Entrance Exam Preparation

Here are some of our successful Entrance Exam Preparation students from 2017-18! We trained them for various prestigious gifted school entrance exams – IB, MACS, TOPS, UTS — and all were accepted!

Many of our Brain Power students opt to try out for gifted or high-level academic day-school programs and find the guidance and support necessary for acceptance at Brain Power. While our Problem Solving and Language Arts programs provide excellent enrichment opportunities and often provide the “boost” necessary for students to be admitted to prestigious gifted programs, we also offer additional training for specific tests, portfolio preparation, and interviews.  Each year we are proud of the many Brain Power students accepted to UTS, IB, TOPS, MaCS, UCC, and other gifted programs (entrance from Grade 7 through high school).

Top row (left to right): Guest speaker Ilya Kreynin and Dr. Karine Rashkovsky with some of our successful UTS Stage 2 students: Vanessa Poiana, Jessie Chen, Yvonne Wu, Andrew Zhou, Andrew Ko; Bottom row (left to right): Stella Zheng, William Zhou

UTS – Stage 1, SSAT, IB, TOPS, and MaCS Preparation begins in summer (see “Summer” offerings at Brain Power) and may be continued in the fall session, which begins in September and continues into November. Students who pass UTS – Stage 1 and are invited to UTS – Stage 2 will be informed by UTS in late December. Interview Preparation: UTS – Stage 2 and More begins in early January and continues until the actual interviews occur (in late January).

For the purposes of registration, summer training (Stage 1: July-August), fall training (Stage 1: September-November), and winter training (Stage 2: January) are separate programs.  There are also various options for training and preparation, and students can register for preparation courses in English and/or Mathematics.

For UTS – Stage 1, SSAT, IB, TOPS, and MaCS Preparation, we meet twice a week in the summer; we meet once a week (usually in the late afternoon on Sundays) in the fall, when many of our students are also taking our full-year Brain Power classes, to cover various areas pertinent to mastering this type test (e.g. mathematics training, language arts training, stress management, timing, etc.). All materials are provided. Registration is required.

Interview Preparation: UTS – Stage 2 and More will address ALL aspects of the Stage 2 interviews and more! We will have practice drills and provide feedback, share helpful tips, and discuss intense improvement plans tailored for your child. All materials are provided. Registration is required.

To register or find out more information, please visit us at the Brain Power office or contact us at info@brainpower.ca

Got in? What next? More Brain Power!

Most of our Entrance Exam Prep students continue to study at Brain Power after being accepted to the gifted/specialty program of their choice. In fact, many Brain Power students attend gifted day-school programs, both private and public; why? because the Brain Power experience offers something not available at any other elementary or secondary learning institution in the GTA (and beyond). Here is one of our students giving his reasons for staying at Brain Power after being accepted into UCC:

“I still come to Brain Power after being accepted to Upper Canada College because Brain Power educates in a way no other institution can. It provides me with some of the most useful writing and oral skills I can possibly ever need. Most of all, I love going and spending time with others who want to enrich themselves, and enjoy great teachers who are also great friends.” Ernst Ma – UCC and Brain Power student

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