Summer English Language Arts

Grades 1-2 – 1x per week –  July and/or Aug.
Grades 3-4 – 2x per week – July and/or Aug.
Grades 5-6 – 2x per week – July and/or Aug.
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Our summer English Language Arts teach students how to communicate clearly and effectively in both speech and writing. We achieve this by focusing on three core components:

  • Vocabulary building
  • Reading comprehension and analysis
  • Critical writing

Each week students:

  • Are introduced to a series of valuable new words that they learn to use in context
  • Read and discuss exciting and challenging pieces of literature, both classic and contemporary, including short stories, essays, and poems.
  • Are drilled in the fundamentals of writing, from how to write a series of strong sentences to  a series of well-structured paragraphs.

Students receive writing assignments on a weekly basis, and the importance of understanding writing as a process is pressed upon them. Weekly writing assignments are edited and returned for revision with a second (and sometimes third) draft required.

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