ranging from Math to Language Arts to University Preparation. Brain Power allowed me to keep my brain sharp and stay ahead of the school curriculum. We explored extremely interesting topics in the language courses that we never even came close to touching in high school, and I raised my vocabulary to a much more professional level.

Alumni - Ilya Kreynin

Education: U. of Toronto, Industrial Engineering

Awards/Achievements: Dean’s List, President’s Entrance Scholarship, Tedx Speaker, Canadian Engineering Debate Finalist, High School Athlete of the Year, Top 8 Ontario University Wrestler, holder of 2 AI patents, had designs implemented on 2 rides at Walt Disney World!

Thoughts on Brain Power: Lots of places teach you math and English, but not a lot of places teach you how to think. Beyond helping prepare me for UTS Stage 2 interviews (which changed my life for the better), I’m forever grateful to Karine and Reuven for teaching me to think deeply about problems and not to set limits on what my mind could do.

Alumni - Eileen Oh

Currently:  Medical Sciences at Western University

Achievements: Summer Science Program at Stanford University; Animal Shelter Volunteer; Western Entrance Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: I think my favourite thing about Brain Power is the people you meet and the interactions you have with your peers and teachers because you don’t get it anywhere else. I had a lot of fun at Brain Power because of the people I was surrounded with and the conversations we had in class.

Alumni - Siona Phadke

Academic Path: Medical Sciences

Accomplishments: Chosen Quest Speaker for York Region District School Board, TedTalk Speaker on creating inclusive environments within schools

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was a place where I could express myself through my writing. I discovered the creative side of myself because of my Language Arts classes at Brain Power. This was a side of myself which I wasn’t able to discover in day school. I look back to my Brain Power days and reminisce about the incredible learning experiences I was given, as well as the memorable friends I made.

Alumni - Eveline Djurinsky

Currently: Bachelor of Science in Nursing at York University

Career Trajectory: Complete a Masters degree and become a paediatric nurse practitioner

Achievements: Entrance scholarship ($3000);  Mackenzie Hospital Volunteer; 3-Year Gymnastics Coach

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was a very fun way to make tons of professional connections and allowed me to learn how to think outside the box! Class was always entertaining and exciting!

Alumni - Steven Huang

Education: IB graduate, now completing Computer Science at Waterloo University

Hobbies & Talents: Basketball and EDM music-making

Thoughts on Brain Power: I really enjoyed my time at Brain Power, especially the math classes because I was learning a lot of material that was way beyond what I was learning in school. I also enjoyed all the logic games, which made classes really fun.

Alumni - Cordelia Tang

Currently: McMaster, Integrated Business & Humanities (IBH)

Achievements: $3000 scholarship (Western); $5000 (Laurier); $5000 (McMaster)

Thoughts on Brain Power: The best memories I had of Brain Power were definitely from Public Speaking in Grade 9. The fun atmosphere and awesome opportunities changed the way I felt about presentation and speeches. Of course, it was due to Public Speaking and University Preparation with Adam and Jason that I was able to receive the offers that I have now in terms of post-secondary studies.

Alumni - Justin Krivov

Currently Studying: Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Achievements: Dean’s list.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  If I had to describe my experience at Brain Power in one word, I would have to call it enlightening. I attended Brain Power in high school, so I was still trying to figure out my goals in life. I didn’t have much knowledge about the dynamics of post-secondary eduction, or how to think more critically about things I read or heard in my day-to-day life. Thanks to Brain Power I learned so much and became inspired to both aspire to high academic and career goals and to contribute as an engaged member of society.

Alumni - Daria Illarionova

Currently: Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Toronto

Achievements: UofT Entrance Scholarship valued at $2000

Thoughts on Brain Power: Thumbs up!

Alumni - Vlad Rozhkovych

Education: Attending Ryerson University,  Bachelor of BioMedical Engineering

Awards/Achievements: 2017 Valedictorian, Honour roll student

Career Trajectory: Engineering in Bio Medical field (interested in Medical AI)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is a truly exceptional school, one that inspires and teaches its students to think outside of the box. By exploring and learning about thought-provoking concepts, philosophies, equations, historical events, and more, I have been able to build new and useful perspectives that continue to greatly help me to this day.

Alumni - Sharon Slobidker

Currently: Osgoode Hall Law School of York University

Education: University of Toronto’s Rotman Business School of Management

Thoughts on Brain Power: Thumbs up!

Alumni - Tiffany Ho

Education: Attending Queen’s University, Economics (Major) and Global Development (Minor)

Awards/Achievements: Queen’s Venture Award, Aramak School Award for Leadership, website and graphic designer for Queen’s Economics Affairs Society

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me a wide variety of study skills and academic thinking you won’t learn in school! I still use the knowledge base that Brain Power gave me now that I am in University, and I am always so glad I attended this amazing enrichment program.

Alumni - Maya Tsipris

Career Trajectory: Kinesiology background; physical therapist

Achievements: Tech Design Subject Award; Maccabi Canadian Volleyball Team (Gold Medal Winner); Volleyball Coach for Kids Ages 6 – 12; Co-founder of Your Comfort Card(s)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power gave me the confidence and skills to pursue my future endeavors; I received guidance in my Public Speaking class that later helped make Comfort Cards a reality.

Alumni - Boris Vorobyov

Currently: Owner of Power Homes Group Corp. (Home Inspection Company)

Awards/Achievements: CPI (Certified Professional Inspector), CMI (Certified Master Inspector)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power provided me with the additional support and knowledge not available in my regular day-school. My teachers at Brain Power were very accommodating and would do their best to help every single student succeed. During elementary and high school I tried various other tutoring and enrichment schools, whether they were one on one or small classes, but none of them provided the attention and care that Brain Power did.

Alumni - Ben Levy

Currently: University of Toronto’s School of Medicine

Education: Bachelor of Life Sciences at Queen’s University

Thoughts on Brain Power: I’m absolutely thrilled to be starting my career in medicine at the University of Toronto. In my time at Brain Power, I was able to develop my critical thinking skills and learn to approach challenges with intelligence and creativity. The curriculum at Brain Power pushes students to master advanced concepts and excel. I highly recommend Brain Power to anyone looking to develop the skills required to thrive academically.

Alumni - Rony Leibel

Education: York U, Schulich School of Business (BBA)

Awards/Achievements: Graduated with honours

Aspirations: Looking to gain experience in all fields of business including finance, marketing, and consulting. My long term goal is to be a successful entrepreneur.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was definitely one of the most positive experiences of my life. Brain Power was a contributing factor in my success at school and in my career. They have a collective of extremely bright individuals who changed the way I think for the better, and set me up with many useful skills that I utilize to this day.

Alumni - Maya Provad

Currently: U. of Ottawa Law School Graduate; Ontario Real Estate Salesperson

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a double major in Insurance & Risk Management & Marketing at Laurier University

Achievements: Summer Law Student at McMillan LLP; Civil Litigation Intern at Sherman Brown

Alumni - Tammy Zeltser

Educational Aspirations: Kinesiology at U. of Toronto or Western U.

Awards/Achievements: Honour Roll (4 years), Grade 11 Art Award, MVP School Ultimate Frisbee Team

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brainpower is a magical place where learning is always encouraged. The curriculum touches on topics that most kids wouldn’t think to explore at such a young age. I’m so thankful to have had Karine and Jason teach me about psychology, sociology, and philosophy. I’ve been asking questions that would not have occurred to me, and this has helped me grow as a person. I wish Brain Power had classes for university students!

Alumni - Maria Tanasescu

Currently: Pro Tennis Player – in Europe!

Thoughts on Brain Power: It’s inspiring to know that so many Brain Power alumni have gone on to change the world!

Alumni - Daniel Pun

Employment: Armoured Crewman in the Canadian Armed Forces

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is to learning as a wildfire is to a dry forest: it sparks insight and expands into a blaze of thoughtful and profound discussion. Brain Power provides an innovative yet natural approach to education.

Alumni - Isaac Ng

Education: Computer Science at the University of Toronto

Achievements: 2nd place at York University Bio-Physics Contest; 3rd place at SNRC Regatta Junior Mens 4+ and 8+

Career Trajectory: Programmer

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped me improve my writing skills and better express my ideas!

Alumni - Carson Lau

Education: U. of Toronto, Engineering

 Employment: IB Teacher Training Institute Coordination Team at Upper Canada College

Awards/Achievements: Duke of Edinburgh (Silver Level), Barry McKague Award for Community Service

Thoughts on Brain Power: I very much enjoyed my time at Brain Power, and I still have great memories to this day! Brain Power certainly helped improve my public speaking skills, allowing me to feel more comfortable speaking to a larger audience. Being able to present my ideas clearly and professionally helped when I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the ESRI Canada’s User Conference.

Alumni - Brianna Gopaul

Currently: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 15 year old Student and TKS Innovator 

Career Trajectory: Future Quantum Computing Engineer 

Achievements: Interned at Xanadu, a photonic quantum computing company to build documentation for their quantum simulator; Quantum Computing Speaker at Elevate Tech Fest (20,000+ Guests); built machine learning algorithm to classify likeliness of heart disease given 14 biomarkers; created a Continuous Variable Quantum Machine Learning model that classifies Fibonacci number sequences using strawberry fields

Alumni - Delaram Dara

Education: Life Sciences at U. of T., B.Sc.; medical school hopeful

Awards and Scholarships: The Roy Alvin Hope Scholarship, The James Morrow Scholarship, Dean’s List Scholar Certificate, The Joel Verwege Award, 3rd place in STEM Fellowship Journal’s Big Data Challenge

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was one of the few places where the teachers truly cared about my success and supported me even when regular class hours were over. One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Brain Power was that major changes in meaning arise from minor changes in words.

Alumni - Liza Rodov

Currently: Studying Nursing

Awards/Accomplishments: Valedictorian of her high school, $3,000 in entrance scholarships

Educational Aspirations: Masters in Nursing

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped me expand my horizons and introduced me to a world of authors and stories that I never would have had the pleasure of reading otherwise. Brain Power gave me a deep love of English, and a better vocabulary as well!

Alumni - Rachel Shen

Education: University of Waterloo (Accounting and Financial Management)

Achievements: Two-time DECA Ontario Provincial Champion and finalist at the Knowledge at Wharton High School Investment Competition

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped me improve my writing, presentation, and public speaking skills. The instructors are invested in their students and their dedication is shown through their engaging and diverse lessons.

Alumni - Meli Lifshits

University: Smith School of Business for BComm, Queen’s U.

Achievements – Dean’s Honour List, Marketing Excellence Award, Queen’s U. Excellence Scholarship, Sutton Award

Current Employment: Category Development Analyst at Mars

Thoughts on Brain Power: English classes at Brain Power were unlike any I had ever taken. Not only did they improve my writing and presenting abilities, but we discussed and debated so many interesting topics. The courses helped me learn to analyze topics from new perspectives and to think in-depth. I definitely applied those skills throughout my time in university and beyond.

Alumni - Spencer Ki

Currently: Studying astrophysics at University of Toronto

Accomplishments: Staff Writer for The Varsity newspaper’s Science section; Outreach Director for U of T’s Astronomy and Space Exploration Society; Senior Staff Writer for Toike Oike

Thoughts on Brain Power:

I strongly believe that I would not be anywhere near where I am today without the greatly enriching influence of Brain Power. Brain Power really fed both parts of my brain: the logical and analytical half studying astrophysics, as well as the creative and verbose side that loves writing for newspapers. Thank you very much to everyone at the Brain Power team!

Alumni - Christina Yan

Education: Biomedical Computing at Queen’s U.; Med School at U. of Ottawa (current)

Accomplishments: Poster Award (Top 5%) at SPIE Medical Imaging 2017;  IEEE Student Project Competition for analysis on a lumpectomy navigation system; Software Development internship at IBM in Cloud Computing

Thoughts on Brain Power: Taking classes at Brain Power always challenged me to think outside of the box, and tremendously improved my English and Public Speaking skills. Every class was unique with many insightful takeaways thanks to their inspiring instructors who have such a strong passion for teaching.

Alumni - Ariel Oren

Currently: Biomedical Sciences at University of Guelph; future dentist & oral surgeon.

Success: Graduated Chat with High Honour Roll; 9th in Ontario in the Personal Finance category of DECA

Thoughts on Brain Power: Beyond the mathematic and reading and writing skill-set I had sharpened over my years at Brain Power, I am grateful for the transferable skills I was able to develop through my interactions and assignments. From developing unique perspectives to solve problems, to introducing different layers of depth to my analytical capabilities, I feel beyond privileged to have been able to spend so many wonderful years at Brainpower, and know the rewards and results will stick with me forever.

Alumni - Matthew Dai

Career Aspirations:
A prestigious future in corporate management

University Acceptance:
Schulich School of Business & Waterloo Accounting and Financial Management Co-op

Completed Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Piano; ARCT

Favourite Memories of Brain Power:
Vocab quizzes and brain candy (delicious hard work)!

Alumni - Lauren Koek

Education: Alexander Mackenzie High School, IB program

Achievements: Speaker’s Idol Finalist; Intern at National U. of Singapore, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology; Co-President and Co-Founder of Future Lawyers; Co-Founder and Co-President of Hope for Humanity

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has shaped me into who I am today. Dr. Karine Rashkovsky has not only helped me improve my writing and public speaking skills but has also taught me life skills (how to communicate with people, how to act professionally, the importance of networking). She has always been there to support me, and I would not have had so many achievements without her!

Student - Andy Gong

Currently: Alexander Mackenzie, IB Program

Achievements: Honour Roll in Waterloo Math Competitions; Silver Medal and Best Astronomical Project Award in Science and Technology Fair; Top 1% score in Michael Smith Science Contest; 3rd Place in Speaker’s Idol; SHAD 19’ Alumni

Thoughts on Brain Power:  The teachers at Brain Power all know what they’re talking about, and the way they teach their lessons makes difficult concepts simple to understand. Brain Power helped me discover the intricacy and power behind good public speaking, amongst other things. My journey with Brain Power has definitely changed my life for the better.

Alumni - Jennifer Peter

Currently: MaCS (Math & Computer Science) High School Program

Academic Achievements: 2nd best score in Canada on the Lagrange Mathematics Contest

Career trajectory: Financial Analyst

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is an amazing program that really helped develop my writing and public speaking skills. The teachers always made learning fun and had me looking forward to class every week. Attending Brain Power’s classes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Alumni - Elizabeth Master

Career Trajectory: U. of British Columbia, Economics or Political Science

Thoughts on Brain Power: I spent many years being a student at Brain Power, and I am beyond grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained along the way. I love how all of the teachers are passionate about their jobs. As a student, it really helped motivate me and feel excited to learn. I especially want to thank Jason and Karine. I really enjoyed being in their classes, and I am grateful for how they were always willing to help me, whether it was giving me advice or assisting with my university applications. Thank you so much!

Alumni - Eric Zhang

Education: McMaster University, Health Science

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has taught me how to be a more critical thinker and effective communicator. Classes with Karine and Jason academically challenged me beyond what I learn at day school. I love the educational activities we do in class, especially the in-class debates, which make the lessons highly engaging. The ability to get detailed feedback on my writing and public speaking has made Brain Power a much more enriching experience than other programs. I apply skills that I’ve learned every day and would highly recommend their programs.

Alumni - Diviya Leonard

Currently: McMaster University, Integrated Business and Humanities

Thoughts on Brain Power: As a Brain Power Public Speaking student, I really enjoyed spending my time every Sunday improving my public speaking and leadership skills. I was able to enrich my knowledge of debate, rhetoric and communication through practice and performance. I developed the confidence that has helped me when giving speeches and presentations at school and in my community. I had the opportunity to go to a professional recording studio, and I was encouraged to enter the provincial Speaker’s Idol competition in which I became a finalist.

Alumni - Natalie Sheinin

Education:  B.Sc., Computer Science

Current Employment/Career Trajectory: Security Infrastructure Engineer

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power allowed me to fall in love with reading all over again.

Alumni - Charlie Wu

University: University of Waterloo, Systems Design Engineering

Employment/Career Trajectory: UX Engineering (Design & Development)

Thoughts on Brain Power: We had fun discussions about books, and I learned that the word sequoia has all 5 vowels!

Alumni - Anna Waisman

Education: U. of T. & York U., (B.Sc. Honours Psych. and Bio.); York U. (Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology)

Achievements: NSERC research award, Sandra Pyke Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: When I first started attending Karine’s Public Speaking classes, I had crippling social anxiety. Today public speaking is my strongest virtue. Not only did Brain Power help me become a more confident and well-rounded person, but I also got to meet wonderful people. It was a place where I could go to share my enthusiasm for knowledge. Props to Karine and the awesome team!

Alumni - Nick Polischouk

Education: Attending Carleton University for Software Engineering

Awards: $2000 x 4 scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power saved me in middle school, and it is a worthy endeavour!

Alumni - Ernest Tang

University Aspirations: U. of Toronto, Waterloo, or UBC (Chemical Engineering/Physical Sciences)

Achievements: Harvard Summer Program ’19

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has allowed me to develop and learn HOW to think in a way that no other extracurricular program does. Brain Power has some of the best teachers I have ever had as a student, so a special thanks goes to Brain Power for all of the teaching, proofreading, continued support! It has been a pleasure learning here and meeting many brilliant students and great teachers!

Alumni - Serena Ge

Currently: IB Student at Alexander Mackenzie

Accomplishments: App Developer, Youth Speaker Slam Presenter

University Aspirations: Stanford or Waterloo University

Alumni - Rony Galperin

Education: University of Toronto (Bachelor of Kinesiology)

Career Aspirations: naturopathic doctor or medical doctor

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was one of the greatest opportunities my parents gave me when I was younger. Through the math and language courses, skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, and learning how to ask effective questions have significantly helped me in my life thus far. Extremely grateful!

Alumni - Amy Li

University: Starting at UCLA (Bioengineering) in Fall 2021!

Accomplishments: Founder of, section commander for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, winner of University of Toronto National Book Award

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power, the Uni Prep program, and all the mentorship I received from my teachers was super helpful, especially during university applications!

Alumni - Iryna Savinova

University Studies: Bachelor of Bio-Medical Science at the University of Guelph (Honours)

Future Prospects: Applying to Med School

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has provided me with the foundational knowledge and skills that I still draw upon even in my final years of university. The qualified, motivated and enthusiastic staff have always done their part to inspire learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Alumni - Arya Mane

University Plans: Aspiring to apply to UPenn, Berkely, UBC, or Western to study business and engineering

Extracurriculars: DECA, BETA, MUN, J.A, and volunteering

Thought on Brain Power: Brain Power has taught me so many different things, not only academically but also about myself. I have come upon everything from grammar to psychology. The team at Brain Power is super supportive and truly makes learning fun. At Brain Power, I have found amazing mentors and great friends!

Alumni - Armaan Birdi

Career Trajectory: Computer Science or Engineering at Waterloo University; Quantum computing researcher at IBM or Google

Thoughts on Brain Power: I was enrolled in math and entrance exam prep courses. I think the environment, curriculum, and teachers at Brain Power are everything. To be in a classroom where everyone is hungry to learn, ready to challenge themselves and willing to share made for a class I genuinely looked forward to every week. I remember we analyzed the most thought-provoking short stories in literature class, and I had lots of fun going over the hard geometry problems in math class.

Alumni - Lauren Liu

University: University of Waterloo

Career Aspirations: Pharmacy

Achievements: Two-time national finalist and international qualifier for HOSA; former student volunteer at Mount Sinai Hospital

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has taught me the importance of both hard and soft skills. All teachers and staff really motivate their students to follow their passions! The enriching and engaging classes also allow students to think critically on an in-depth and large scale level.

Alumni - Julia Kobylianski

Universities:  Western (BSc, Kinesiology), U of Toronto (MSC, Physical Therapy), Queen’s U, School of Medicine (currently)

Achievements: Continuing University Admission Scholarship (2015-2019), Dean’s Honours List (2015-2019), Alison Madeline De Bruyne Memorial Award (2018).

Thoughts on Brain Power: Before working with Brain Power, I feared speaking in front of large groups and had little experience in public speaking. Brain Power helped me to be confident in myself as a student and a speaker throughout research presentations, interviews, and my daily interactions.

Alumni - Elad Ashkenazi

Current University: Queen’s (Mechanical Engineering)

Awards: Excellence Scholarship

Thoughts about Brain Power: My time at Brain Power was super memorable. The Brain Power faculty, including Dr. Joel Benabu,  are some of the best teachers I have ever had. Going to Brain Power helped foster my creativity and problem-solving skills. I think that without Brain Power, I would not be the person that I am today. It has been an absolute pleasure to attend Brain Power

Alumni - Tian Shi Yuan

Currently: Accepted to Commerce at McGill

Success: Winner of SHAD Valley 2017 Competition! SHAD students are chosen from around the world through a rigorous, competitive process; selected students are top performers who are also well-rounded emerging leaders demonstrating initiative, creativity and flair.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s help was so important to me making it! Thank you.

Alumni - Lynn Sue-A-Quan

Currently: Accepted to Juilliard in New York and New England Conservatory in Boston (scholarships from both schools). Lynn plans to join an orchestra, teach, and perform throughout the world. She played in Carnegie Hall in an orchestra!

Thoughts on Brain Power: Every week, I would look forward to Brain Power, wondering what sort of new thing I would be blown away by. I loved how I was in an environment where learning was a priority. It made me feel welcome, and for once, made me want to learn more! Brain Power really shaped me into who I am today and I’m really grateful for all the mind-blowing awesome lessons!

Talents: Viola.

Alumni - Steven Tulman

Currently: Workshop Leader @ Harvard Business School, Schulich School of Business, Richard Ivey School of Business, to name a few; CEO of Social Pulse Marketing Inc and VP of Strategic Partnerships at Providr Inc.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power expanded my ability to think both strategically and logically and, most definitely, improved my odds of success.

Talents: Public speaking and business

Alumni - Antonina Maltsev

Education: McGill U. (Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behaviour); U. of Toronto (Masters in Epidemiology)

Accomplishments: Project Manager at the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table

Thoughts on Brain Power: An amazing experience that encourages a love of learning!  BP played an immense role in the way I have developed as a curious and analytical thinker and shaped the way I think and look at the world around me. I have always viewed Karine as my biggest role model and more of a life mentor rather than just a teacher.

Alumni - Elliott Birman

Education: Harvard University

Thoughts on Brain Power: Thumbs up for math and language arts at Brain Power

Talents: Research, academics, sports, and assisting young ivy-league hopefuls!

Alumni - Katya Katsnelson

Currently: Studying at Ryerson University & working at an interior design firm.

Success: During her time at Brain Power, Katya was invited to the New York City United Nations Sustainable Development Summit (conference attendee alongside Angela Merkel, Megan J Smith, the U.S. CHief Technology office and Assistant to the President, and the Pope); Video production for Big Data University.

Thoughts on Brain Power: It’s given me a true understanding of the meaning of education and the value of my own learning. I’m immersed [at Brain Power] in a wide variety of material that I never would have been exposed to otherwise: Brain Power is the best decision I have made.

Alumni - Michal Moshkovich

Currently: McMaster U. (Health Sciences)

Achievements: Top 10 International Winner at DECA Competition in Atlanta, Georgia; 2nd Place at the SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) World Cup hosted in Ukraine (and 1st place at Nationals in Toronto) for her start-up: SpitStrips; Featured on CityNews, CTV, & CKNW News for her scientific innovation; Recipient of United Nations Gold Medal for her start-up’s vision and goals.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power allows me to think deeply and motivates me to take on challenges I would have never considered before! I love Brain Power’s thoughtful and caring atmosphere.

Alumni - Veronika Urbanovitch

Success: Chosen for competitive Aerospace Manufacturing co-op; future engineer

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power helps demonstrate my smarts to others (and face my fear of talking to people). In my academics, BP has helped me raise my grades and make classes really easy.

Alumni - Jamie Lee

Education: Attending U. of Toronto, Rotman Commerce

Awards/Achievements: Dean’s List (2016-18), Semi-Finalist in Great Canadian Sales Competition, 1st winner of Deloitte Internal Hackathon, 1st winner of Rotman Commerce Consulting Association Case Competition

Thoughts on Brain Power: My time at Brain Power was incredibly memorable. Every week was intellectually stimulating and pushed me to exit my comfort zone. Brain Power definitely shaped the way I think about the world and helped me develop into the person I am today. I look forward to seeing how Karine and her colleagues continue to inspire and train the next generation of students.

Alumni - Erik Fridman

Currently: Studying Entrepreneurship and Strategy at Ryerson; Founder of Get Crazy Entertainment and C&S Windows; Professional musician; Mentor for the summer company program at the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre.

Career Aspirations: Open a startup

Talents: Rhetoric, business, writing music, playing guitar, singing

Thoughts on Brain Power: Life-changing. Simply awesome.

Alumni - Alan Topash

University Plans: U of Toronto, Scarborough

Career Aspirations: IT Business Field

Thoughts on Brain Power: My time at Brain Power left me with a very strong skill set in speaking and writing. I’ve become much more confident in my writing abilities and more articulate when speaking.

Alumni - Nicole Rayskin

Currently: Business Administration @ Lazaridis School of Business, Wilfrid Laurier University; DECA top provincial winner (all thanks to my rhetoric and public speaking abilities I gained from Brain Power!)

Thoughts on Brain Power:  The most reliable place to get educated way beyond the school system. I love the relationships I formed with my (brilliant) BP peers and teachers — and I still stay in touch.

Talents: Business and knitting (yes, knitting)

Alumni - David Gurevich

Success: Teen entrepreneur with a tech news startup: FACET News; Works at a Nuclear Engineering Company (writes software that analyzes the fluid dynamics of pipes in nuclear power plants).

Future Plans: To pursue Computer Science at the University Of Toronto or the University of Waterloo.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power has not only taught me to be more confident in my writing, but has also taught me to make deeper and more meaningful connections. The public speaking skills that I learned at Brain Power have helped me land a position as a 15 year old software developer at Research in Flows, Inc.

Alumni - Charles Wang
Currently: Accepted scholarship to Computer Science at Waterloo
Received entrance scholarships to all of the universities he applied to:

– Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo
– Engineering Science and Computer Science at UofT
– Engineering at Queens University
– Computer Science and Engineering at McMaster University
Thoughts on Brain Power:  Thanks for improving my essay writing skills!
Alumni - Michael Bakshy

Currently: University of Toronto Student in Mental Health Sciences; Dr. of Psychology hopeful.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I was at Brain Power for a number of years and it truly helped me succeed. These days my little sister attends Brain Power and I am thrilled to say she is thriving there.

Talents: People, networking, and spirituality

Alumni - Carissa Wong

Currently: Studying at McMaster in Life Sciences

Thoughts on Brain Power: I really enjoyed my time at BP and the diverse classes I took! It helped me enhance my skills in writing and communicating with other people, which built my confidence.

Talents: Foreign Languages!

Alumni - Louie Ryu

Currently: University of Waterloo Architecture

Thoughts on Brain Power: The best way I was able to both challenge myself and find my real academic abilities was to go to Brain Power! 🙂

Talents: Game theory and musicianship

Alumni - Gabriel Gefter

Currently: Architecture @ McGill University (most competitive program (only 12 students accepted/year!); Received Sheila Baillie Scholarship, Architecture ($20,000)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped me to effortlessly complete high school with high marks and achieve my academic goals.

Talents: Ultimate Frisbee and all things creative

Alumni - Maria Guna

Currently: Claude Watson program at Earl Haig for Visual Arts and aspiring fashion designer; Winner of Visual Arts Major Award and gallery artist at Twist Gallery, Toronto.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Brain Power is an amazing program that helped me immerse into the beautiful art of writing; it prepared me for high school oral speeches and essays, while helping me express my thoughts and opinions through writing.

Alumni - Danny Samara
Currently: University Studies- Computer Science
Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power’s staff is the absolute best at not only effectively teaching its students, but also at keeping them engaged and interested every lesson. I went for two years and in that time, I learned more about literature and general writing (essay-writing, proper use of grammar, word-choices etc) than I have throughout the entire 12 years of “English” class I’ve attended in the public school system.  Thank you, Brain Power!
Alumni - Oleg Tulea

Success: Winner of Fiddletree Essay Competition – Cape Breton

Thoughts on Brain Power:  What I love: the atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm at BP. The students are always interested, and the smart teachers are fun to be around.

Alumni - Ron Galaev

Education: Health Sciences – Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization at McMaster University

Achievements: Founder and CEO – EmergConnect; Operations Manager – Zizzlelab, Children’s STEM app development company; Marketing and Business Development Coordinator – Veer AI

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is where I found my passion for learning. In Brain Power I found what I had always been missing in school, people who were as curious as I was, and a place where I could challenge myself and where people were willing to share and listen to new and creative ideas.

Alumni - Michal Krasovitski

Currently: University of Toronto Student of Psycholinguistics; First place winner (International) Alice Munro Short Story Contest; Gold, Silver medalist in Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competitions

Thoughts on Brain Power: My years at Brain Power were definitely the best in my life yet!

Talents: Debate and creative writing

Alumni - Dennis Gorya

Education: Schulich School of Business, BBA

Achievements: Founder of Edge Leadership (NFP), founder of Youth Employment Health Centre (NFP), Entrance Scholarships (York and Schulich), Student Life Scholarship

Currently: Owner and Operator, Mindless Tower (a digital marketing firm)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Looking back, I can say that my time at Brain Power made me into a better person. I learned how to navigate complex logical challenges, valuable life lessons, and  confidence in myself.

Alumni - Allan Yan

University: Western Ivey Business School

Currently: Working at Evercore, focusing on mergers and acquisitions

Thoughts on Brain Power: BP definitely gave me an advantage over my peers in school and enabled me to pursue whatever I wanted and always achieve a high level of success.  

Talents: Business and computers

Alumni - Naomi Brandt

Currently: Speech language pathologist; Founder and Clinical Director of Speech & Company; Graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Masters of Science.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I still remember all the amazing puzzles and learning I had at Brain Power with a big smile!

Talents: Leadership, management, and being a mom (all at the same time!)

Alumni - Bhavy Dhawan

Currently: <3’ing his career in investment banking (Houlihan Lokey) in the USA; Graduate Ivey Business School at Western U

Thoughts on Brain Power: – scored in the top 10% of my class at Ivey; why? because of Brain Power

Talents: Writing, business

Alumni - Justin Lu

Currently: IB Student, Engineering hopeful!

Thoughts on Brain Power: Karine’s Language Arts class introduced me to the vast world of literature. Through studying interesting short stories and novels from a variety of authors, I gained an interest in literature. Brain Power also strengthened my writing and critical thinking skills, both of which I find to be extremely crucial.

Alumni - Steven Mai

Success: UTS acceptance; winner (finalist) of international essay competition (Rand Institute)

Thoughts on Brain Power: Helped with my academic successes (and love of chocolate cake)

Alumni - Saesha Kukreja

Success: Winner of national poetry writing competition.

Thoughts on Brain Power:  Love the writing support and inspiration.

Alumni - Rahul Pandya

Currently: Studying Poli Sci at RMC and playing varsity volleyball

Accomplishments: Accepted to Queen’s Park Page Program (page in the legislature); finalist in provincial public speaking competition; 2018 Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN).

Thoughts on Brain Power: Worth the drive from Port Elgin! Brain Power has helped me succeed.

Alumni - Harry Wang

Currently: MD Candidate at uOttawa School of Medicine

Education: Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University

Achievements: Population Health Research Institute Summer Studentship; Provost’s Honour Roll Award in 2019 & 2020; McMaster President’s Award; Volunteer at Sick Kids Hospital; Volunteer at China Hospital abroad; local senior home Volunteer; HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) President in high school

Thoughts on Brain Power: My Brain Power experience is a great benefit to me – I appreciate all I gained from my in-class and experiential learning.

Alumni - Alex Zhou

Currently: Medical Sciences Student at Western University

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was one of the core experiences of my childhood that shaped who I am today

Talents: A passion for microbiology and immunology

Alumni - Andrew Zhou

Education: University of Toronto Schools (UTS)

Achievements: Founded the Toronto Robotics Society, a non-profit robotics educational organization.

Thoughts on Brain Power: The ‘butterfly effect’ is the concept that small causes can have large effects, and Brain Power was the small cause that had large effects on my life. The classes and programs at Brain Power moved me into the place I’m in now and the direction I’m going in the future.

Alumni - Illya Pilipenko

Currently: Engineering student @ McMaster

Thoughts on Brain Power: The courses at Brain Power helped me immensely, being the reason why I went from being terrified of presentations to favouring presentations as my strongest delivery method. The very friendly atmosphere at Brain Power was great, too, and it helped me make some new friends.

Alumni: Kevin Liu

Currently: McMaster DeGroote School of Medicine

Education: Bachelor of Medical Sciences at Western University (Honours Specialization: Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

Achievements: 2017 Robert and Ruth Lumsden Undergraduate Award in Science

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power helped foster in-depth thought and discussion, which I really loved. This was often absent in my high-school education. A lot of learning is ephemeral, but at Brain Power I learned about subjects that I still think back to sometimes and concepts that reappear in my current learning (e.g. the levelling off of happiness after a certain income level).

Alumni - Alex Bancea

Success: Accepted to Queen’s Park Page Program (page in the legislature); finalist in national public speaking competition (Canadian Young Speakers Contest – Agr.)

Thoughts on Brain Power: I’ve been enrolled at Brain Power math and language arts courses from the age of 8 and since then, Brain Power has shaped and molded my successful academic life.

Alumni - Shawn Liu

Currently: Brain Power’s Senior 2 student, Shawn Liu, was selected to attend University of California for summer science research at the Davis Center on Mind and Brain! What an accomplishment!

The Mind and Brain Pre-College Program is an experiential, research-based program that exposes successful applicants to the latest discoveries and questions in human cognition, perception, consciousness, and more.

One day Shawn hopes to lead a team of researchers that will develop non-invasive biotechnologies that can manipulate a person’s five senses in order to transfer his/her consciousness into an artificially created world.

Alumni - Boris Kyrychenko

Currently:  At University of Toronto Studying Political Science/International Relations.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me a plethora of different subjects and ideas, including incredible grammar skills, but, perhaps most importantly, the most influential thing I took away is to question everything – no idea, concept, or authority should stay safe from criticism. Being at Brain Power has certainly shaped my view of the world, and has made me who I am today.

Alumni - Stephanie Rico

Currently: Graduated IB at Bayview Secondary School; Pre-med university-bound at McMaster University’s Health Sciences Undergraduate Program.

Success: Student Trustee of York Region District School Board; DECA and HOSA competitor, and director of Bayview’s WE Charity.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I am super proud that I was able to learn so much and meet so many amazing people during my time at Brain Power. I would not be the person I am today without the guidance I received from my Brain Power teachers. I miss being a part of my Brain Power family now that I am a graduate!

Alumni - Lev Raizman

Currently Attending: U of Waterloo, Computer Science

Achievements: Edwin Anderson National Scholarship, President’s Scholarship of Distinction

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power provided me with more than just the knowledge and skills required to succeed.  The greatest lesson that I learned from Brain Power was about how to acquire knowledge and skills. Having learned to learn, I was capable of achieving much more than just what was provided by Brain Power. Much of my accomplishment is thanks to the hard work that the teachers at Brain Power have put in, and I still miss having two hours (or more) a week of amazing lessons. Thanks Brain Power!

Alumni - Michael Dinatolo

Currently: Western University Ivey & Medicine hopeful

Achievements: YCDSB – Silver Medalist: CEMC Waterloo U. Math Competition; U. of Toronto – Bronze Medalist: The Operation Research Challenge; HOSA – Silver Medalist in Nationals; Chess Championships: 1st place in YCDSB; Member of top ranking jazz band in YCDSB

Michael’s thoughts on Brain Power: The amazing teachers I had and the programs I took at Brain Power allowed me to achieve my full potential. I am so glad I was exposed to incredible literature and fantastic teachers like Karine, and that I was taught how to think critically. Brain Power shaped me as a person, and I absolutely loved my time at there!

Alumni - Johnny Libenzon

Currently: studying at Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University; Johnny is also the Director of Finance at Ryerson University’s Stargazers and Head Business Coordinator at Ryerson University’s Hacks.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I loved Brain Power for one very simple thing: the opportunity to learn how to think critically about issues without my imagination curtailed by restrictions often imposed by the more regulated environment of the public school classroom. I loved the in-depth ways I was taught to analyze text for deeper meaning, the quality discussions that were held regarding themes in novels and contemporary literature, and the super teaching I experienced.

Alumni - Shelly Olshansky

Currently: Studying at Schulich School of Business -York University

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power taught me all of the necessary literary and mathematical tools that have helped me succeed academically, professionally and personally. Brain Power also has given me confidence in my writing and presentation abilities, two skills that have helped me grow significantly as a business student.

Alumni - Simon Li

Currently: Software Engineer for LinkedIn, San Francisco
Graduated from Cornell University: B.Sc. Comp Sci; and Bayview S.S. IB program.

Alumni - Tanya Martynishyna

Education: Attending Schulich School of Business, B.B.A.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was truly an enlightening experience. I learned critical analysis and enhanced my writing techniques. I also felt free to express my ideas without feeling judged. The teachers were always ready to help and created a very welcoming and encouraging environment for the students. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to Brian Power! It taught me so much that I would have never learned in regular school!

Alumni - Elina Kompaniyets

Education: Schulich School of Business, iBBA

Awards: $3500 entrance scholarship for high academic achievement

Current Employment: Customer Experience Associate at TD Canada Trust

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power was such a fun time! To this day, I use the vocabulary we learned. Beyond that, I became a well-rounded and more cultured individual!

Alumni - Julia Gurevich

University: Ryerson University, Bachelor of Architecture Science

Awards: Scholastic International Arts and Writing Silver Medalist

Alumni - David Dorfman

Currently: Studying at York U (BA Hons. Economics, minor in Accounting)

Employment: Financial analyst at Alectra Utilities

Projects: Organizer for King Series Mountain Bike Race

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