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Creative Thinkers: Meet Sion!


At Brain Power, we teach our students to be Creative Thinkers.  Creativity is at the heart of innovation, driving insights and learning, and expanding what’s possible. Almost all of our programs across mathematics, language, public speaking & more are imbedded with learning experiences to build creative thinking skills! Given our focus on creativity, we were thrilled to receive the news that our language arts student, Sion, was published in Polar Expressions. His poem “Body Argument” was selected as honourable mention and he received a copy of his...

Critical Thinkers: Meet Gurkaram!


Critical Thinkers are active thinkers who evaluate and analyze information in order to determine the best course of action. Critical thinking is a focus of our Public Speaking Academy program where young orators learn to develop and refine their arguments over the course of one year. Meet our public speaking student Gurkaram!  Gurkaram was new to public speaking this year but has already engaged in classical debate, studied logical reasoning and fallaciesand has been inspired by critical analyses of famous historical speeches. He also recently joined us...

Resilient Leaders: Meet Karna!


Resilient leaders have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, to cope with disruptive changes and to adapt. They bounce back from setbacks. They move forward, despite the odds, to lead themselves and others. We work hard to help our students become resilient leaders through stretch goals, challenging curriculum, eye-opening field trips & more.  We also work closely with many high performance student leaders to help them juggle the extracurricular and academic demands! Meet our Senior 2 student, Karna, who is a competitive Karate...

Resilience: Meet Dawne!


At Brain Power, we teach our students the importance of resilience.  Adapting and tackling obstaclesthat arise will be the key to succeeding in the workplace of the future. For many high potential students, success can be easy so teaching resilience is hard! We are so proud to showcase our student Dawne Shen. She has been at Brain Power for several years in our Language Arts, Math & Problem Solving, and Public Speaking programs. Dawne is a straight-A student at school and both Dawne and her parents sought out Brain Power specifically to challenge Dawne...

Lost & Found

JANUARY 30TH, 2022

For our most recent book club, we read a dystopian novel set in Toronto and written by local author Alex Andre. The book has been on Amazon’s top Sci-Fi dystopian literature list this year! The discussion was guided by Brain Power staff and the author himself. WOW! Students got to share their thoughts on the book with fellow brilliant students and ask the author questions too! What an amazing experience! Stay tuned for information on our next exciting Brain Power book club event!

The Lives of Animals


On November 30, Brain Power’s book club met to have a detailed discussion of J. M. Coetzee’s The Lives of Animals. We also had a guest talk from Maureen Hutchison, a field educator with the Educated Choices Program, who discussed central issues in the book including the environment and modern agriculture. Our students had an enthusiastic reaction, and one of our Intermediate 1 students said, “I think that the book club was amazing and different than what I was expecting and that...

Dave Silverberg Visits!

MARCH 23RD, 2019

Brain Power recently welcomed David Silverberg as a guest speaker to our Public Speaking classes!  David is a very successful journalist who writes for the BBC, Washington Post, Vice Magazine, and Toronto’s NOW, and who is also the theatre director and founder of Canada’s largest spoken word organizations! While at Brain Power, David shared tips and knowledge, taking our students through various fun exercises to improve their communication skills! Thank you, David! 
It was a pleasure to have you!

Joze Piranian Visits!


We were excited to welcome Joze Piranian to our Public Speaking class on November 12th! Joze is a lifelong stutterer on the quest to confront his fears one stage a time. After spending most of his life avoiding speaking out of the fear of being judged for being “different,” he is now a TEDx speaker, Inspirational Speaker of the Year at Speaker Slam in 2017, and a stand-up comedian who has performed at the laugh Factory (Chicago), the Broadway Comedy Club (NY), Comedy Nest (Montreal), and Absolute Comedy...

The Importance of Being Earnest

OCTOBER 20TH, 2021

Dr. Ana-Maria Jerca, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky, Brain Power students and families (…and even one BP alumni from Queen’s University!) attended a theatre-outing to enjoy Oscar Wilde’s classic play “The Importance of Being Earnest” at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope, Ontario. Students in Intermediate and Senior Language Arts have been studying Oscar Wilde at Brain Power. What a treat to enjoy this great masterpiece together with live theatre! Post-show, we all congregated outdoors under the stars to deliberate the deeper takeaways from the play....

Virtual Tour of Canadian Supreme Court

AUGUST 31ST, 2021

In July and August, Brain Power students in our Entrance Exam Preparation course received a free remote tour of the Supreme Court of Canada! The students had such a wonderful time learning about Canada’s court structure and how the Supreme Court got its power and continues to hear appeals. What a great experience!

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