Diviya Leonard

By Brain Power in Newsletter

January 20th, 2018

Diviya1Check out the accomplishments of 16-year-old public-speaking student, Diviya Leonard! 

She created a social justice blog (www.diviyaliveshere.com) viewed in over 90 countries (2013-present). She has featured in the Toronto Star article “Toronto women on the future of feminism” profiling female activists (2017), on cover of Owl Magazine Issue on Social Activists (2016), and in the Canadian Race Relations 150 Stories campaign to celebrate remarkable Canadians (2016). She also articipated in media interviews with CTV and Global News on International Day of the Girl (2016).

She has job shadowed Federal Member of Parliament (Rachel Harder) for a day during Girls Belong Here initiative, leading meetings with senior Federal MPs and attending Question Period (2016) (image at left). She also rang the opening bell at Toronto Stock Exchange and spoke on a panel with Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau (2016).

Want to see her in action? Hear Diviya’s recent speech at a Plan Canada event for corporate donors. She had the opportunity to speak about her involvement with Plan Canada and her ideas for the future.

University Plans:

A career in Human Rights Law (of course!)

Diviya’s thoughts on Brain Power:

“I have really enjoyed taking part in Karine’s Brain Power Public Speaking course as it has helped me to gain leadership skills, learn new speaking techniques, and participate in engaging activities. It has enabled me to improve my confidence, and that, in turn, has helped me when giving speeches and presentations at school, in my community, nationally, and internationally. I am looking forward to continuing to develop these skills through Brain Power courses, and I can’t wait for what’s next!”