Our Response to COVID-19

Who jumped into action when schools got shut down?
That’s right! Brain Power!

In the face of ongoing Canada-wide school shutdowns, Brain Power’s instructors and staff have put a lot of work and time into ensuring that all of our students continue to receive an enriched learning experience from the comforts of their own homes. For more information about our online distance programs, CLICK HERE! 

This effort has not gone unnoticed by Brain Power students, parents, and guardians, many of whom have sent us great messages of support and thanks. 

Some students even made a special thank you video!

Here are a few of the MANY kind messages we have received:

  • I would like to send you a note to let you [Hannah Merchant] know that you do an amazing job with the online lessons! It must be lots of hard work. Thank you for your tremendous effort.  – Sharon
  • I cannot express how unbelievably lucky I am to find your program! Great lecture by Dr. Jason Boulet! We loved his passionate discussion of dead metaphors, references to the Garden of Eden, Lord Byron, Magical Realism and so much more! I went to bed feeling happy! Thank you very much, and please convey my gratitude to Jason!  – Elena
  • I found the virtual class to be really good and informative. After we read the story, Dr. Jenn Chenkin did a thorough explanation of the passage, which was extremely helpful.I think Jenn does a great job! – Sarina
  • I just want to let you [Justin Bimbrahw] know that these Brain Power math videos and tutorials are very helpful to [our daughter] Kaitlyn, especially with new concepts like absolute values. She can easily re-view these videos to help solidify new material! –  Gary

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