World Affairs & Cultural Capital

CC 1Brain Power’s Cultural Capital and World Affairs Workshop is an exciting 3-hour workshop designed to help students utilize their knowledge of current events to become more competitive in their academic pursuits and to perform better in essays, interviews, and entrance exams! They will gain a critical understanding of some of the most pressing news issues of our time and learn to connect their academic interests to the world around them.

In our workshop, we have a wonderful time exploring:

  • our human evolutionary story
  • what it means to be a tool-using human
  • a history of our planet and our species (4.5 billion years ago through to today) – important moments in time!
  • how we read the news with a critical mind
  • our political system vs. the US
  • the UN: what is it and what’s it for? (along with the UN University)
  • analyzing current event stories
  • how to write a worldly essay (comparing worldly vs. simplistic thesis statements)


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Saturday, November 11 from 4:30-7:30 pm
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