Robotics, Coding, & Aerospace

Grades 7 – 9


Course Description

Fall – Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Lego Technic

Winter – Arduino Robotics, Robot Rescue, Robot Sports

Spring – Robot Programming in C, Text Coding, “C” Programming Language, Lego Mindstorms


Course Pedagogy

With technology becoming more pervasive in all aspects of daily life, it is important to prepare our students in a classroom environment that will give them the inspiration, knowledge and skills for the future. The classroom will be an environment that is conducive to students becoming aware of technology, how it works and developing several life skills like creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. The roll of the instructors will be to mentor and guide the students through the learning process. Students will also cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge, integrating science, technology, art, engineering, and mathematics.


Student Success

Students should be prepared to review the previous lesson material in class prior to starting the lesson content assigned to that day. They should be prepared for discussions surrounding the lesson topic before attending the class. They are encouraged to research and explore outside of the classroom into related interests and topics covered in class. They should be self-motivated and respectful, and interested in improving their critical thinking, communication, creativity, problem solving, and cooperative skills.


Student Learning Outcomes
  • Understand how to plan coding projects as an individual, team member, and team leader
  • Become fluent with the C programming language and syntax
  • Formation of good coding habits in commenting, naming, white spacing, and structure
  • Effectively use PID (proportional–integral–derivative) control algorithms
  • Plan and create intelligent behaviours using thresholding and multiple sensory inputs
  • Efficiently use functions and variables to simplify code
  • Employ a wide range of debugging strategies to correct coding errors



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