Public Speaking 9+

Brain Power’s Public Speaking Academy for Grades 9+ is our most advanced program, designed to develop mastery in public speaking and communication. Modeled after elite British private schools, this program offers training not available in typical day-school curriculums. Students are guided by Canada’s top public speaking experts, including CBC award winners and coaches of national competitors.

Program Highlights: Our program emphasizes comprehensive skill development, integrating Aristotle’s rhetoric and advanced techniques in negotiation, persuasion, debate, and speech analysis. Students will receive vocal coaching and create their own podcasts (with optional submission to the NY Times podcast competition). Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Speaker’s Idol competition.


  • Superior Communication: Students articulate thoughts with clarity and precision.
  • Unmatched Confidence: Personalized feedback and practice develop a commanding presence.
  • Diverse Speech Mastery: Covers over 8 speech types, preparing students for various scenarios.
  • Advanced Analysis: Tailoring messages to specific audiences.
  • Debate and Persuasion: Develop sophisticated skills crucial for leadership roles.
  • Negotiation Skills: Training to navigate complex discussions.
  • Behavioural Economics: Understanding psychological factors in decision-making.
  • Podcast Creation: Record professional podcasts with optional NY Times submission.
  • Interview Skills: Master advanced techniques for academic and job interviews.

Critical Thinking and Creativity: Our curriculum fosters independent thought, encouraging students to explore ideas, ask questions, and develop insights, preparing them for future challenges.

A Note on Shyness: Weekly practice helps shy students find their voice, with many winning public speaking awards and developing a love for speaking.

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