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NOTE: This page is about our Summer Admissions and Entrance Exam Preparation courses. If you are interested in our Fall Admissions and Entrance Exam Preparation course, CLICK HERE!

Available Summer 2024!
See schedule at bottom of page.

Our Admissions and Entrance Exam Preparation summer program has two components that may be taken together or individually:

Admission & Language Component

These courses are designed to prepare students for upcoming entrance exams and applications to gifted and/or competitive junior-high and high-school programs. There will be intensive instruction and practice in the following areas:

  • School selection and application overview
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Analogies and critical thinking
  • Essay and creative writing
  • Interview preparation

Students will practice their skills, engage in valuable in-class and at-home activities, and take practice quizzes, examinations, and tests to prepare for the test-taking experience. Time management, organization, preparation/study skills, essay writing, interview skills, and other important tools will be covered.

Math Component (Grades 6 & 8)

Most independent schools and specialized programs include a math competency entrance exam.  The SSAT is one example, but many schools have developed their own math entrance exams that are similar to the SSAT (but focused on the Canadian curriculum). Brain Power has you covered!  Our team has expertise with a variety of math entrance exams and has developed this specialized program to ensure students are well equipped to shine!

In both the Grade 6 and Grade 8 sections, there will be intensive instruction and practice in the areas of Math that are tested in math entry exams. Students will practice their skills, engage in challenging activities in class and at home, and take practice quizzes, examinations, and tests to practice the test-taking experience.

Students will also have the opportunity to meet with many alumni from a variety of programs to get a ‘real life’ understanding of what math exam day will be like!


Classes are held in the given timeframes, excluding scheduled holidays.

English Exam Preparation (Vaughan)
16 Lessons (2x per week, July and/or Aug.)

Gr. 6-8: Mon./Wed., July 8 – Aug. 28, 5:00-7:00
Gr. 6-8: Tue./Thu., July 9 – Aug. 29, 7:15-9:15

Math Exam Preparation (Vaughan)
8 Lessons (2x per week, July OR Aug.)

Gr. 6: Tue./Thu., July 9-Aug. 1 / Aug. 6-29, 5:00-7:00
Gr. 8: Mon./Wed., July 3-26 / July 31-Aug. 28, 7:15-9:15

Email with your child’s/children’s age(s) and area(s) or interests, and we will help get you registered!

Some Student & Parent Testimonials

“Working with Brain Power on Grade 7 admissions was the best money we ever spent.  Successful entry into UTS was our dream come true for our son” (UTS student)

“Thanks a lot for your kind words and supportive nature throughout the process. We really feel fortunate to be a part of your team. You helped us so much and it  means a lot to us.” (UTS student)

“I recently wrote the IB entrance exam and I wanted to write to you because I was super well prepared for the topics given. In fact, I had already written an essay on the topic!” (IB student)

“We just found out that Jackie earned 99th percentile on the SSAT!! We are very happy and can’t wait to pick her up from school with the news today!   Thank you for helping her to reach her potential, and for the work and passion that you pour every day into Brain Power. It’s visible, and it means a lot to us.” (Independent School student)

“The Exam Prep class was AMAZING!!!! Thank you :)”  (Independent School Student, 2022)

“I wanted to share with my good news that I have been accepted to both Havergal College (with a scholarship) and the MaCS program. I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I really think that you have allowed me to both be outstanding and show these schools who I am. My gratitude to you is so great I can’t describe it with the right words – but your time and energy are so appreciated. I believe that going to one of these schools will allow me to reach my academic dreams. It was an amazing experience learning from you, and I will never forget the good you did to help me succeed.” (Independent School Student)

“Accepted into Upper Canada College!  One of twenty spots for Grade 9 and I couldn’t have done it without the incredible support and mentorship from you!  It was hard preparing but you were kind & caring and also helped me manage my stress level” (UCC student)

“It’s Rebecca! Today I got the results back for the IB applications and exam and I made it! I’m very proud of myself, and I’d like to thank you for your amazing teaching. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! I also got into AP, and it’s nice that I have multiple opportunities! Thank you for your help!” (IB student)

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