Online Distance Learning

Brain Power provides award-winning learning experiences to students – even during the current COVID-19 situation. While we normally hold in-class educational experiences as well as online learning through our learning management system (Canvas), we are now mobilized to provide the best possible online distance learning. What does that look like?

We bring our students the best of three worlds:
  • (1) full class-length 2-hour live interactive learning with their classmates and instructor (Zoom-style)


  • (2) professional, online lessons (class materials, quizzes, homework, video, and more)


  • (3) personalized attention and feedback from their instructor for each weekly lesson, as well as scheduled 1-1 meetings as needed

All of our Summer 2020 courses are available as online distance classes. (For more information on Summer 2020 courses, CLICK HERE!)

All of the above is accessible by both parents/guardians and students, and it remains available to all, 24/7.

It is our hope that everyone is safe and healthy at this time, and we are excited to keep you learning and engaged with us at Brain Power!

Additional Information:

What to expect:

Students and parents will access the following through our online education portal (CLICK HERE)

  • all documents and materials to be used for their lessons (these can be downloaded and printed off)
  • a live full-class-length 2 hour tutorial session for each lesson with their instructor and other classmates
  • a professional curriculum delivered by our star instructors; each lesson takes the students through all of the materials step-by-step, and lively, dynamic experiences are fostered

In addition:

  • homework is explained by the instructor and students are asked to submit weekly; the instructor provides swift, detailed feedback (and parents can access all of these interactions, anytime – full transparency)
  • students and parents are welcome to reach out to their instructor by email to arrange a convenient, pre-scheduled time for additional instruction or guidance: email, phone, or real-time online conference

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