Public Speaking 4-5

In Brain Power’s Public Speaking Academy for Grades 4-5, students will engage in activities designed to transform their public speaking abilities, creativity, and confidence. This is the most comprehensive public speaking and communication program for Grades 4-5 students in Canada, modeled after programs at elite British private schools and not offered in typical day-school curriculums. Students will have unique exposure to advanced content and deep skill-building, coached by Canada’s leading authorities on youth public speaking, including CBC award winners, renowned academics, and coaches of national public speaking competitors. This elite program prepares students for academic excellence and lifelong success.

Program Highlights: Our program emphasizes comprehensive skill development, integrating advanced public speaking techniques with critical thinking and effective communication. Students will enhance their abilities through debates, satire, and professional vlogging, and they will participate in field trips to theatres and other public venues to observe oration in action.


  • Superior Communication Skills: Students articulate their thoughts with clarity and precision, standing out in both academic and social settings.
  • Unmatched Confidence: Personalized feedback and continuous practice help students develop a commanding presence and self-assuredness.
  • Diverse Speech Mastery: Covering over 8 different speech types, our program prepares students for various speaking scenarios.
  • Expert Audience Analysis: Students learn to tailor their messages to specific audiences, enhancing their persuasive abilities.
  • Professional Vlog Production: Students master the creation, editing, and analysis of professional-grade vlogs, gaining valuable digital communication skills.
  • Debate and Persuasion Skills: Students develop sophisticated debate and persuasion skills, crucial for effective public discourse and leadership roles.

Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Problem-Solving: At Brain Power, we teach kids how to think, not what to think. Our curriculum fosters independent thought, encouraging students to explore ideas, ask questions, and develop their own insights. This approach empowers our students to become confident, creative thinkers ready to face future challenges.

A Note on Shyness: Many shy students are transformed through weekly practice and methods designed to inspire them to find their voice. Our approach has led some of our shyest students to win public speaking awards and develop a genuine love for speaking! Shyness should not be a deterrent to joining our Academy! 

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