Opening doors for 30 years

Join our PhD-led enrichment programs! We have a 30-year track record of teaching bright students how to think, not what to think!

Opening doors for 30 years

Join our PhD-led enrichment programs! We have a 30-year track record of teaching bright students how to think, not what to think!

Student and Alumni Success

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Alumni - Jessica Peter

Education: Currently studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo

Employment: Software Development Engineer Intern at Amazon

Awards: René Descartes National Scholarship for $20,000

Thoughts on Brain Power: I am so thankful to all the amazing instructors at Brain Power who helped me discover my passion for mathematics and computer science. They taught me how to think outside the box, and shaped me into the curious and critical thinker that I am today.

Alumni - Dr. Taras Klitovchenko

Currently: Dentist; Graduate of McGill U for Doctor of Dentistry

Thoughts on Brain Power: The fundamental thinking skills and work ethic I gained from Brain Power continue to be valuable assets

Talents: Working with his hands

Alumni - Dr. Victoria Postnikova

Education: Semmelweis University (Budapest, Hungary), MD

Career Aspirations: Anesthesiology residency at the University of Ottawa

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is a truly unique place with compassionate, professional teachers who create a fun, engaging, and sincere learning atmosphere. Brain Power taught me how to think in a structured, logical manner. This skill has proven valuable in many areas of my life, whether it’s writing essays for my residency application, applying reasoning skills in medical world, or just dealing with everyday problems.

Alumni - Dr. Ilia Ostrovski

Education: Queen’s U. School of Medicine

Achievements – Banting and Best Scholarship for Diabetes Research; NSERC; Multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals

Career: Internal Medicine residency at McMaster U.

Thoughts on Brain Power: I’m extremely grateful to Karine and Reuven for helping me discover my interest in writing, which has largely defined and balanced my otherwise science-focused career. I wholeheartedly endorse Brain Power to anyone looking to develop their critical-thinking skills in the company of ambitious and intellectually curious peers.

Alumni - Dr. Michal Sheinis

Education: York U. (Biology), U. of Toronto (M.D.)

Career: Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (residency at U. of Toronto)

Awarded: 2018 Schulich Award for Academic Excellence; 2017 Dr. F. J. Colling OBE, Memorial Scholarship; 2017 – Golden Stethoscope Award

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power is a place to expand your horizons and push yourself to the limits of your capabilities. It is a place of creativity and self-exploration that teaches you to question, teaches you HOW to learn, and promotes a thorough understanding of content that sets you up for the world of higher education.

Alumni - Dr. Ilia Sucholutsky

Education: Waterloo University (Ph.D. Statistics)

Achievements: Post-doctoral Fellowship at Princeton University

Thoughts on Brain Power: I love Brain Power and have never been to or seen a school quite as effective at actually teaching bright students!

Talents: Politics, finance, and mathematics

Alumni - Jane Illarionova

Currently: U of T Engineering Student and winner of U of T Book Award; Queen’s Engineering $40,000 scholarship; U of T Dean’s Merit Award Scholarship for $10,000; U of Ottawa Engineering & Biomedical Physics $16,000 scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: As a student who attended Brain Power for six years, I can confidently attest to the phenomenal learning experience fostered there. Brain Power unites an amazing body of staff & students with an unprecedented curriculum in both language and mathematics, creating an environment in which students develop the skills to thrive academically. BP helped me become beyond excellent in math, English, and public speaking!

Alumni - Michael Kapps

Currently: Founder & CEO – TNH Digital Health (Ta.Na.Hora-SaudeDigital) Graduate of Harvard Medical School

Success: Michael is the Founder & CEO of TNH Digital Health (TaNaHora-SaudeDigital) in Sao Paulo, Brazil where his goal is for Brazilians to have access to basic health support in the face of enormous social inequality. Michael Kapps was named Millennial Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by GSG in Chicago (at the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (GSG) – Impact Summit 2017). GSG’s vision is to use their global Impact Investing movement to address the planet’s social and environmental challenges and to drive Impact Investing to its Tipping Point by 2020.

Alumni - Cora Usurelu

Success: Winner of World Literacy National Writing Competition (Write for a Better World); Honoured by the Governor General of Ontario for winning Cambridge University – Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition; 3rd Place in World Mathematica (Euler); Speaker at Think Tank 2017; 2nd Place in Ontario’s Speakers Idol 2018 Competition; DECA Provincial Finalist; 1st Place in school for the Fryer, Newton, & Pascal math contests.

Thoughts on Brain Power: Awesome! BP introduces unique topics in its programs and also has interesting trips, book club, and workshops. My favourite BP classes are those that involve class discussions (i.e. debates, philosophical conversations, and “add your own story”). Love!

Alumni - Kevin Huang

Currently: Data Scientist for Instagram/Facebook (lives in San Francisco)

Education: University of Waterloo – B.Math, Computer Science, Statistics, Economics

Thoughts on Brain Power: I love the fact that Brain Power offers collaborative environments that enable faster, broader, and more effective learning than anything I ever had in traditional public school classrooms.

Alumni - Anna Merkoulovitch

Currently: Software Engineer at Helix in San Francisco. University of Waterloo Honours graduate in Comp. Sci & Bioinformatics

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power made doing math as an extracurricular activity surprisingly fun! The teachers are honestly brilliant, and I loved some of the extras they involved in classes – meditation practice, gamification, and study tips. They also set me up to succeed in my high school math and English courses, as well as prepare for the MaCS entrance exam.

Alumni - Denesh Kumar

Education: Attending McMaster U, Bachelor of Health Sciences

Achievements: Principal Award for Student Leadership (William Lyon Mackenzie C.I ); Former President of Operation Med School Toronto; Co-Founder of Auris Hearing Solutions; McMaster President’s Scholarship

Thoughts on Brain Power: Brain Power opened my eyes and taught me a lot that helped me both with school and going beyond the curriculum. It also helped me build many of the soft skills such as public speaking that I’ve used to find success to this day.

Our Instructors

Our experienced instructors understand the academic and emotional needs of bright and gifted children. All of our instructors are professionals with graduate degrees—many have Ph.D. degrees—offering students brilliant mentors who are passionate about their subject matter. Of course, Brain Power teachers are not just powerful brains! They also have a playful sense of humour and a child-centred approach to teaching, and their aim is to inspire and nurture a profound love of learning.

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Listen to the Editor of Our Kids share his expert opinion on Brain Power’s innovative enrichment programs! For over twenty years, Our Kids has been a trusted guide to Canada’s leading academic and recreational programs for students. In this video, its Editor provides his thoughts on:

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Our History

For over three decades, Brain Power has been providing one-of-a-kind, high-quality enrichment programs for bright and gifted students. It’s been a long and exciting journey from our humble beginnings to where we are today, and we have striven to better ourselves every step of the way! Read the full story of our history—then become part of it by joining the Brain Power learning community!

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