Level 5 - Math & Problem Solving

SPECIAL NOTE: Our intention is still to offer both in-class and virtual online options for our Fall/Winter programs at our Vaughan location, so that clients can choose which way they wish to learn. However, classes at our McMaster Innovation Park location are only offered in person.

When we do offer in-class options, we will be following strict protocol for the health and safety of our students and staff, and ensuring we not only adhere to government requirements but exceed safety expectations.

More information on our live online distance learning can be found HERE.

Our Level 5 Math & Problem Solving course targets students in Grades 9 to 12. This level addresses difficult topics in math and applies unique and interesting problem-solving strategies in many intricate and complicated areas.

Level 5 instruction includes, but is not limited to:

  • Exponents, radicals, polynomials, linear equations, systems of linear equations,
    and quadratic equations
  • Problem solving for linear equations, systems of equations, and for quadratic
  • Complex numbers
  • 3-D geometry
  • Advanced trigonometry
  • Arithmetic and geometric sets and series
  • Probability
  • Fundamental laws of combinatorics, permutations, and combinations
  • Functions and graphs
  • Elements of analytical geometry
  • Introduction to calculus: limits, derivatives, and integrals
  • Logic problem solving
  • SAT, GMAT and LSAT tests

Prerequisite for Level 5: Completion of Level 4 OR successful completion of interview (for new students).

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