Mechanics of Writing - Summer

Our Online Distance Learning Summer Programs provide 2-hour interactive sessions with our amazing instructors once or twice a week (depending on the course)!

One-month Summer programs range from $324.00 to $762.75 (depending on the course).
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Grades 6-8* – 2x per week – July OR July and Aug. – Mon. & Wed. 7:15-9:15**
Grades 9+* – 2x per week – July OR Aug. OR July and Aug. – Mon. & Wed. 5:00-7:00 OR Tue. & Thu. 7:15-9:15**
* For students entering these grades in September 2020.
**All scheduled class times are Eastern Daylight Time. If you are planning to take an online class from another time zone, please adjust the times in accordance with your time zone. If these times are not convenient for you, please contact our office:

(Mechanics of Writing 6-8 is also available during the school year – CLICK HERE!)

Each dynamic and exciting class of this popular workshop consists of both a grammar component and a writing component. The course will begin by reviewing the fundamentals of English grammar, the writing process (i.e. brainstorming, drafting, revising, etc.), and the structure of the five-paragraph essay (of the sort that they are required to write in school). After reviewing the fundamentals of English grammar, we will proceed to consider more complex issues, cases, and problems. Once we have reviewed the fundamentals of the standard five-paragraph essay, we will transition to considering different genres of essays (used for different purposes), such as narrative, comparative, argumentative, and research essays. In sum, Mechanics of Writing is designed to improve students’ grammar skills, while teaching them how to write complex, well-researched, and effective high-school essays. The course is taught by brilliant published professors with comedic wit, excellent teaching skills, and PhDs in their fields.

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