Think Like a Genius – Episode 3 &...

MAY 30TH, 2023

In this episodes 3 & 4 of our exciting Think Like a Genius podcast, Sarah Meehan Sirk moderates a panel of fellow Brain Power educators and thinkers — Vadim Tyuryaev, Dr. Joel Benabu, and Ilya Kreynin — on the technological revolution provoking both curiosity and concern in education right now. LISTEN TO EPISODES 3 & 4: LISTEN TO PART 2:

Think Like a Genius – Episode 2: Math...

APRIL 29TH, 2023

Data scientist and Brain Power math instructor Vadim Tyuryaev shares his inside scoop on learning math, logic, and genius — and why perseverance is key to not only thinking like a genius, but to thriving in the age of machine-learning. Brain Power boss Vanessa Iarocci weighs in, from personal experience.

Adding Up to Success

MARCH 17TH, 2023

Read the article about our one-of-a-kind Math and Problem-Solving workshops in City Life magazine. from the article: “When you think about it, math hides in plain sight all around us,” says Brain Power CEO and instructor, Vanessa Serra Iarocci. “As part of the specialized math programs in our new Innovator & Explorer Learning Series, students will investigate how math imposes its laws on the world through geometrical patterns found in nature and art. Consequently, they will be equipped with logical thinking strategies...

Critical Thinkers: Meet Gurkaram!


Critical Thinkers are active thinkers who evaluate and analyze information in order to determine the best course of action. Critical thinking is a focus of our Public Speaking Academy program where young orators learn to develop and refine their arguments over the course of one year. Meet our public speaking student Gurkaram!  Gurkaram was new to public speaking this year but has already engaged in classical debate, studied logical reasoning and fallaciesand has been inspired by critical analyses of famous historical speeches. He also recently joined us...

Emma Fung Wins Gold in Gray Jay Competition


Brain Power student Emma Fung won a Canada-wide Gold Award (which is the highest award possible) in the Canadian Gray Jay Mathematical Competition! WOW! THAT’S AMAZING, EMMA! Fellow Brain Power student Roy Mei got on the Honour Roll, and several other Brain Power students performed with distinction or honours! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

Mark Raspopov Wins Global Math Olympiad Scholarship


Brain Power student Mark Raspopov has won a Global Math Olympiad Scholarship (GMOS)—he is the first Canadian winner–and helped to bring Singapore International Mastery Challenge Center (SIMCC) contests to Canada! What a change-maker — and what a great new opportunity that is now available, thanks to Mark, for young Canadian math enthusiasts! After many gentle nudges, he was able to convince SIMCC to bring two Global Math Olympiads to Canada. Mark has won two Gold Medals for two Global Math Olympiads (SASMO and SIMOC) provided by the SIMCC, and he has been accepted into the International...