Recording Studio – 2015/16

JUNE 19TH, 2016

It’s time for Brain Power’s annual Public Speaking visit to a professional recording studio! Our students got a chance to record their self-made speeches and podcasts, putting much of the theory they learned in class into practice. They also got to see “behind the scenes” at a professional recording studio! Everyone had an amazing day, and who knows … we might have some future media stars among us! Click to enlarge images

Matan Hazanov

JUNE 19TH, 2016

We were honoured to have Matan Hazanov of Terracap Ventures (Toronto private equity group specializing in early stage high-tech investments) speak to our Public Speaking students. Matan’s workshop for the students focused on how to have an impact on the world through one’s professional life, with a special note on the value of networking, building relationships, and having intention when building public speaking skills.

Our Public Speaking students with Matan Hazanov