Scientific Research & Critical Thinking

Our Online Distance Learning Summer Programs provide 2-hour interactive sessions with our amazing instructors once or twice a week (depending on the course)!

More information on our live online distance learning can be found HERE.

Grades 7-9: 1x per week – Aug. only (Schwartz/Reisman Centre)

Did you know that language can be studied scientifically?

Take this workshop with Brain Power’s expert Language Scientist, Dr. Cassandra Chapman, to learn more! 

In this workshop, you will learn how to: 

  • explore and understand scientific research methods, including the structure and components of scientific writing
  • explore linguistics as one scientific field: think critically about how language is structured and acquired
  • develop your own scientific research question and hypothesis
  • make predictions and test them using language data

Some exciting topics that will be covered:

  • how scientific research happens from start to finish
  • what excellent scientific writing looks like
  • how you can develop your own linguistic research question
  • how you can use language data to make observations and develop hypotheses
  • how you can test your hypotheses scientifically
  • fascinating research areas in linguistics

Some examples of questions that may be addressed:

  • How is human language different from animal communication?
  • How do babies acquire language?
  • How early does language acquisition happen?
  • What kinds of “mistakes” do kids make when they are learning their native language? Why do they make these “mistakes”?
  • What methods can we use to test infants’ knowledge of language?


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