Back at It!

By Brain Power in Newsletter

October 2nd, 2022

Being part of Brain Power means being part of a community.  COVID-19 lockdowns prevented us from engaging students in co-curriculars for almost two years but this year we are back at it! Some of our co-curricular highlights this year have been:

  • An afternoon with author and illustrator Robyn Gram who shared her original manuscript art and answered many thoughtful student questions!
  • VIP experience at the Rotman School of Management where students participated in a panel discussion and book signing with renowned scientist David McRaney about his groundbreaking book ‘How Minds Change.’
  • ‘Chess with Yoni’ a complimentary monthly chess drop in-that introduces students to the most famous strategy game in the world!
  • Extra help SHAD applications including 1:1 connections with SHAD alumni
  • Complimentary personalized meetings with our CEO Vanessa Iarocci and Dr. Karine Rashkovsky to support high school application processes.
  • & much, much more!  (stay tuned for EVEN MORE guest speakers, special events and VIP learning opportunities through the winter and spring season!).

Click on the images below to see what we’ve been up to!