Math Olympiad - Fundamentals

SPECIAL NOTE: Our intention is still to offer both in-class and virtual online options for our Fall/Winter programs at our Vaughan location, so that clients can choose which way they wish to learn. However, classes at our McMaster Innovation Park location are only offered in person.

When we do offer in-class options, we will be following strict protocol for the health and safety of our students and staff, and ensuring we not only adhere to government requirements but exceed safety expectations.

More information on our live online distance learning can be found HERE.

Grades 4-6: 1x per week – Mar. 19, 26, Apr. 2, 9 – 2022 (McMaster Innovation Park)

Are you curious? Do you love solving math puzzles? Do you enjoy learning interesting real-life math facts and applications? Do you want to become famous in your school/province/country by winning math Olympiads and competitions? If so, Brain Power’s Math Contest and Olympiad Preparation course is the place to train your brain! This course is taught by a world-class mathematician and contest winner and judge!

In this exciting and challenging class, students will engage with many fascinating and fun math, logic, and problem solving activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Learning winning strategies for math games and math competitions (national and international!)
  • Solving fascinating math puzzles and logic problems, including those requiring a chess board
  • Exploring from the fields of computer science and information technology

In the process you will learn about many important mathematical principles and concepts, including, but not limited to:

  • Invariants and double counting
  • Pigeonhole principle
  • Divisibility, remainders, and Euclid’s algorithm
    • Method of distinguished element
    • Tiling techniques
    • Parity

…and of course, students will gain new problem-solving skills they can use in both mathematical contests and in real life.

Dr. Alex Maizlish (Ph.D. University of Manitoba) teaches this course. Alex joined the math Olympiad movement at an early age. He has won several prizes at the national mathematical Olympiads in Ukraine, participated as a jury member in the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns, and, in Canada, coached high school and undergraduate students for various math contests such as the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad, NCS/MAA, Putnam competition, and others.

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