Ivy League Prep.: Spatial Reasoning

SPECIAL NOTE: Our intention is still to offer both in-class and virtual online options for our Fall/Winter programs at our Vaughan location, so that clients can choose which way they wish to learn. However, classes at our McMaster Innovation Park location are only offered in person.

When we do offer in-class options, we will be following strict protocol for the health and safety of our students and staff, and ensuring we not only adhere to government requirements but exceed safety expectations.

More information on our live online distance learning can be found HERE.

Ivy League Preparation – Spatial Reasoning (4 lesson workshop) – Grades 5-7
Winter 2022: Saturdays 2:30-4:30, January 8-29, 2022
Winter 2023: Saturdays 2:30-4:30, January 7-28, 2023

Here are some Brain Power students who have attended the Johns Hopkins CTY program!

Do you want to:

Develop the 3D visualization capabilities in your brain?

Learn to memorize hundreds of objects with ease?

Enjoy an academic challenge that boosts your brain power and is not taught in most school programs?

Join Brain Power’s Ivy League Prep: Spatial Reasoning workshop in Winter 2022! Brain Power’s Spatial Reasoning workshop will provide students with skills needed to ace gifted testing such as visual memory, surface development, object/shape rotation, and perspective skills. We will get you ready to be recognized by Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY).

Did you know? Johns Hopkins University is very prestigious for more than its Center for Talented Youth. It is known to be a top-ranking (in the world) research university and it also excels in many scientific areas. Its biomedical engineering program as well as its medical school are ranked #1. Johns Hopkins University is ranked 5th best in the world for Life Sciences and Medicine.

To register or find out more information, please visit us at the Brain Power office or contact us at info@brainpower.ca

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