Critical Thinkers: Meet Alfie!

By Brain Power in Newsletter

February 12th, 2023

Meet Alfie, one of our star students at the Vaughan campus who is taking his passion for space to new heights. With his insatiable curiosity and critical thinking skills, Alfie has become a youth space expert, gracing the screens of CTV and being celebrated by the Young People’s Theatre as a young ‘space expert.’ From connecting Alfie with extracurricular pursuits to opening up new galaxies of opportunities, Brain Power is proud to help Alfie achieve his dreams and inspire others to ask the biggest questions of all!

Alfie, we are proud to watch you discover the infinite possibilities of the universe. You are going to make a difference.

If you are passionate about space, like Alfie, you can check out our ‘Beyond the Scenes Astronomy’ March Break workshop where students can participate in a private observatory tour and build a telescope of their very own!