At Brain Power we encourage students to strive for excellence and achievement!  To that end we actively support their participation in many different contests and competitions at the provincial, national, and international levels, including the international Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition (Cambridge University), the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture (CYSA) Contest, the World Literacy Canada Contest, our own Math and Logic Contest, and many more.

Brain Power’s Annual Math & Logic Olympiad

For students who love math:

Brain Power offers an annual Math & Logic Contest for students in Grades 5-12.

There are three age categories for the competition:

Grades  5-6, Grades 7-8, and Grades 9 and up.

The 2018 contest will be held on Saturday, February 24, 6:00-8:00 pm. Brain Power’s Math & Logic Olympiad is open to all students, with priority registration given to students currently enrolled in any Brain Power program.

Exclusive registration deadline for students enrolled in a Brain Power program: January 8th
Registration opens for students not enrolled in a Brain Power program: January 9th
Final deadline for ALL registration: February 21st

Our content is very different from typical Canadian contests like Gauss, Pascal, and others: it is not multiple choice, includes problems that are solely logic-based, and is significantly more difficult than other competitions (at equivalent age levels). In judging students’ work, we place more emphasis on the quality of explanations and shown work, as well as the strategies utilized for problem solving, rather than on getting the correct answers.

Our contest will be created and judged by the brilliant Dr. Alex Maizlish (Ph.D. University of Manitoba). Alex joined the math Olympiad movement at an early age. He has won several prizes at the national mathematical Olympiads in Ukraine, participated as a jury member in the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns, and, in Canada, coached high school and undergraduate students for various math contests such as the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad, NCS/MAA, Putnam competition, and others.

Families with children not currently enrolled in Brain Power may email us at or phone us at (905) 303-5457 to register.
Entry fee for students enrolled in a Brain Power program: $10
Entry fee for students not enrolled in a Brain Power program: $50

Brain Power’s 2016 Math and Logic Contest in progress!

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2017 Math and Logic Olympiad

Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture Contest – CYSA (2015)

Two Brain Power students took home awards from the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture National Contest – CYSA (2015). Denesh Kumar took home First Place and Alex Bancea was the runner up!

Denesh Kumar (left) and Alex Bancea (right) at the CYSA!
Brain Power’s own Denesh Kumar (third from left) and Alex Bancea (far right) accept awards at the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture National Contest (2015)

Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition (2015)

In 2015, five of our students placed in the international Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition!

  • Cora U. – Junior Gold Medalist
  • Michal M. – Senior Silver Medalist
  • Jane I. – Senior Silver Medalist
  • David G. – Junior Silver Medalist
  • Leora H. – Junior Bronze Medalist
Cora U. reciving her award for the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition from the Governor General of Ontario

Students for Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship – SAGE (2016)

Along with her high-school business team, Brain Power’s own Michal Moshkovich (second from left) won first place in the prestigious SAGE (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) competition (2016).



Polar Expression Poetry Contest (2016)


Saesha (left) placed in the top ten in the Polar Expression Poetry Contest (2016). Her work will now be published in the Canadian student poetry collection Wonder!

World Literacy Canada Write for a Better World (2015)


Cora (right) placed in the top ten in the World Literacy Canada Write for a Better World Storytelling Competition (2015). Her work was published in a collectible magazine!

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