Primary Math Masters

Our first-of-its kind Primary Math Masters program is designed for high-potential students in Grades 1 – 2.

The major emphasis of Primary Math Masters is igniting a passion for mathematics in young minds, learning how to think critically, and developing strong foundational core math skills.

In this exciting program, our young math masters are exposed to an accelerated Canadian Grade 1-2 curriculum through a series of engaging theory lessons, group activities and a dynamic ‘crack the code’ project!

Each of our lessons includes a logic challenge, a focused theory lesson, a group activity and a puzzle that, once solved, will reveal a clue to unlock a final math challenge.

In addition to proprietary Brain Power Math Masters written materials, each class will utilize an in-class spatial reasoning kit.  Our curriculum also prepares students for the Kangaroo and other prestigious national and international math competitions by integrating math problems of contest-level complexity to each class.

Primary instruction includes, but is not limited to:


  • All subjects in both Canadian and US core curriculum for Grades 1 – 2, at an accelerated pace.

Memory development

  • Brain Power memory-building technique
  • Patterning exercises

Logic and Problem Solving Strategies

  • Kangaroo and other prestigious national and international math contest problem simulations
  • Crack-the-code logic puzzles
  • Spatial reasoning exercises utilizing kids comprised of flats, rods and cubes
  • Riddles and puzzles relying on the application of core concepts

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