Thinking Like a Genius

By Brain Power in Brain Power in the News

January 14th, 2023

Our very own Dr. Adam Richter was featured in the Winter edition of Dolce Magazine (2023)! Adam talked about his innovative new Brain Power workshop, “Think Like a Genius.”

from the article: “The big question in this workshop is ‘What does it mean to be a genius?’” says Dr. Richter. “Where does genius come from, not only in terms of how do geniuses think, which I think is a very important and interesting question, but also culturally in terms of what does the category ‘genius’ actually mean? What does our culture mean when we identify someone as a genius? Who counts as one and who doesn’t? There are both scientic and cultural aspects to this. So, the questions are, What does a genius do, what does a genius think and how do we decide who is a genius?”

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