Science Exam Prep.

Our Online Distance Learning Programs provide 2-hour interactive sessions with our amazing instructors once or twice a week (depending on the course)!

More information on our live online distance learning can be found HERE.

Grade 8 – Thursdays, Sept. 15 – Nov. 10 (excluding holidays – 8 lessons)

This course will cover the key concepts of biology, physics, chemistry, and Earth sciences on an enriched middle school (grade seven/eight) level in order to prepare students to ace the science portion of the entrance exams for the MaCS Program, TOPS Program, HMST Program, and MaST Program.

Schools and school boards sometimes switch the format of the examination only weeks before the exam in order to make it difficult for students to prepare in advance. Brain Power has the solution to that! We prepare for all of the varying formats and equip the students with the foundational knowledge and test-taking skills so that they ace whatever is in front of them.

We have nearly two decades of experience with getting students in to the schools of their choice, no matter what the format of the exams. The majority of our students make it in to the program of their choice, and they report back to us that they felt confident and prepared thanks to Brain Power!

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