Innovator & Explorer Learning Series

Our Innovator & Explorer Learning Series is a collection of workshops designed and led by amazing academics to inspire future leaders.  And when we say ‘inspire,’ we REALLY mean it!

This curated workshop series features only-at-Brain-Power experiences that will blow your mind!

Read on if you are excited about:

  • becoming a young strategic mastermind under the guidance of a chess master
  • developing a start-up business alongside a CEO
  • learning about how geniuses really think and came up with their world-changing ideas from a PhD expert on geniuses
  • winning math contests and preparing for a STEM career from a dual PhD holder and Math Olympian
  • becoming a TED-talk worthy, persuasive, award-winning public speaker under the guidance of Canada’s leading authorities on youth public speaking
  • building a telescope and learning about space from a PhD astronomer
  • and much much more!

Workshops in our Innovator & Explorer Series include:
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