Summers @ Brain Power

Our Online Distance Learning Summer Programs provide 2-hour interactive sessions with our amazing instructors once or twice a week (depending on the course)!

One-month Summer programs range from $324.00 to $762.75 (depending on the course).
Contact our office for details: 

More information on our live online distance learning can be found HERE.
Information on discounts for enrolling in (or switching to) virtual online courses is available HERE.

Summer is an amazing time to be inspired by new learning, perfect skills that need extra attention, and enjoy a unique and dynamic classroom experience! This summer Brain Power will be offering a range of exciting and educational courses for many grade levels (see list below) in Language Arts, Math and Problem Solving, Critical Reading and Writing, Science, and Entrance Exam Preparation (UTS, TOPS, MaCS, HMST, SSAT, etc.). We offer one-month and two-month courses, and (for the latter) students can choose to take one or both months.

All scheduled class times for Summer courses are Eastern Daylight Time. If you are planning to take an online class from another time zone, please adjust the times in accordance with your time zone. If these times are not convenient for you, please contact our office:

Registration for Summer 2020 is on now!
*Grade levels listed should correspond to the grade entered in September 2020.

This year we will be offering the following summer courses (click titles to see more):


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