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Brain Power is an after-school enrichment program for high-achieving students from Grades 1-12. To be considered for our program, students must be achieving good grades and demonstrate high academic potential. All new students and their parent or guardian must attend a free, no-obligation assessment interview. 

Getting Started in Three Easy Steps!
STEP 1 – Contact Us

Email us at or phone us at 905-303-5457. Or use the “Get in touch for a free assessment interview” tool at the bottom of this page.

STEP 2 – Arrange a Free Assessment Interview

Schedule a free assessment interview with the administrative team at Brain Power. Visiting Brain Power and meeting our admin and teachers by scheduled appointment allow you and your child to better understand our program. Students must complete an assessment interview to determine their appropriate placement level within our courses. This meeting helps us identify a student’s strengths and place him/her in our program according to age, level of knowledge, and particular needs. The duration of this interview is approximately 40 min. to 1 hour. Parents must participate in the interview.

STEP 3 – Register

If the assessment interview goes well, you will be invited to register for our programs and become part of the Brain Power learning community.



See Some of the Exciting Things Happening at Brain Power!

Vaughan Honours Karine!

Brain Power’s Founder & Director, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky-Tomas, has been selected as one of three honoured entrepreneurial panelists at Canada’s Small Business Launch Event – Vaughan (@ Vaughan Chamber of Commerce) on October 17th. Karine...

W.B.I. Championships

As part of team Canada, our very own Michal Moshkovich (alumni) and Jessica Peter (current student) won 2nd place in the World Business Innovation Championship. After winning 1st place in the national competition, they travelled...

Fahrenheit 451 (Coming Oct. 28)

In Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” the American government has banned all books. Any books that are found are burned on the spot by “firemen” employed for the purpose. (Did you know that paper burns at...

VBEC Mentorship

Brain Power’s Founder and Director, Dr. Karine Rashkovsky-Tomas, was selected by VBEC (Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre) to be one of Ontario’s six professional mentors to a group of 30 very talented, grant-winning youth entrepreneurs (ages...

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