Resilience: Meet Dawne!

By Brain Power in Newsletter

October 2nd, 2022

At Brain Power, we teach our students the importance of resilience.  Adapting and tackling obstaclesthat arise will be the key to succeeding in the workplace of the future. For many high potential students, success can be easy so teaching resilience is hard!

We are so proud to showcase our student Dawne Shen. She has been at Brain Power for several years in our Language Arts, Math & Problem Solving, and Public Speaking programs. Dawne is a straight-A student at school and both Dawne and her parents sought out Brain Power specifically to challenge Dawne so that she would be able to stretch her potential in a challenging learning environment. Dawne was typically a reserved student – not quite entirely aware of her own brilliance and capabilities. However, over the last year Dawne and her parents witnessed an incredible transformation in Dawne during her Brain Power classes; namely, Dawne has gained tremendous confidence! Recently, she chose to take on the stage in the “Infiniti Strings” show as a speaker and went out on a limb to try out for her school’s competitive Model UN team– and she was accepted! We were so thrilled when Dawne shared her Model UN news with us (Dr. Karine proudly shared the news with our entire faculty!)!

Dawn: We loved witnessing your transformation and are honoured to be part of your success journey!