University Success Stories 2017-18

By Brain Power in Newsletter

July 6th, 2018

Brain Power is thrilled to share some university entrance success stories from students who attended our University Preparation workshop this past fall!

David Firer was accepted to Western (Medical Sciences – $10,000 scholarship), the University of Toronto (Life Sciences – $7,500), Queen’s (BSc), and McGill (Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences – $3,000 scholarship, renewable for 4 years). David will be attending McGill for Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences.

Andrew Zhao was accepted to the University of Toronto (Computer Engineering; Computer Science – $3,000 scholarship), Waterloo (Systems Design Engineering Co-op  – $2,000 scholarship; Computer Science Co-op –  $10,000 scholarship; Computing and Financial Management – $2,000 scholarship), McMaster (Computer Engineering $3,000 scholarship; Computer Science – $3,000 scholarship), Queens (Computer Science – $2,000 scholarship), Western (Computer Science – $2,000 scholarship). Andrew will be attending the University of Toronto for Computer Engineering.

Natalie Nova was accepted into Queen’s (BA; BSc; Computing – $6,000 scholarship), Western (BSc – $10,000 scholarship), McMaster (Life Science – $2,500), Wilfrid Laurier ($3,000 scholarship), and the University of Toronto (Life Science). Natalie will be attending Queen’s for Computing (with a specialization in cognitive science).

Caroline Cui was accepted to Western (Medical Sciences), the University of Toronto (TrackOne Engineering – $5,000 scholarship), McGill (Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences – $3,000 scholarship; Physical, Earth, Math and Computer Science), and the University of British Columbia (BSc). Caroline will be attending Western for Medical Sciences.

Viviana Santa was accepted into Guelph (Business), Carleton (Business), Ottawa (Business), University of Toronto (Business), and Western BMOS Ivey (Business). Viviana will be attending Western BMOS Ivey.

Jeffrey Wong was accepted to Western (Computer Science), the University of Toronto (Computer Science), York (Computer Science), the University of Ottawa (Mechanical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science), Carleton (Mechanical Engineering; Computer Science), Windsor (Mechanical Engineering; Computer Science), and Ryerson (Chemical Engineering). He will be attending Western for Computer Science.

Jessica Li was accepted to McGill (Biology, Biomedical and Life Sciences), Western (Medical Science and General Science), McMaster (Life Science), and Queen’s (Life Science). She will be attending McGill for Biology, Biomedical, and Life Sciences.

Kaveeshan Thurairajah was accepted to the University of Toronto (Engineering Science), Waterloo (Mechanical Engineering), McGill (Engineering; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Queen’s (Engineering), Ryerson (Aerospace), and Western (Engineering; Ivey Business). Kaveeshan will be attending Waterloo for Mechanical Engineering.

Maria Gaevaya will be attending York for Global Health and Health Studies.