English Language Arts

Experience our one-of-a-kind English Language Arts enrichment program!


Delivered by our amazing instructors, most of whom hold either a Master’s or a PhD in their field, each Brain Power lesson contains vocabulary building activities, grammar and writing exercises, and a mind-expanding discussion of an exciting topic and/or text of the day!

We focus on:

  • Vocabulary building
  • Grammar skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading Analysis
  • Essay writing / critical writing
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Analogical thinking
  • Encouraging a love of reading

In addition to reading contemporary literature, our students are exposed to the writings of classic authors, such as Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Leo Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost, O. Henry, Langston Hughes, Mark Twain, and many more.

Our small classroom sizes allow students to get personalized attention, both in class and on their weekly homework assignments, for which students receive detailed feedback and advice on how to improve their writing and reasoning.

Our students are encouraged to participate in provincial, national, and international writing competitions, with many winning in prestigious competitions!

Language Arts

In addition to our regular courses, we run also workshops to help students prepare for special programs and examinations and to improve their grammar and writing skills. With our guidance, our students regularly get admitted to gifted and high-level academic day-school programs, including UTS, IB, TOPS, MaCS, UCC, and more!

Our regular courses run from September through June each year (see the specific course descriptions and schedules for more information).  Classes are held once per week, and each session is two hours in length. Our programs target students in Grades 1-12. Please inquire for other ages. Classes fill up fast, so register well in advance!

All NEW students must be interviewed for placement (scroll down to set up an interview).


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