Elementary 2 - English Language Arts

In Elementary 2, students will develop advanced literacy skills, including writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. At 1-2 levels above Ministry Standards, this advanced curriculum prepares students to excel in all subject areas and equips them for the greater demands of junior-high school.

Program Highlights: Our program emphasizes building sophisticated vocabulary, improving grammar skills, and enhancing reading comprehension and critical/analytical writing skills. Students will write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs, personal and creative pieces, and persuasive and analytical essays. They will explore key literary terms and genres, including irony, point of view/narration, adaptation, autobiography, satire, character, symbolism, imagery, theme, historical fiction, and philosophical fiction. Key terms and concepts are revisited multiple times throughout the year, ensuring retention and application in different contexts. Students will also engage in discussion and debate to further develop their critical-thinking skills. Additionally, they will have opportunities to participate in various literary and academic competitions, and to receive personalized feedback on their writing.


  • Familiarity with over 300 high-frequency words, building a strong foundation for literacy
  • Improved knowledge of written grammar, aiding in identification and correction of errors
  • Improved reading comprehension for better academic performance
  • Writing clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs, including personal, creative persuasive and analytical pieces
  • Building persuasive and analytical essay-writing skills 
  • Engaging in discussion and debate to develop critical-thinking skills.
  • Reinforcement of key literary terms and concepts, such as irony, point of view, and satire, through readings and assignments
  • Exploration of a variety of literary genres, including satire, historical fiction, autobiography, and science fiction.

Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem-Solving: At Brain Power, we teach kids how to think, not what to think. Our curriculum fosters independent thought, encouraging students to explore ideas, ask questions, and develop their own insights. This approach empowers our students to become confident, creative thinkers who are ready to face future challenges.

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