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Critical Thinkers: Meet Gurkaram!


Critical Thinkers are active thinkers who evaluate and analyze information in order to determine the best course of action. Critical thinking is a focus of our Public Speaking Academy program where young orators learn to develop and refine their arguments over the course of one year. Meet our public speaking student Gurkaram!  Gurkaram was new to public speaking this year but has already engaged in classical debate, studied logical reasoning and fallaciesand has been inspired by critical analyses of famous historical speeches. He also recently joined us...

Resilient Leaders: Meet Karna!


Resilient leaders have the ability to sustain their energy level under pressure, to cope with disruptive changes and to adapt. They bounce back from setbacks. They move forward, despite the odds, to lead themselves and others. We work hard to help our students become resilient leaders through stretch goals, challenging curriculum, eye-opening field trips & more.  We also work closely with many high performance student leaders to help them juggle the extracurricular and academic demands! Meet our Senior 2 student, Karna, who is a competitive Karate...

Resilience: Meet Dawne!


At Brain Power, we teach our students the importance of resilience.  Adapting and tackling obstaclesthat arise will be the key to succeeding in the workplace of the future. For many high potential students, success can be easy so teaching resilience is hard! We are so proud to showcase our student Dawne Shen. She has been at Brain Power for several years in our Language Arts, Math & Problem Solving, and Public Speaking programs. Dawne is a straight-A student at school and both Dawne and her parents sought out Brain Power specifically to challenge Dawne...

Back at It!


Being part of Brain Power means being part of a community.  COVID-19 lockdowns prevented us from engaging students in co-curriculars for almost two years but this year we are back at it! Some of our co-curricular highlights this year have been: An afternoon with author and illustrator Robyn Gram who shared her original manuscript art and answered many thoughtful student questions! A VIP experience at the Rotman School of Management where students participated in a panel discussion and book signing with renowned scientist David McRaney about his groundbreaking book ‘How Minds Change.’ ‘Chess with Yoni’ a complimentary monthly chess...

Commitment: Meet Jackie!


Commitment means doing what needs to be done regardless of your talents or your mood. We tell our students that commitment matters – at school and in life. This month we are pleased to profile Jackie Poenaru!  Jackie exemplifies commitment in everything she does!  Faced with taking the SSAT exam amidst a very busy academic and extracurricular schedule, Jackie participated in our ‘Mastering the Admissions Process’, ‘Entrance Exam Preparation’ & ‘Cultural Capital’ programs.  She actively participated and went above-and- beyond on all her assignments.  Jackie also took full...

University Successes!

AUGUST 30TH, 2022

Brain Power is thrilled to share some university entrance success stories from students who attended our University Preparation workshop this past fall! Ellie Rebarbar received offers from Schulich at York, Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto, and the University of Waterloo. She received the Governor’s Award of Distinction from York (worth $32,000 over four years), and she will be attending Schulich in the fall! Serena Ge received offers for a co-op program in Computer Science  and Business Administration with the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, Ivey and Software Engineering at Western University, and Computer Science at the University of Toronto. She will be joining the Computer...