Math & Problem Solving

Our Math and Problem Solving program provides a unique enrichment opportunity for bright and talented students to learn from PhDs and expert mathematicians. Tailored to spark a passion for mathematics, our program emphasizes the application of skills in real-life scenarios, fostering the enhancement of students’ logical reasoning and critical thinking abilities alongside core mathematical concepts.

With over 30 years of math education experience, our results speak volumes: students achieve higher grades, exhibit greater resilience in tackling math and math-related subjects such as physics, excel in math contests, perform exceptionally well in math-based standardized tests like the SAT and LSAT, and develop a profound understanding of how mathematics can help explain the material world.

Our courses focus on developing and improving learning skills and independent thinking in the following areas:

  • Problem-solving strategies
  • Mathematics (including advanced geometry)
  • Memory development
  • Managing stress and test anxiety
  • Logic and reasoning
    • Techniques for problem solving
    • Creative, critical, and lateral thinking
    • Reading comprehension (word problems)

Listen to our Founder, Dr. Reuven Rashkovsky, describe how he developed our distinctive Math and Problem Solving program and started Brain Power!

Our Approach

Brain Power’s Math and Problem Solving program follows the five pillars of our pedagogy for bright and talented students.


Brain Power’s Math and Problem Solving program exposes students to academic content 1-2 years above their current grade level.


Our curriculum is calibrated to the highest cognitive domains (creating, evaluating, analyzing), as opposed to rote worksheets and drills. This complexity is achieved through:

i. Spiral Learning: Spiral learning is a teaching method in which new information is presented gradually and revisited at intervals over the duration of an entire course, reinforcing and building upon what students have learned, solidifying their skills, encouraging them to build connections between concepts, and helping them achieve mathematical mastery and confidence.

ii. Word Problems: As students learn new concepts in our program, they are also applying that learning to solve word problems. This ability to apply mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems in a creative way promotes higher-order thinking and the development of logical reasoning, memory, and attention to detail.


Small class sizes, cross-curricular activities and social events allow for personalized student engagement and a strong sense of community. Within our math program, we engage students in group logic puzzles that encourage them to solve problems collaboratively and learn from one another. A variety of math-related workshops are also available including Math Olympiad Preparation, Spatial Reasoning, Engineering, and more (see workshops below)!


Brain Power’s faculty are PhD and expert-level mathematicians, and our alumni can be found in top universities in Canada and around the world. Not only are Brain Power students learning from experts in the classroom, they are invited to build meaningful lasting connections with faculty, peers, and bright alumni in clubs, field trips, career day sessions, and more!


Brain Power exposes students to math assessments (tests and quizzes) from an early age, as compared to their day schools, which often do not regularly assess students through exams. Students learn to master test-taking and stress management.  Further, students receive regular, detailed feedback on their in-class and at-home work including a portion of each two-hour class devoted to homework take up.  We believe taking up homework in class is critical to helping students debrief with expert guidance!

Full-Year Courses (34 Lessons)

Our much-loved Math and Problem Solving program is divided into ten levels of difficulty in order to address the different ages and knowledge sets of students. Entry into the program requires a free assessment of the students’ mathematical knowledge, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.  Assessments begin at SK/Grade 1 and go up to Grade 12.

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Workshops (4-16 Lessons)

We also have a variety of math-related shorter workshops, including Math Olympiad Preparation, Spatial Reasoning, and Engineering, which are offered during the school year and over the summer.

To see all of our available workshops, check out our school-year and summer offerings!

A Note on Math Homework at Brain Power

We’re proud to offer a no-tears homework experience in our friendly, two-hour classes, which stand out for their thorough approach to homework review. Our unique system combines the convenience of self-marked drills through our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) — giving students immediate feedback — with in-depth classroom discussions on problem-solving techniques and advanced thinking strategies. This mix not only reinforces what’s been learned but also encourages a deeper exploration of new concepts, all while under the expert guidance of our instructors. Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth, as advocated by Dweck (2015), our students tackle homework with confidence and curiosity, fostering resilience and creativity. This supportive approach ensures that homework supports academic growth without adding stress or requiring parental intervention, boosting students’ confidence and problem-solving skills in a friendly and empowering environment.




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