High-School English Language Arts

Grades 9-10 – 2x per week – July and/or Aug.
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A long-standing favourite course at Brain Power, this exciting class is designed for students entering high school or in the first years of high school. It is wonderful for students who are looking for an opportunity to hone their communication skills before entering the more demanding world of high-school English. Students will learn the most valuable tools needed to succeed writing/reading-based courses, including:

  • Reading comprehension and critical analysis
  • A love of reading classics and modern classics (literature)
  • Sophisticated vocabulary
  • Essay-writing skills
  • Note-taking skills
  • Research skills
  • Knowledge of current events
  • Study habits
  • Philosophical inquiry and critical-thinking skills

In-class activities and personalized instructor feedback on written work provide a solid foundation for new high-school students. The classes are fascinating, dynamic, interesting, and geared towards inspiring students to become more self-aware in their use of the English language, as well as their communication and critical-thinking skills.

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