World Affairs (2017)

By Brain Power in Newsletter

November 13th, 2017

On Saturday, November 11 (2017), Brain Power held a Cultural Capital and World Affairs workshop, and it was a big success! Students took part in an intense 3-hour session, building their worldliness with our very own Dr. Karine Rashkovsky and Dr. Jessica Wright!

We had a wonderful time exploring:

  • our human geography
  • our human evolution and what it means to be a tool-using human (our evolutionary story: fire, language, agriculture, scientific method, and the future of our technological advancements)
  • a history of our planet and human story (4.5 billion years ago through to today) – important moments in time! (treasure those timelines!)
  • how we read the news with a critical mind
  • our political system vs. the US
  • UN – what is it and what’s it for?
  • analyzing current event stories (our newspaper article hunt!)
  • how to write a worldly essay (comparing worldly vs. simplistic thesis statements)
Congratulations to our students who are now ready to take on the world!

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