Public Speaking Workshops

Public Speaking Workshops

Our four-lesson Public Speaking workshops are available in the Winter and Summer Sessions.

Winter 2020
Grades 6-8*: Jan. 11, 18, 25, Feb. 1 – Saturdays 4:45-6:45
Grades 9+*: Feb. 8, 15, 29, & Mar. 7 – Saturdays 4:45-6:45
* For students entering these grades in September 2019.

Summer 2020 registration will open in January 2020.

In these exciting workshops students will gain a thorough introduction to the art of public speaking. Providing an overview of the elements of oral presentation (e.g., tone of voice, body language, diction, rhetoric, and persuasion), the course will give students strategies for expressing themselves clearly, effectively, and convincingly. Encouraging youth to articulate their ideas on a range of social issues, each session will critically analyze an influential speech. Students will also develop their own speeches, gaining the opportunity to apply what they are learning in class by workshopping and performing their speeches.

Throughout the workshops, students will:

  • Cultivate their communication and persuasion skills through exercises that enhance their written and verbal expression.
  • Learn techniques for building confidence, remaining calm in front of audiences, and warming up before speeches and debates.
  • Engage in conversation and debate relating to important social issues.
  • Analyze persuasive speeches. Benefit from the wisdom of guest speakers.

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