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Think Broadly & Start Early

MARCH 18TH, 2023

Check out the new article about our 1-on-1 and group sessions for university-bound students in City Life magazine! from the article: “High school is a time for exploration, growth, and preparation for the future. For many students, the ultimate goal is to attend a university and pursue their passions. However, the university application process can be daunting, and students may not know where to start. Brain Power, a 30- year international leader in enrichment programs for high-potential kids from Grade 1 through Grade...

University Preparation Webinar

MARCH 18TH, 2023

Brain Power’s very own  Dr. Cassandra Chapman and Dr. Karine Rashkovsky held a webinar for Kids and Company on university preparation for Grades 7+! Dr. Chapman and Dr. Rashkovsky talked about how students could begin preparing for their futures as early as middle school by taking on leadership roles, participating in competitions, developing their communication skills, and building their networks. If you are / have a Grade 10 or 11 student who wants to start thinking about their future careers and the different university programs that...

Adding Up to Success

MARCH 17TH, 2023

Read the article about our one-of-a-kind Math and Problem-Solving workshops in City Life magazine. from the article: “When you think about it, math hides in plain sight all around us,” says Brain Power CEO and instructor, Vanessa Serra Iarocci. “As part of the specialized math programs in our new Innovator & Explorer Learning Series, students will investigate how math imposes its laws on the world through geometrical patterns found in nature and art. Consequently, they will be equipped with logical thinking strategies...

Critical Thinkers: Meet Alfie!


Meet Alfie, one of our star students at the Vaughan campus who is taking his passion for space to new heights. With his insatiable curiosity and critical thinking skills, Alfie has become a youth space expert, gracing the screens of CTV and being celebrated by the Young People’s Theatre as a young ‘space expert.’ From connecting Alfie with extracurricular pursuits to opening up new galaxies of opportunities, Brain Power is proud to help Alfie achieve his dreams and inspire others...

Creative Thinkers: Meet Alexander!


Our students don’t just think outside the box, they blow it up! With a focus on fostering creativity, we’re driving innovation and pushing boundaries to expand what’s possible. Meet Alexander, a Brain Power superstar who’s raising the bar for creativity. Not only is he a dedicated and inquisitive Brain Power student (engaged in two programs a week), but he’s also an accomplished violist. Under the expert guidance of a former lead violist from the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Alexander has taken home...

Creative Thinkers: Meet Sion!


At Brain Power, we teach our students to be Creative Thinkers.  Creativity is at the heart of innovation, driving insights and learning, and expanding what’s possible. Almost all of our programs across mathematics, language, public speaking & more are imbedded with learning experiences to build creative thinking skills! Given our focus on creativity, we were thrilled to receive the news that our language arts student, Sion, was published in Polar Expressions. His poem “Body Argument” was selected as honourable mention and he received a copy of his...