Guest Speakers

At Brain Power we believe in using our resources to give students (and sometimes parents) the chance to speak with interesting, influential, and inspiring individuals. Some of our amazing guest speakers include Abraham Mendlowitz, a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor; Dave Silverberg, founder and artistic director of the Toronto Poetry Project; Dr. Ruslan Dorfman, the co-founder and CEO of GeneYouIn, a genetic testing company; Steve Tulman, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Providr Inc. (and Brain Power Alumni!); Jay Heinrichs, New York Times bestselling author of Thank You for Arguing; and Terry O’ Reilly, host of CBC’s immensely popular “Under the Influence.”

Joanne Foster


Gifted education specialist, Joanne Foster enlightened our Brain Power parents on “The Secrets to Raising Happily Productive Children.” Joanne Foster is the author of “Not Now, Maybe Later: Helping Children Overcome Procrastination” and the co-author of “Beyond Intelligence: Secrets for Raising Happily Productive Children.” Many people came out to hear Joanne Foster talk about how to raise happy, productive children!

Terry O’Reilly

OCTOBER 19TH, 2016

Brain Power had an incredible evening with Terry O’Reilly, host of CBC’s “Under the Influence” and THE guru on all things advertising related (we even made the news. ) We learned so much from his engaging talk, especially about the art of persuasion! He truly enlightened Brain Power students, their families, and guests — all gained a wealth of knowledge about creativity, speech-writing, marketing, rhetoric, and, perhaps most of all, being passionate. Thank you, Terry O’Reilly!  Click images to enlarge

Steve Tulman

OCTOBER 19TH, 2016

Brain Power was thrilled to have Steve Tulman, Brain Power alumni and guru in his field, come to teach our Public Speaking class! Steve has taught at Harvard University, Schulich School of Business, and other prestigious business schools. Steve also consults big celebrities on monetizing their social media and has been involved in multiple successful businesses. He is currently CEO of Social Pulse Marketing Inc and VP of Strategic Partnerships at Providr Inc.

Shawn Hogan

OCTOBER 19TH, 2016

Professional comedian and talented speaker Shawn Hogan spoke to Brain Power’s Public Speaking students on how to find their voice and create flow in their speeches and presentations. Many laughs and useful tips were shared.

Dr. Ruslan Dorfman

OCTOBER 19TH, 2016

Dr. Ruslan Dorfman, CEO and co-founder of GeneYouIn (located in Toronto’s Mars Centre Discovery District), facilitated our Book Club discussion of Daniel Keyes’s “Flowers for Algernon.” Dr. Dorfman brought his experience as a genetic testing expert specializing in the pharmacogenetics of rare diseases to our discussion of Keyes’s imaginary portrait of a man who is given an experimental treatment to dramatically increase his low I.Q.  We had a fascinating discussion of genetic testing, genetic engineering, and the implications of both...