Primary 2 - English Language Arts

Course Description

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Brain Power’s Primary 2 course is designed to enable students to:

  • Use phonics knowledge to decode regular multisyllabic words when reading text
  • Demonstrate decoding and word recognition skills
  • Develop and apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of literature
  • Use new vocabulary in speech and writing
  • Learn the spelling of over 120 high frequency words
  • Develop a command of standard English conventions appropriate to second grade
  • Continue to develop metacognitive skills that proficient readers and writers use
  • Develop writing skills

Primary 2 focuses on the four key components of all our English Language Arts courses:

  • Improving reading fluency, accuracy, comprehension and critical/analytical skills
  • Building sophisticated vocabularies
  • Improving grammar skills and spelling
  • Developing metacognitive skills

In short, Primary 2 will prepare students to excel in their elementary-school classes across a range of subject areas.

Course Structure:

Each class in the Primary 2 year is designed to introduce students to essential reading, speaking, and writing skills, including:

  • Writing full sentences
  • Writing opinion pieces
  • Creative writing
  • Reading for meaning
  • Editing and revising
  • Extracting important information from given texts

Key terms and concepts are returned to several times over the course of the year, in the context of different readings and assignments, ensuring not only that students retain what they have learned but that they can apply that knowledge in different contexts.

Course Evaluation:

The students will be evaluated on:

  • Vocabulary homework
  • Vocabulary quizzes
  • Weekly in-class grammar exercises
  • Weekly writing assignments

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